5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Pearls

Whether your favorite pearl piece is a South Sea Pearl necklace, a Tahitian Pearl Necklace, Freshwater studs or a Golden South Sea ring, you can wear them on all occasions and with almost anything. Yes, pearls can be worn at all times and with all attire. However, unless you have a versatile Rope length necklace, there are only so many ways you can wear your pearl jewelry. A ring belongs on a finger and only on a finger and while your pearl ring could be exquisite and unique, there is no other way for it to be worn.

So how can you be creative while wearing your favorite pearls?

1.Wearing Multiple Strands

Wearing pearls in multiple strands automatically takes your favorite pearls up a notch. If you do not have a multi-strand necklace, mix and match all different pearl necklaces. Colors and pearl type and size can differ as well as lengths for a truly awesome look.

2.Statement Pearls

Wearing pearls as a statement piece may not seems so creative, taking it up a notch creatively is not so hard. Accessorizing your accessory is so easy! You can intertwine velvet ribbon throughout you Akoya pearl necklace in a spiral or just attach to the clasp and let it hang down in a bow at the front or back.  You can add a simple brooch to that beloved Tahitian pearl necklace to make it a real statement, just make sure it’s not too heavy for your strand or a brooch that will scratch and ruin your pearls.

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3. Body Jewelry

Wearing pearls in different ways so they glimmer against your skin is definitely recommended. You can go really unconventional and look for a pearl nose ring or belly button ring. Instead of draping a full length rope pearl strand over your shoulder for a backless dress, try clasping it at choker length and letting the rest hang down in a single vertical strand. This can also be done at the front for a deep v plunge neck. Consider wearing pearls normally or draped around your hips with a bikini by the pool or on the beach.  This combines body jewelry and a statement piece, the best of pearls in two ways.

4. Mix and Match

Wearing pearls with other pearls of different styles and colors is one way to go, but mixing with other gems and metals is sure to turn heads of pearls lovers and none alike.  Contrasting a pearl bracelet with a gold bangle or silver cuff will bring out the luster of your pearls. A  gem pendant with a strand of pearls compliments both pieces and works very well together when they are the right colors.

5. Embellish with Pearls

Embellishing with pearls is one of the most creative things one can do. Adding loose pearls to cuffs and collars, wearing a pearl necklace as a belt or wrapping a necklace around your ankle as a pearl heel strap are all ways to wear pearl but stand out in a crowd.  Replace buttons with pearls, add a cluster of pearls to a hat or headband or sew dainty small pearls to a bodice for a shimmer.

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Good luck being creative with pearls and thinking up many more ways to wear your favorite pearls.

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