The Lucrative Benefits of Using All-In-One Credit Card Processing for Your Online Jewelry Store

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We all know that the holiday season is the time for the greatest amount of shopping. Most customers are going to be breaking out those credit cards to do so. That means, your online jewelry store needs an all-in-one credit card processing solution, or you’ll lose out on holiday sells this season.

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Benefits of Using All-In-One Credit Card Processing Systems for Online Jewelry Sells

While there are many reasons to improve the quality of credit card processing services, both in-store and online, there is much to consider in the all-in-one card processing option for businesses. With the benefit of the highest quality gifts of the year, from beautiful jewelry to the latest Christmas fashions and even or other large event or wedding planning, there is an incredible amount to be spent with those cards that are hidden the rest of the year.

Great benefits come with a credit card processing system that would be able to process all in one, from:

  • Credit cards to debit cards
  • Gift cards and prepaid cards
  • Many more direct payments

There is also much to be considered in gaining the ease of one system that will process these payments in all your locations for all your sales. That means if you have a brick-and-mortar location, as well as an online jewelry store, one solution can take care of it all.

Your customers can quickly and securely purchase this gorgeous leather wrap and pearl choker from your online jewelry store using all-in-one credit card processing this holiday season.
Your customers can quickly and securely purchase this gorgeous leather wrap and pearl choker from your online jewelry store using all-in-one credit card processing this holiday season.

How All-In-One Credit Card Processing Improve Overall Sales

There are many different credit card and debit card processing systems. They can have benefits towards providing all-in-one services. Basic reasons to implement an all-in-one credit card processing system for the holiday season include some of the following:

  • Steady, low monthly processing fees which includes online processing
  • Low-tiered rates, including processing both debit and credit cards
  • Processing companies with most service often have best customer service
  • No cancellation fees

Because the customer swipes the card in the store or enters the credit card information online, the overall ability to process every type of card is extremely beneficial. With a solution that deals with all types of available funds on behalf of the customer there is much to approve for sales.

All-in-one card processing systems are known to be extremely strong in validating both available funds and the status of the actual card as well.

7 Tops Reasons Online Jewelry Stores Should Use All-In-One Credit Card Processing Solutions

Now, we have seven key points in an All-In-One Credit Card Processing System for Holiday Sales. These include basically the number of different cards and types of transactions you will be able to complete safely:

1. Credit Card Transactions

credit cards wallet


With the process able to validate the available finds for the payment purchase at the time. This leads to the same topic above, with the lower rates and minimal or no fees for return or other charges.

2. ATM/Debit Card Transactions

cash and cards


With the added ability to process payments from ATM/Debit cards there is the broader selection of payment options open to the customer. Again, it is easier for the check of available fund to be confirmed so that no overdrawn payments will be returned for additional fees.

3. Prepaid, Reloadable Debit Card Processing

Prepaid Cards Pro


With the prepaid and reloadable debit cards that are so popular today, the all-in-one card processing system can still confirm payments by these cards and often help the customer with remaining balance information on the receipt or payment confirmation.

4. Gift Card Processing

gift cards


Often, when setting up the all-in-one system for your business’s payments there is the ability to add your own gift cards to the system, to where they can be processed in-store or online by the swipe or enter of the card number. The same way that a credit or debit card would be processed in-person or online.

5. Visa, MasterCard & Other Credit Gift Card Transactions

visa gift cards


Just like the reloadable debit cards there are the credit brand gift cards that are purchased for easy use and extra benefits. So, it is helpful to have the all-in-one system to add these to the methods of payment.

6. Processing All Cards with Both the Chip & Magnetic Strip

chip card processing


If your credit and debit card payments are being processed both in-store and online, the latest all-in-one systems can process both cards with chips and those with magnetic strips. The all-in-one card processing system will work with every card that is still valid in date, with the focus on checking the confirmed available funds.

7. Mobile & Online Payments

mobile payments


Additionally, there are many mobile and online payment methods, from PayPal to the online check processing, that can be entered and still process by the all-in-one credit card processing system.

Things to Know About All-In-One Credit Card Processing Solutions

One of the best things to know about the all-in-one processing system covering these payments is also that it will properly approve payments. Because the holiday season is often the time of the highest quality gifts to be purchased, there is also the need for the highest quality payment processing to help keep customer and business finances in order.

It is helpful to know, both for you and the customer, that quality purchases:

  • Pearl jewelry
  • Dream fashion items
  • Wedding and other party planning
  • Large and expensive Christmas gifts

There is much to benefit from using an all-in-one credit and debit card processing system for your business. You’ll experience quality processing both inside our brick and mortar jewelry store, and during digital transactions made through your online jewelry store using just one platform.

Red pearls were used to create this festive looking red & white Christmas tree ball ornament.

In addition to the card payments processed, many of these all-in-one solutions can complete mobile payments as well. With all-in-one card processing available, you can enjoy the ease of multiple processes using one solution during this hectic holiday shopping season.

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