8 Men’s Fashion Trends You’d Think Won’t Cut It… But, They Do

Men's Double Denim

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by Carla Jonas

Normally, there are generally some dos and don’ts when it comes to menswear commandments. Taking great risks is always followed by great rewards. And, designers have gone ahead and risked it all to make men look good in their gear.  Some designs have gone bad, but many have become men’s fashion trends to reckon with in 2018.

8 Men’s Fashion Trends to Take His Look Over the Top in 2018

You would think these eight men’s fashion trends are not up to par. But, in 2018, they have successfully taken the fashion industry for men a notch higher.

1. Men’s Fashion Trends: Corduroy

Designers all over have come to an agreement that the previously dowdy corduroy is a trendy outfit. Lately, the corduroy through shirts, hats and bomber jackets has become paramount in the collections of many fashion brands.

Men's Corduroy Suit
Men’s Corduroy Suit. Image Source: Make Your Own Jeans

This outfit should be rocked in a modern style and in a very sure cut. The aim is to transform the 18th Century vibe into a more modern look. A red or tan cord jacket that is worn with chinos or black jeans then spiced up by a white slogan tee is spectacular.

However, if the corduroy is worn sloppily, it can make you look older than your age.

2. Men’s Fashion Trends: Boxy Tailoring

Popular square-shouldered tailoring similar to 80s fashion is back and is taking the teens by storm. The oversize blazers and the ‘anti-fit’ outfits, however, are worth the hype. This look was famous in the 80s.

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The boxy tailoring helps you achieve a relaxed and a laid-back look. These oversize blazers should be worn casually. This outfit is usually at its best when worn with a T-shirt and jeans.

The Big Suit Trend
The Big Suit Trend. Image Source: GQ

The boxy tailoring looks great when worn correctly by tall men. I know this is bad news for the short chaps. Plainly, the boxy tailoring is not your thing.

It is worth noting that, if these outfits are worn incorrectly they can become a disgrace. They will make you look clueless and shapeless in the real sense. The oversize tailoring should never be worn as a officewear.

3. Men’s Fashion Trends: Big, Ugly Trainers

The stark white sneakers have been around for some time now and they are not expected to fall out in favor anytime soon.

These big, ‘ugly’ trainers are well-known in making a ‘great personality’ shine. They will actually make your footwear, the star of the show.

Men's Big Ugly Sneakers by Nike
Men’s Big Ugly Sneakers by Nike. Image Source: GQ

In order to make your footwear a hit, keep the rest of your outfit fairly pared-down. Longer styles will simply gather making you look awkward and take away the attention from the shoes.

These freaky sneaks when worn with cropped, tapered trousers can never disappoint. If you choose to wear these trainers ensure that you walk on the wider side to counteract the “clown-ness” of your kicks, especially if you have big feet.

4. Men’s Fashion Trends: Short-Sleeved Shirts

The connotation of airline cabin crew gave the short-sleeved shirt a short shrift. However, this has changed recently. A short-sleeved shirt is more of a casual ensemble than an official outfit. However, you can rock it with a tie to achieve an official look.

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Sleeveless shirts can be worn at home or over the holidays. However, its formality can be upgraded by tucking it into a pair of tailored trousers. This formal look can then be complimented perfectly by a pair of penny loafers.

2018 Men's Short Sleeve Shirts Cotton Lapel
2018 Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts Cotton Lapel. Image Source: DH Gate

A Cuban collar design short-sleeved shirt can be worn in a lightweight fabric and a squarer fit. This can be further teamed up with a crisp pair of Chinos.

Sleeveless shirts should never be worn in the winter. Remember, health and function come before fashion. Make sure you don’t “freeze and shine”.

5. Men’s Fashion Trends: 70s Knitwear & Prints

The 70s knitwear and prints should be under ‘trends that should not work’. However, designers have revolutionized these prints and wear into modern and desirable outfits.

Speckled GRUNGE Sweater 1970s Vintage Cardigan Brown Stripe Knit Zip Up Pullover
Speckled GRUNGE Sweater 1970s Vintage Cardigan Brown Stripe Knit Zip Up Pullover. Image Source: ReTruly

The Lush floral prints and the globally-inspired graphics are clearly out of this world. This 70s trend can be nailed by adding a little twist to what the style forgot decades ago.

Teaming up brightly colored knit or an overstated graphic with simple, understated pieces like a tee or white shirt will make you look absolutely stunning. This can be matched with jeans or a pair of flat-front trousers.

6. Men’s Fashion Trends: Double Denim

Wearing double denim is one of men outfit trends to look out for this year. Denim is not new in the fashion industry. Yes, they have been worn before.

Men's Double Denim
Men’s Double Denim. Image Source: Men Style Fashion

The set-in stonewash rule dictates that the respective shades of the top and bottom halves should be different. You should never at any time look like you are wearing a two-piece.  For instance, you can wear dark blue jeans with a lighter jacket or shirt but not both.

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The colors should be mixed nicely to look fashionable as possible. Black or gray jeans go well with a blue shirt or jacket. All-black-denim-everything has always been a hit. However, there are exceptions when it comes to the color mixing. For example, white jeans with a blue jacket.

7. Men’s Fashion Trends: White Socks

In the past white socks were only worn in the gym. That has really changed in the recent past. White socks have become very common in skateboarding and sportswear.

Men's Fashion Trends: Wearing White Socks
Men’s Fashion Trends: Wearing White Socks. Image Source: Lookastic

A skater attitude can be achieved by rocking the white socks with Chinos or cropped jeans in a wide or relaxed fit. White socks can also be worn with pool sliders. However, you will need to have a lot of confidence and a good washing cycle to pull this kind of look.

These kinds of socks are mainly casual. Never wear them with smart shoes or to any formal gathering. You will seem to have forgotten to change your socks after a workout.

8. Men’s Fashion Trends: Pearl Encrusted Jackets for Men

Sexy men wear pearls too. These days, pearls are no longer just for women and girls. Celebrities and men of all walks of life are sporting the gems like diamonds.

And, it’s not just about masculine pearl jewelry when it comes to men’s fashion in 2018.

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