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7 Ways to Wear Pearls… Because They’re Always Appropriate

Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by Carla Jonas

The fashion world has been welcoming pearls back with open arms. Designers and fashionistas are coming up with new, creative ways to wear pearls. A long strand of pearls has always added a bit of elegance to any look. But, people are using some much more creative things to accessorize using the lustrous gems.

Pearls have adored by women everywhere throughout history. Roman historian Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus wrote about the single pearl that financed an entire military campaign. These days, the gemstones are just as valuable, especially since the process of cultivating cultured pearls is so time-consuming and tedious.

Our modern-time fashion industry has always had a passion for pearls – and these days, you’ll find them everywhere – from adorning necklaces to pearl engagement rings. World famous fashion designer Coco Chanel once proclaimed:

And, there are no shortage of former first ladies who have worn pearls while their husbands were in office. These are just some of the former first ladies captured in pearls over the years:

  • Former First Lady Hillary Clinton
  • Former First Lady Barbara Bush
  • Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Former First Lady Helen Taft
  • Former First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • Former First Lady Van Buren
  • Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy was quoted as saying:

7 Ways How to Wear Pearls Casually Other Than in Jewelry

These days, fashion means accentuated your look through both your gear as well as your accessories. It’s always been important to accessorize. But, nowadays, it’s also important to accessorize your accessories!

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In other words, plain purses, jeans, jackets, skirts, sweaters, glasses, and clothes just aren’t good enough if you want a look that pops and demands attention. Pearls are a great way to create accessorized accessories that make you look as valuable as the gems you’re wearing.

Here are seven different ways on how to wear pearls casually other than just in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other pearl jewelry, from head to toe:

1. Ways to Wear Pearls: The Pearl-Studded Mermaid Crown

Are you into the princess mermaid look? Then, wearing pearls in your hair is the perfect look for you. A pearl headpiece will give you a delicate look. Pearl mermaid crowns add that extra-special touch to your outfit. They are also a prime choice to compliment a bride’s wedding dress or her wedding party’s formal wear. This piece was found by a talented artist on Etsy.

2. Ways to Wear Pearls: Chic Pearl Sunglasses

Looking for an alternative to everyday sunglasses with plain-colored frames? Pearl-studded glassed are the perfect way to infuse femininity and creativity into your look. Try mixing hard styles with soft styles for a unique look that’s have people begging you for fashion tips.

Pair a cute, little girly dress with some PVS ankle boots and a leather coat to mix things up a bit. Then, soften the edges of your edgy outfit with some stylish pearl sunglasses to dress it up or down. These pearl and gold glasses can help to dress up even the most casual outfit.

3. Ways to Wear Pearls: Pearl Embellished Shoulders

There’s nothing wrong with flashing a little shoulder every now and then. It makes you look seductive and alluring. But, decorate your shoulders will some pearls, and that look is transformed to stylishly sexy.

All you have to do is cut out the shoulders and add some pearl trim! Or, check out this DIY project and learn how to create your own pearl shoulder shirts.

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4. Ways to Wear Pearls: Pearl Statement Dresses

Anytime you step out of the house, you want to make a statement with your look. Statement dresses come in various shades and styles. But, the point is… they leave a lasting impression on the people lucky enough to get a glimpse.

This  backless pearl wedding dress makes her look like a million bucks… or at least like she’s wearing it. Her pearl backless dress was made for fashion royalty. And, that’s exactly what she looks like in this pearl statement dress.

5. Ways to Wear Pearls: Subtle Pearl Buttons

A great way to enhance the look of your shirts, blouses, coats, and sweaters are with gemstone embellishments. Pearls are a great way to create a delicate look that’s both elegant and effortless.

This cute blouse features a big white collar and a pop of red, which helps the pearl buttons to stand out.

6. Ways to Wear Pearls: Scattered Pearl Sweater

Even your laid-back attire can look a bit luxurious with pearl-studded embellishments. Pearl beaded sweaters pieces are trans-seasonal, so they can be worn on winter days and summer nights. Wear them with party outfits to keep you cozy on cool evenings while keeping with an elegant vibe.

This scattered pearl sweater is a bit casual but daring. However, these pearl sweaters come in some very alluring semi-formal and formal styles as well.

7. Ways to Wear Pearls: Pearl Heels

Pearl studded heels aren’t just for brides anymore. These days, shoe designers are adding pearls to flip flops, sandals, boots, stilettos, flats and of course heels.

These gorgeous looking heels feature delicate pearls strung across the ankle. The gems transformed a plain pair of shoes into a pair of pearl heels fit for any semi-formal or formal occasion.

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Create Your Own Pearl Gear

How to Wear Pearls Casually Other Than Just in Jewelry

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