Age Appropriate Pearls – Which Ones Are Right for Her?

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that women love pearls! These timeless gems have been worn by women of all ages for hundreds of years. So when it comes to purchasing the perfect pearl strand for yourself or a loved one, one might ask the question – which ones are right for her?

Different pearl sizes and lengths have commonly been attributed to particular age groups, making it easier to determine what would suit each woman best.

For young teens and petite women, smaller pearls like those between 5.5mm and 6.5mm tend to be more flattering. This dainty size won’t overwhelm the frames of these smaller women, yet that classic pearl look can still be achieved.

White Pearl Necklace
6.5-7.0mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace- AA+ Quality

Ideal for a first time buyer, strands between 6.5mm and 7.5mm would be a great choice. For example any one of our Akoya pearl necklace selections like the one above. This size is the perfect medium for those wanting to look luxurious and maintain affordability at the same time. This size pearls looks great with casual wear as well as with professional attire, making the perfect graduation gift.

Pearls between 7.5 and 8.5mm are neither too small nor too big. These pearls will make an elegant accessory for women in their late twenties to early thirties. This size is a favorite for career women looking for pearls that are not too showy yet emanate poise.

For a woman who knows and loves her pearls, a strand ranging between 8.5 and 9.5mm will make an impressive gift. This larger strand is most appreciated by women in their 30’s looking for elegance and sophistication. These pearls make a wonderful anniversary gift.

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Pearls over 9.5mm emanate true luxury. Mostly worn by women of more mature years, these pearls are extraordinarily valuable. A strand of these pearls is sure to make an extravagant statement for any pearl lover.

When it comes to strand length, younger women tend to gravitate towards strands between 16 and 17 inches in length since they can be worn for almost any occasion whether casual or formal. They may also like the chic long look of an opera strand. Women over the age of 30 look best in strands between 18 and 24 inches in length, these strands compliment every body shape, and look great with business attire.

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