8 Shocking Food & Wine Trends for 2018

Naan Pizza with Asparagus Pesto, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese & Fontina
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Every new year comes with new drink and food trends. 2018 is not an exception. We have some food and wine trends for this year that will shock you to be on this list.

Some food and beverages are expected to dominate restaurant menus for the next year. Our trending list is well packed with foods and wines that will simply blow your mind away.

Vegan seafood tower from Crossroads in Los Angeles, CA. Plant-based versions of oysters, lox, caviar, & calamari.
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Vegan seafood tower from Crossroads in Los Angeles, CA. Plant-based versions of oysters, lox, caviar, & calamari. Image Source: Twitter

8 Food & Wine Trends That Will Blow Your Mind This Year

Here are eight foods and wine trends that you seriously need to check out in 2018:

1. 2018 Food & Wine Trends: Slower Growing Animals

Slower-growing animals have gained popularity in the recent years among healthy eaters who still eat meat. Research has shown that these animals live longer lives than the fast-growing ones.

Slow-growth broiler chickens
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Slow-growth broiler chickens. Image Source: Canadian Poultry Mag

They also are more likely to exhibit natural behaviors like pecking, running around and dust bathing. These animal breeds are also more resistant to pests and diseases. Universities, colleges and meat producers have committed themselves to breeding slower-growing animals.

This is being done in a bid to have higher-quality meat products, and at the same time create betters return for farmers.

2. 2018 Food & Wine Trends: Naan

Naan is one of the trending breads to look out for this year. This fluffy, traditionally baked in a tandoor, Indian flatbread is one of the fastest-growing bread trends on every meaningful restaurant menu.

Naan Pizza with Asparagus Pesto, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese & Fontina
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Naan Pizza with Asparagus Pesto, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese & Fontina. Image Source: No Spoon Necessary

Naan has become very popular in the recent past. This delicacy has actually risen beyond the Indian market. It might just be the food to propel the Indian cuisine further into the mainstream.

3. 2018 Food & Wine Trends: The New Jewish Deli

The new Jewish deli is a trend we certainly can’t ignore in 2018. Delicatessens both operating in fast-casual and full-service formats are on the rise. These Jewish delis mainly serve pastrami, beef and smoked fish.

New Golden Age of Jewish-American Food
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2018 Food & Wine Trends: New Golden Age of Jewish-American Food. Image Source: NY Times

They are very popular in:

  • Cambridge
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Chicago

4. 2018 Food & Wine Trends: Trash Fish

Hotels and restaurants are working so hard to introduce lesser-known fish as food and wine trends. These fish are traditionally discarded in favor of more marketable species on the fish market. Commonly discarded species, such as the lionfish and porgy, are at times marketed as “trash fish.”

Trash Fish Meal
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Trash Fish Meal. Image Source: USA Today

Trash fish is expected to be trending for the next couple of months. There is talk of possibly featuring the underutilized species on the menus of chain restaurants. This will serve as a sustainable option to widely consumed species, such as shrimp and tuna. This will, in turn, open a door for other restaurants to offer these trash fish as well.

5. 2018 Food & Wine Trends: Cannabidiol (CBD)

There has always been continuing talk of marijuana being used as a food additive. Cannabis is legal in many US states, both for recreational and medical purposes. However, marijuana and marijuana products can only be sold by licensed dispensaries. This means that restaurants and bars are not allowed to sell or use this drug as a food ingredient.

These restrictions are expected to relax with time. Due to the non-narcotic nature of pot, specifically cannabidiol (CBD), these regulations will become laxer. Denver residents have already voted for a motion allowing restaurants to become licensed to allow any willing adult customer to consume marijuana while on the premises.

SumoSalad Green Label CBD Foods
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SumoSalad Green Label CBD Foods. Image Source: MLC Centre

However, this restricts the restaurant from selling pot. And smoking it indoors remains prohibited.

It is expected that the early use of marijuana in food will start off with cannabidiol or CBD. This chemical in marijuana doesn’t induce a high or euphoria. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC chemical in pot is usually the one responsible for inducing euphoria and clouding the brain.

CBD possess major healing and other medicinal properties, making it useful for:

  • Reducing anxiety and paranoia
  • Boosting energy
  • Relieving pain and inflammation
  • Treating insomnia
  • Treating epilepsy and seizures

6. 2018 Food & Wine Trends: In-House Distilling

In-house distilling is expected to rise significantly due to the increasing demand for locally brewed liquor. Locally made spirits is a serious food and wine trend that’s here to stay.

Home Distilling
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Home Distilling. Image Source: YouTube

The Cavalier Hotel vowed to be the first in the country to embrace in-house distillation. This trend is expected to grow this year, and for years to come.

7. 2018 Food & Wine Trends: Georgian Wines

There has been concern among wine drinkers who want something natural, new and with a compelling story. Georgian wine is the ideal drink for them. This wine is inexpensive, funky and all natural. Its winemaking story goes back to thousands of years ago.

Georgian Wines
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Georgian Wines. Image Source: The Phila News

This wine is expected to do well this year with sales expected to rise by 50 percent. To add icing on the cake, Georgian cookbooks and wine books are a big hype right now.

8. 2018 Food & Wine Trends:  Food Leftovers

Research has shown that the focus on reducing food waste will result in the creative creation of marketable foods and drinks. New food menus are expected to rise this year, with restaurants and food chains coming up with unique menus from different types of leftovers.

Juicing leftovers is a food and wine trend this year.
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Juicing leftovers is a food and wine trend this year. Image Source: Millennial Belle

For instance, popcorn-spiked flavors can be made from popcorn leftovers. Also, kitchen trimmings are being used to make juice mixers or infuse flavor in drinks at bars and restaurants.

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