5 Things you did not know About Pearls


  1. Your pearls potentially originated inside the Mississippi River…

At least the pearl’s core did…  Cultured pearls will be formed as a “mother of pearl” or small sphere of mollusk shell, is put inside an oyster by pearl farmers. Most of those ‘seeds’ are derived from mussels which flow from the Mississippi River inside the United States – because they grow thick, large shells and the proper size spheres may be formed from them.

  1. An Oyster Regularly Changes Gender…

You read that right: An oyster flip-flops gender, oftentimes many times within their lifetime. More typically they begin as “a male” and end up as “a female”… In a given oyster community, interestingly, the balance of female/male typically will be even: as a few oysters ‘swap’ other ones will do so, as well, to keep balance.

  1. There isn’t any such thing as ‘round pearls’…

Many linguists concur that our term “pearl” comes from the Latin word “pirum” which means “pear-shaped” or “pear”… That is because until they were cultured within the nineteenth century, most naturally occurring ones were anything but round. The majority of pearls were pear-shaped or baroque with round ones being extremely rare.

  1. Original Margarita…

Even though “pirum” will mean “pear,” the Romans had a term for pearls: Margarita. Therefore, as Cleopatra dissolved pearls within wine and consumed them, it was in a sense an original “Margarita”!

  1. Pearls aren’t formed around sand grains, yet nasty parasites…

The reality is that the majority of naturally-occurring pearls form around a parasite… a sort of bug or sea-worm which invades an oyster and then grabs on and cannot be expelled. As a matter of fact, as natural ones are drilled to be utilized in jewelry, there often is a bit of gross ‘ooze’ which comes out.


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