Fashion Trends: 10 Accessories Every Fashionista Should Have

The accessories you choose can make or break your look of the day. You want accessories that enhance your look while remaining trendy. Some like it chic, some like it sexy. But, no fashionista likes to look bland.

So, here are 10 accessories you simply must have on hand. These trendy accessories will accent any outfit while adding some bling and edge.

1. Square Black-Rimmed Glasses

Black sunglasses with square frames? What a geeky look for a fashionista! But, the geek look can be both attractive and sexy all at the same time.


Don’t forget your glassed frame your eyes, which brings attention to your brows. So, make sure those brows are arched properly, as they will actually frame the glasses.

2. A Mani/Pedi

No look is complete when your nails and feet look unloved. You use your hands to eat, work, talk and so much more. So, get to the nail shop and get yourself a good manicure.

And, don’t forget your feet. Those sandals and open toe shoes won’t hide unkept toes. Both your manicure and pedicure can be enhanced with some trendy nail art.

3. Flats

Heels aren’t for everyone. And, that’s okay. If this is you, make sure your wardrobe includes multiple pairs of comfy flats. Keep in mind, a fashionista can easily combine comfort with style.

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Aren’t these Cinderella’s Slipper Bridal Ballet Flats Wedding Shoes just adorable?

4. Silver Dangling Earrings

Sometimes, going out with friends is not about dressing up to the tee. There are times when casual affairs call for simple accessories that still stand out. Silver danglers do just that.

Keep a pair of silver dangling earrings handy at all times. They’re a quick “go to” accessory that will accentuate your style.

5. Neckpiece

Earrings help to bring out your makeup, facial features and attract eyes to your face. But, some people really don’t like wearing earrings. Or, their hairstyles cover their ears, making earrings useless to their looks.


Neckpieces are a good option for attracting that same attention as a fashionista. You can go with something simple, a choker-style neckpiece, even something extravagant with gemstones like a pearl necklace. This can help create a look that’s both fashionable and elegant at the same time.

6. Cocktail Ring

Every woman needs a cocktail ring for those formal nights out on the town. Get yourself an oversized ring that stands out, transforming that simple, black cocktail dress into a fashion dream.

Cocktail rings come in all kinds of designs and styles. Choose from gold, white gold, platinum and more. Plus, there are numerous types of gemstones that will add color and flare to your ring, such as ivory, sapphire, rubies, diamonds, and pearls.

7. Cuff Bracelets

Whether it’s time to dress up or dress down, bracelets add a special touch that adorn your hands. Cuff bracelets are similar to bangles. The main difference is that they’re “C” shaped and generally wide in design.

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Check out this Freshwater Pearl Leather Cuff bracelet in white. Absolutely stunning… fit for a fashionista!

8. Oversized Handbags and Purses

As women, we tend to carry everything in our handbags except the kitchen sink. From keys to makeup, from your wallet to your cell phone, these bags go through a lot of wear and tear on a hectic day.

It’s not necessary to tote around a suitcase-sized purse every day. But, there are those occasions when an oversized purse will go a long way. Sometimes, it’s better to carry one big purse than multiple bags trying to tote everything you need for the day around with you.

9. Platform Wedges

Here’s another footwear option for those who don’t like heels and stilettos. Because of the elevated style, you still create the illusion that you’re wearing heels. However, these heels are full, strong and sturdy, making them easier to walk-in for heel-haters.

Plus, as every fashionista knows, wedges go with just about anything. From trousers to mini skirts, from long dresses to mini-dresses, these shoes give you height and style at the same time.

10. A Nice Clutch Bag

This handheld handbag is perfect as an everyday purse. And, they come in all kinds of styles, from simple day clutches to sequined clutches, from patterned clutches to gem-studded clutches.


The handheld clutch above is bedecked with all sorts of glam. Gold, rhinestones, and pearl-embellishments make this one fun purse. But, you don’t have to be so glitzy. There are numerous toned-down styles online too.

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