A Great New Way To Repurpose Your Old Pearl Necklace

Human nature has a peculiar quality in which at some point, your love and affection for an item will diminish over time. Well, this sentiment also holds true when it comes to jewelry. You probably have a pearl necklace that you once loved, but have stashed somewhere in the house, out of sight. Maybe it’s in the jewelry box, or possibly in the sock drawer. The reason that you dumped it is perhaps because a pearl has chipped, or just that your tastes have changed. Well, you can always repurpose it and give it a new life.

Make a New Necklace

Usually, although the necklace will have lost its earlier charm, the beads will still remain intact. You can thus decide to make a different kind of necklace that will be new to you or that you can give to someone else. With basic tools such as beading thread, needles, super glue, and clasps you will be able to turn the erstwhile sorry-looking necklace into a masterpiece in no time.

Turn it into a Bracelet or Anklet

Transforming the pearl necklace into a different kind of jewelry may be all you need to make the pearls usable. A necklace can easily be made into a pair of bracelets within a short amount of time. Alternatively, you may decide to turn it into anklets .This will certainly be a great surprise gift, especially to those who have teenage daughters. To make it more interesting and eye-catching, you may incorporate different types and colors of pearls.

Repurposing a pearl necklace can be a heart-warming experience. Imagine presenting your daughter with glimmering bracelets or anklets, made from a necklace that you loved at their age, or gifting your friend with a gorgeous repurposed necklace. It also goes a long way towards getting rid of the clutter, consequently freeing up space in your jewelry box and leaving room for great new pieces of jewelry that will look great with a new seasonal style.

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