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15 Hot Wedding Cake Trends You Can Customize to Make Your Own

Last Updated on February 20, 2020 by Karolina Miseviciute

The inspiration for your wedding cake design can come from anything… from the pattern on your china to your preference for modern décor. Many brides prefer to go with trending styles when choosing gowns, dresses, colors, decorations, even wedding cakes. Even if you’re more of a unique bride, you can still feed off of some of the hottest wedding cake trends to create a unique design just for you.

15 Customizable Wedding Cake Trends for 2017 Brides

Here are 15 wedding cake trends and designs that are really hot right now. Want something unique for your wedding? Just use these ideas and tweak them to meet your wedding style and theme:

1. Buttercream Wedding Cakes

If you prefer a simple and calm vibe, you can ask your wedding cake designer to cover the it in sweet buttercream frosting. Many couples with simpler styles prefer to have their cake adorned with rustic iced buttercream layers, and icings with sprinkles of vanilla bean, or textured piping with a beautiful appearance.

Buttercream with a frilled, smooth finish to it can give your wedding cake a polished look.

2. Geometric Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes with geometric designs, such as chevron, stripes and squares, can give your modern reception an exciting look. Grab ideas from your wedding invitations, stores, magazines, home design or wedding tips blogs.

This red, white and black geometric wedding cake is not only unique, it looks amazing.
This red, white and black geometric wedding cake is not only unique, it looks amazing.

The rule of the thumb is to go with to a simple color combination, like purple and white, so that the attractive geometric design stands out.

3. Illustrated Wedding Cakes

It is possible to print any design on your wedding cake these days. The cake’s design can be of your favorite quote, flowers, a picture of the bride and groom, even the design on your wedding invitations.

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For an even more unique look, print designs on your cake tiers, too. The design is hand-painted on the wedding cake after it has been covered in fondant.

4. Lace Wedding Cakes

The reintroduction of the lace wedding dress has inspired seasoned wedding cake bakers to produce multiple cake tiers with elegant and attractive lave designs. Some brides prefer to have the design patterns on their wedding dresses also embellished on their wedding cakes.

Remember, the secret to making a gorgeous lace wedding cake isn’t in the color alone. What makes it stand out is the texture, combined with a little contrast and some light hues.

5. Metallic Wedding Cakes

Metallic designs give your wedding cake a stylish and glamorous look. The interesting part is that these designs are complements to every style of bride.

Geometric shapes or delicate embroidering will give your metallic wedding cake a fresh, modern feel.

6. Monogrammed Wedding Cakes

The concept behind monogrammed wedding cakes is to feature shows your new shared initials. You can even add other awesome designs that have special meaning to you as a couple.

Add your initials or other monograms to your wedding cake.
Add your initials or other monograms to your wedding cake.

Have the design created as a hand-drawn monogram printed on a rustic sugar-made plaque or freestyle writing beveled in a gold sugar plaque.

7. Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked wedding cakes are designed to have the fillings visible, offering an eyeful of scrumptious awesomeness for your wedding guests. For a summertime wedding, fresh berries are ideal, while winter and fall weddings could use seasonal fruits like pears, apples or blood oranges.

8. Ombré Wedding Cakes

Another beautiful wedding cake design to consider is giving your colors an ombré effect. The cake’s design depends on what you are aiming for with your wedding’s theme.

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Now this is a very interesting and unique ombré wedding cake design.
Now this is a very interesting and unique ombré wedding cake design.

For example, when going with a modern style, try adding a blend of yellow-to-orange colored sugar hearts.

9. Painted Wedding Cakes

Painted wedding cakes can have stained-glass, marbleized, even Monet-inspired designs. You can combine the hand-painted tiers with simple flower accents or solid color layers.

Just make sure you stick to a single shape… unless you’re into the “busy” look.

10. Rosette Wedding Cakes

Looking for a more sophisticated look and unique design for your cake? Then, consider the rosette look designed with complete textural sugar roses.

You can be creative by adding pops of color to your rosette ruffles for an even more unique touch.

11. Ruffled Cakes

A delicate adornment of sugar ruffles is an excellent choice for a sophisticated confection. The design isn’t complicated and requires minimal extra detail.

Isn't this an exquisite looking rose ruffled wedding cake?
Isn’t this an exquisite looking rose ruffled wedding cake?

Adding fresh flowers in between tiers or small sugar flowers on top will bring your cake to blissful perfection.

12. Sugar Flower Bouquet Cakes

Both fresh and sugar-made flowers compliment wedding cakes. This is one of the wedding cake trends that’s stood the test of time.

Your sugar flowers can be made into clusters to serve as mini bouquets on your wedding cake.

13. White-on-White Wedding Cakes

White wedding cakes are never out of style. You can get creative and add completely white embellishments like flower petals.

Go all out and add strands of white faux pearls to make your wedding cake the new trendsetter in town.

14. Woodland Wedding Cakes

Are you planning a more earthy-style, outdoors wedding? Woodland designs are minimalistic, beautiful, and compliment your earthy wedding in creative ways.

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Wedding Cake Trends: Rustic Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Trends: Rustic Wedding Cake
Image Source: Brides

Rustic wedding cake designs are perfect for fall weddings. They can be used as canvases for autumn-related accents using fall fruits, seasonal flowers and hues of dark frostings.

15. Wedding Cake Trios, Quartets and Quintets

You can create an aesthetically appealing look at your wedding with cake trios, quartets and quintet tables. What can be more fabulous than multiple wedding cakes at your nuptials?

Having multiple wedding cakes allows you to offer your wedding guests many flavor options, as opposed to just three on your single, 3-tier wedding cake.

Know of any other hot wedding cake trends you’d like to share?

We’d love to hear them. Share with us in the comments section below.

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