A Classic Japanese Look That Never Gets Old

Akoya pearl earrings have a wonderfully classic look to them that will likely add to your overall appeal. They also have a classic artisan beauty that many people will stop to appreciate. Akoya earrings are made by using only the finest quality pearls, which have been selected by professional jewelers who want to make the most out their earrings. While pearls in general are versatile as a rule, it may be helpful for some to get a better idea of how the Akoya pearl earrings can be integrated into their look.

Classic Style Appreciated By Connoisseurs:

Adding to the appeal of these lovely earrings is the fact that they are set in gorgeous 18k gold, sure to draw in attention from the people you both interact with and those just passing by. The subtle off-white of the pearls mingling with the gleaming gold can be worn with a variety of colors and styles, pairing superbly with both very dark or very light clothing. They are perhaps best worn during formal events, giving their wearer a boost in confidence as she travels through the social waters surrounding her. They can, however, pair very well with more casual styles, always adding that touch of elegance at work or a meal among friends and colleagues.

How Akoya Pearls Can Be Worn:

A great way to wear Akoya pearl earrings is to pair them with a neutral gold necklace and perhaps bracelets that show off a bit of color. This way the earrings can draw attention to your face and hair, while the necklace provides stability and the bracelet guides attention to the rest of your outfit.

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Akoya pearl earrings can make for an elegant addition for a business professional as well, providing a simple yet effective added impression on your colleagues and bosses.

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