Your 2018 Guide to Wearing Men’s Jewelry with Class & Sophistication

Look how stylish this dressy men's watch looks when paired with these men's bead bracelets.

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When we think of the word “jewelry,” it’s almost always associated with the glitter and glam of women. But, men also wear jewelry, including cufflinks, bracelets, watches, necklaces and even earrings. This is the 2018 guide for wearing men’s jewelry in ways that amp up your fashion style.

Women tend to follow various guidelines when choosing jewelry pieces. Men have similar guidelines as well. When it comes to getting dressed for the gym, office and watching the games with the fellas, less is generally best. Although some men prefer the bedazzled look of wearing lots of jewels, most men find the look unprofessional and distracting.

Will Smith wears his earrings and other men's jewelry with style and pride.
Will Smith wears his earrings and other men’s jewelry with style and pride.

8 Tips for Wearing Men’s Jewelry for a Put-Together Look

This guide covers eight different types of jewelry pieces for him. We also explain the best way to wear these jewelry pieces, and when they’re most appropriate. An overall rule to follow when wearing men’s jewelry is to make sure your metals match.

In other words, if you choose to wear a white gold watch, your rings, earrings and other pieces should also be white gold. So should your belt buckle, the embellishments on your shoes, as well as your tie clip. This is the key to creating a well put-together look.

1. Wearing Men’s Earrings

For a man, earrings are quite visible. That’s why many men working in corporate environments tend to shy away from wearing earrings. If you’re interested in hopping on this trend wagon, you can always start out slow, wearing small gemstones framed in dark, solid neutral colors.

Celebrity Men Wearing Earrings
Celebrity Men Wearing Earrings. Image Source: Nadin Art Design

In the olden days where a man wore one earring in just one ear. This is no longer the trend in 2018. Today, men wear earrings in both ears. Some are into simple studs, while others prefer large, gaudy jewels. There’s also the earring trend of wearing “stretchy” type earrings that make really bold statements.

2. Wearing Men’s Necklaces

Unless you’re the super-flashy type, you want to keep your necklaces basic and classic. For a simple jeans and t-shirt day, go with a silver or gold chain of medium length and thickness. In low key settings, try to keep your necklaces to a minimum.

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Men's Leather & Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set from The Pearl Source
Men’s Leather & Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set from The Pearl Source

A stainless-steel cable chain is not only classic, but it’s quite masculine as well. Plus, there are some really cool leather and pearl necklaces for men on the market these days.

3. Wearing Tie Clips or Tie Bars

A tie clip is a simple way to keep a man’s tie anchored down. Tie bars are horizontal clips the simply side over the top of the tie, then anchors below your shirt. Both help keep your tie from flying in your face and everywhere else.

How to Wear a Tie Bar
How to Wear a Tie Bar (Watch YouTube Video Below)

This is a small piece of men’s jewelry that serves an actual purpose. Choose a sophisticated, classic option for business days and dressier affairs. Or, you can go with a fun clip with a cool message like a sports logo or quirky animal pattern. You can choose a fun tie bar or clip and still look professional. Just be sure to choose your colors wisely so they match your entire outfit.

Video: How to Wear a Tie Bar

Watch the YouTube video below to learn the right and wrong ways to wear a tie bar in this guide to wearing men’s jewelry.

4. Wearing Men’s Bracelets

Women’s bracelets differ significantly from those created for men. A man’s bracelet shouldn’t have a bunch of pendants and charms dangling from it, especially a chunky, oversized piece. Your bracelet should complement you’re look as an extra accessory, not overpower it altogether.

This customized Hematite Black Pearl Bracelet for Men is one amazing piece of pearl jewelry.
This customized Hematite Black Pearl Bracelet for Men is one amazing piece of pearl jewelry.
Image Source: Amazon

Men’s bracelets are appropriate for any look, from a suit to a tee-shirt. From a tough leather to a metal bangle, from a single band to a double wrap bracelet, you can pair bracelets with just about any type of attire. You’ll successfully add a simple touch to your gear, with the perfect amount of edge.

5. Wearing Lapel Pins

Politicians are well known for wearing lapel pins. But, many other affiliations wear them as well, whether the affair is work-related or personal. These pins come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes, and should be worn on your jacket’s lapel.

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Tom Hanks wore a Time's Up lapel pin to the 2018 Golden Globes to show support to the women of Hollywood.
Tom Hanks wore a Time’s Up lapel pin to the 2018 Golden Globes to show support to the women of Hollywood.

Your lapel pin should be small in size and must not clash with your pocket square or any other accessories you plan to wear. If yours is for stylish purposes, try a subtle flower or feather design set in gold, silver or brass. To wear your lapel pin to show your strong belief in something, such as the Time’s Up movement, wear a pin that represents that cause.

6. Wearing a Man’s Watch

Most men make it a point to own more than one timepiece. Stylish guys want at least one for every day wear, one for the dressier days and a smartwatch to keep things trendy. This is probably one of the most popular and purposeful jewelry pieces for men.

Choosing the right watch and wearing it correctly will elevate any man’s outfit. Just keep these general rules in mind:

  • Wear your watch on the opposite wrist that you write with so it’s not in the way
  • Your watch should fit snuggly and never look like it’s too tight or hanging because it’s too big

Your Everyday Watch

Men's Everyday Watch
Men’s Everyday Watch. Image Source: All Watch Sites

For everyday wear, many men turn to watches with leather, stainless steel or classic metal bands. You have options that show off your own style, such as large round face watches with lots of details. A semi-busy watch band can add some masculinity to your look. Popular color options when wearing men’s watches include gunmetal, silver, gold and black.

Your Dressy Watch

Weddings, first dates and other special occasions call for a stand-out style watch. Simple watches help keep your look dressy. However, your watch is a reflection of you. So, whether you’re sophisticated or earthy, masculine or minimalist, there’s a dressy watch to match your tastes. If you want something simple, try something with silver or gold tones.

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Look how stylish this dressy men's watch looks when paired with these men's bead bracelets.
Look how stylish this dressy men’s watch looks when paired with these men’s bead bracelets. Image Source: Pinterest

Your Smartwatch

No 2018 guide to wearing men’s jewelry would be complete without mentioning the smartwatch. These watches come in numerous styles these days, making them fit for everyday wear, formal settings and active situations, such as when working out. Just make sure your smartwatch doesn’t clash with your outfit. Instead, make sure it accentuates your look, whether you choose metal options, colorful bands or classic leather.

Men's Bluetooth Smartwatch
Men’s Bluetooth Smartwatch. Image Source: March Phillippe

7. Wearing Cufflinks

Cufflinks actually serve a purpose. They are supposed to hold your cuffs in place. This piece of men’s jewelry is specifically for upscale events and occasions with formal attire. Generally, cufflinks are small, yet they come in a wide variety of styles that help you express your personality and fashion sense at the same time.

Peacock Pearl Cufflinks
Peacock Pearl Cufflinks. Image Source: Jersey Pearl

You can find sophisticated links that work for dressy occasions, or classic styles that go well with work-related events. But, for a stylish appeal, go with matte, gold, silver or metallic style cufflinks in circular or square shapes. Make sure your details are minor and avoid unusual shapes and gem-studded embellishments. Also, keep in mind that knots are not as dressy.

8. Wearing Men’s Rings

The only men’s ring that’s 100% acceptable every day, without change, is his wedding band. Other than that, there are certain ways to wear them, and specific styles that suit you specifically. Knowing this will help you create a look filled with swagger.

2018 Guide to Wearing Men's Rings
2018 Guide to Wearing Men’s Rings. Image Source: Style Skier

Men working in the corporate world should wear just one single ring made of gold or silver. Those with two-tone colorways that feature minimal glitz and simple designs are best for everyday wear.

 If you want a bolder look, try the stacked ring style. This allows you to wear three or more rings of various styles on one finger or spread out amongst multiple fingers. It takes true confidence to pull off wearing men’s rings in such a bold manner.

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