4 Things you did not know about pearls

  1. The surface of a pearl is closer to sandpaper than silk…

A pearl’s surface coating appears smooth. This gleam and shiny luster is what will make them gorgeous. However, the nacre actually is comprised of millions of small crystals; therefore, it isn’t really ‘smooth’. That is why a typical test for a “genuine” pearl includes rubbing it on the teeth. The roughness and small imperfections are going to be felt as a ‘grittiness’ signaling a real pearl.

  1. Pearls will serve as an early warning indication of pollution issues.

Pearls only are produced by oysters within pristine, unpolluted water. Even small pollutant levels prevent oysters from correct pearl production.  That is a reason many pearl farms are very remote, oftentimes on distant islands, as well as reachable just by seaplane.

  1. Harvesting pearls doesn’t kill an oyster; Pearl Farming is an extremely ‘sustainable’ practice.

Not just will removing a pearl not kill an oyster which produced it, farmers of pearls are very careful not to destroy their oysters… As a matter of fact, typically, pearl farmers use surgical-style tools to harvest pearls. As an oyster ages, they generally produce better pearls. Therefore, why on earth might any oyster farmer have a desire to harm them? Usually, Pearl Farmers are highly concentrated on ‘tending their flock’ with a lot of care!

  1. Whiter isn’t necessarily Better…

For example, take Akoya pearls. Typically, the best Akoya pearls possess color overtones. A ‘rose’ overtone traditionally is thought to most flattering and best on the skin. Additional overtones may involve silver or blue. However, a white Akoya pearl usually is a sign that it was bleached – not good!

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