5 Gorgeous Accessories to Elevate the Look of Your Wedding Gown

Giselle Pearl Wedding Tiara

After choosing the perfect wedding gown, your next major quest is to find accessories that can elevate your looks and beauty. This is the time, and naturally so, when you have a keen eye for enhancing your elegance and sophistication with style. Therefore, selecting the right accessories for your wedding dress is extremely important for you as a bride.

The sheer charm of these wedding gown accessories can also connect your outfit with your overall wedding theme. So which accessories should you adorn yourself with so that all of your guests will swoon over your phenomenal allure?

Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

5 Bridal Accessories to Compliment Your Gown

Here is a list of 5 gorgeous bridal accessories that will best complement your wedding gown:

1. Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Wedding Dress: Earrings

There is no doubt that the successful purchase of your wedding dress along with exquisite accessories means fulfilling half of the preparation of your big day celebration. So the list of your required accessories should start with earrings, which are almost every woman’s natural weakness.

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Selecting the Right Wedding Accessories for Your Wedding Dress: Pearl stud earrings
Image Credit: iconogenic © 123RF.com

Earrings have always been designed to add and bring exceptional grace to any woman’s dress ensemble or outfit. Whether you are going to purchase a classy pair of pearl studs or wearing hoops to elicit that charming girl vibe, you can find them for every occasion, including your wedding day.

To find the right pair of earrings, just take a cue from your hairstyle. For example, if you are leaving your hair down and over your ears, small studs or drops will do the trick.

2. Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Wedding Dress: Bridal Shroud or Veil

A bridal shroud or veil is an intriguing and iconic accessory. There are different types of veils according to length. And each one comes with its own styling tips.

Bridal Veils
Bridal Veils. Image Source: JJsHouse.com/Pinterest

It should be noted that whatever veil length and design you choose, it should complement your wedding dress as another bridal accessory:

  • A birdcage veil typically comes to the length up to the nose or even the entire face, which gives a vintage 1950s or 60s feel. If you’re going for the vintage look, this is it!
  • The flyaway veil is a wispy, multi-layered veil that falls over the shoulder at its longest. It is perfect for a casual wedding, and is is adorned by a beautiful bride with a playful personality.
  • The elbow veil passes over the shoulder past the upper arms, and ends just above the elbow.
  • A fingertip veil stretches a bit longer down.

Other types of veils are waltz veil, sweep veil, and chapel veil, which are much longer.

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3. Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Wedding Dress: Wedding Event Rings

A perfect wedding ring is an integral part of this solemn occasion because it is well conceptualized with classic and modern essence of the nuptials. The reason why the wedding ring is a must-have accessory with your bridal gown is it symbolizes an endless and eternal circle of love between a bride and a groom.

Check out this freshwater pearl wedding band for women. Isn't it simply stunning?!?!?! The Pearl Source can create one personalized just for you.
Check out this freshwater pearl wedding band for women. Isn’t it simply stunning?!?!?! The Pearl Source can create one personalized just for you.

Your ring is also a symbol of the vows you have spoken, a commitment you and your partner have made to each other for life. Contemporary developers are using uncommon and cutting-edge options for creating precious wedding jewelry rings. You can choose a unique wedding ring from here that will stay with you for a long time to come.

4. Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Wedding Dress: Diamond or Pearl Necklace

When it comes to a wedding gown, there is no better companion like a diamond or pearl necklace. A diamond or a pearl will prove to be a great augmenter to your irresistible grace. As an essential component of bridal jewelry, one of the most popular types of necklaces is made of silver wire, diamond crystals, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls.

A Royal Wedding of The Crown: Queen Elizabeth Weds Philip wearing a diamond tiara and layered pearl necklace.
A Royal Wedding of The Crown: Queen Elizabeth Weds Philip wearing a diamond tiara and layered pearl necklace. Image Source: Daily Mail

Moreover, pearl or diamond jewelry is always in fashion for a bride and her bridesmaids. Though the most popular color for bridal jewelry is white, some brides also prefer cream or golden pearls to match their wedding gowns.

For ivory wedding dresses, a shining diamond necklace will enhance your personality as well as beauty. These offer timeless beauty and elegance. Furthermore, for a gown with a simpler style, you can try a bold statement necklace or fascinator.   

5. Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Wedding Dress: Bridal Crown

Finally, a majestic wedding crown is what you need as your defining accessory for your big day. There are different types of styles of bridal crowns that are really on the rise these days.

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Giselle Pearl Wedding Tiara: Selecting the right accessories for your wedding dress
Giselle Pearl Wedding Tiara. Image Source: Olivier Laudus

A shining crown would be so great to complement a tidy hairdo or to accentuate your amazing curls. A bridal barrette having some jewels attached to it will be perfect for you when you let your hair down. It keeps your hair tidy while still showing off your lovely curls.

For brides having a princess-flair, a bridal tiara is a perfect fit. It will give you a fairy-tale look that is being desired by most brides. It’s perfect to incorporate a vintage feel to your bridal ensemble.

As a bride, your wedding day is the most special day of your life. You can make it memorable with your style and swagger using accessories that give you the most enchanting look. So try these tips to make sure you’re selecting the right accessories for your wedding dress for your special day.

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