Top 8 Tips for Throwing an Exciting Office Party Without the Stress

Office Party Outdoor Scene

There comes a time in most managers lives when they must plan the dreaded office party. But, you can plan a fun affair, without all the stress.

For managers, throwing an awesome corporate party can be dreaded times. Why? Well, there is so much to accomplish. There are targets to meet, gifts to buy and above all, the planning of the party itself.

This can create a stressful pressure over you and things get worse when the planning isn’t done right. As an employer, everybody is expecting a fantastic party from your side. Whether it’s a Christmas party, a celebration of accomplishments or a retirement party, we have tips to help keep your stress down.

Office Party Gifts
A holiday office party can be the hardest to plan for managers.

The New Age of Fun Times & Office Parties

Gone are the days when office parties were serious affairs and were considered as another to do task. But with the decentralization of the power and overlapping of personal and professional lives, a corporate party is just like a family get together where business is the last thing on the mind.

This is the time when everybody is looking for a lively office party where they can simply relax and have fun. Therefore, as an employer and the chief party organizer, there are certain things that you need to take care of to make your corporate party a hit.

It is always better to pre-plan everything, as nobody likes a host busy arranging things rather than entertaining the guests. That is why, in today’s post we are going to discuss top tips that would help you to throw an office party that’s fun, yet without any stress.

Office Party Outdoor Scene
Office Party Outdoor Scene

8 Tips for Planning a Fun, Stress-Free Office Party

Here are eight tips to help you throw a corporate party that your employees will remember for ages. Let us go through them one by one:

  1. Prepare a Guest Check List: When you think about throwing an office party, preparing the guest list is the most crucial task. Ensure that your list is not complex and you have great bonding with people on the list. If you are throwing a party for your employees, don’t include your clients and vendors as it would create a complicated situation for you.
  2. Plan Early: Don’t keep everything for the eleventh hour. Remember that during holiday seasons, people get a lot of party invitations. If you are throwing a formal party, then send out the invitations at least four to six weeks in advance. In the case of a casual gathering, three to four weeks in advance works.
  3. Always Follow the Budget: It is essential to create a budget plan and follow it religiously. Set a budget limit for food, drinks, decor, promotional gifts and all the other stuff and spend accordingly.
  4. Create a Party Checklist: When you create a checklist, you ensure that nothing is missed. Don’t forget to include ‘check RSVPs’ or ‘setting up a smoke room’ in your checklist. In this way, when you include even small details in the list, you don’t have to run for the things at the last moment.
  5. Get Help: One of the most important thing to do before throwing a party at your place is the cleaning. It can be time consuming and can become a big hurdle. So, to overcome this challenge, you can ask the help of family and friends. Or, you can also hire the services of professional cleaners before the party.
  6. Don’t Complicate the Menu: It is impossible to know the preferences of each individual. That is why rather than opting for authentic delicacies, it is better to go for the dishes and foods that everybody loves, such as pizzas and fries. Ensure that all the preparations are done beforehand so that you can also enjoy the party.
  7. Pay Attention to the Drinks: Drinks are an inevitable part of any corporate party and you don’t want an empty bar after a few rounds. That is why it is suggested to have beer in stock and to go for a specialty drinks such as fruit rum punch or any cocktail.
  8. Go Online: These days everything is available online. So, rather spending your time browsing the aisles of the supermarket, you can easily order most of the stuff from the Net. Also, you can avail the various holiday discounts as well.

With that being said, these are some of the tips that can help you to throw a stress free and lavish office party of the century. Follow these tips and let your corporate office party create a buzz in your local town. So, what are you waiting for?

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