Boost Your Yen with These 2018 New Age Beauty Trends

Jade Roller

It seems everyone is into creating better yen for themselves. Some are turning to what’s known as new age beauty trends, which have actually been around for eons.

These days, you’ll find yen-seekers swearing by the power of crystals. They clear away the negative energies in the lives by burning sage, and will almost fight you over their spiritual wealth bowls. Currently, the new age beauty industry rakes in about $3.7 trillion per year! Now, how’s that for a lucrative trend?

Give your face a deep cleansing using these new age beauty trends.
Give your face a deep cleansing using these new age beauty trends. Image Source: Pexels

7 New Age Beauty Trends to Help Boost Your Yen in 2018

Although crystals have been reportedly used to enhance beauty routines for ages, there are new features causing it to be a predicted trend for 2018. Experts are constantly developing new ways to use crystals as effective tools for beauty and better yen.

Here are seven new age beauty trends your yen wants you to jump on in 2018:

1. Crystal Facial Grids

These days, yen seekers use crystals to create grid-like patterns on their faces. They believe this new age ritual stimulate and detoxifies various combinations of energy.

Crystal Facial Grid
Crystal Facial Grid> Image Source: Pinterest

Because crystals create both vibrations and energy, they effectively change the harmonious patterns of energy in your face. Using them assists with releasing any tension that exists under the skin. Place key crystals on energy points or muscle peaks. This will help your new, revitalized energy flow to your complexion with ease.

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2. Yen Boosting Facials & Haircuts

Think about how exhilarating you feel after a skin-renewing facial treatment or a new haircut. Well, you can intensify this feeling with what Adriana Rizzolo, a Los Angeles-based hair witch, calls healing haircuts. The yen-inducing hair stylist offers doses of spiritual enlightenment and mindfulness with each new haircut.

Adriana Rizzolo, a Los Angeles Hair Witch, Gives Powerful Healing Haircuts
Adriana Rizzolo, a Los Angeles Hair Witch, Gives Powerful Healing Haircuts. Image Source: Pop Sugar

Mashell Tabe is a New York-based facial specialist. The self-proclaimed “facialist” believes the face brings out your yen. And, she offers as much yen with her facial treatments as you can get.

3. Jade Rollers

These inspiring gems are far from new in the world of new age beauty trends. As a matter of fact, they been around for centuries, according to experts. Jade rollers are very simple to use to boost your yen.

Jade Roller
Jade Roller. Image Source: Healthy Skin Solutions

Jade is a gemstone known for its calming effects. It’s also used in the beauty world for its anti-aging effects, although this is controversial to non-yen seekers. To use a jade roller, simply roll the device across your face. This will help to increase both elasticity and blood circulation, leading to the release of dead skin cells and appearance of new ones.

4. Salt Cave Spas

This new age skin detox trend is sure to be hot in 2018, especially for spa lovers. Salt caves, which have also been around for quite a while, are making a serious resurgence these days.

Timeless Day Spa & Salt Cave in Naperville
Timeless Day Spa & Salt Cave in Naperville. Image Source: The Shoppers Apprentice

Also known as saline therapy or halotherapy, they are manmade “caves” where you sit and take in the pure salt that is ground up and circulated throughout the caves’ air.  Salt has been proven to carry numerous healing properties from treating acne to arthritis conditions. These caves of salt help relax you, which is always good for yen.

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5. Crystal-Infused Skincare

It’s obvious just how much new age beauty will trend in 2018 just by taking a look around you. All over the beauty market you’ll find crystal-infused skincare and other beauty products.

 Crystal-Infused Skincare
Crystal-Infused Skincare. Image Source: Well And Good

Glossier and other beauty products experts on jumping onto this trend with various new product launches, such as a highlighter which contains actual crystal extracts. Some of the most popular gems being used in this 2018 new age beauty trend include:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Rose Quartz

6. Pearl Powder – New Age Beauty Trends for Beautiful Skin

For thousands of years, people in China have been extensively using Pearl Powder. Some believe Queen of Egypt’s Cleopatra used various types of pearl powders to care for and retain her youthful skin.

Natural Pearl Powder is a new age beauty trend that keeps your face looking young and vibrant.
Natural Pearl Powder is a new age beauty trend that keeps your face looking young and vibrant. Image Source: DH Gate

Pearl Powder can be used internally or externally for the following:

  • Heals blemishes
  • Treats and prevents acne
  • Prevents and treats skin disorders
  • Reduces skin redness

This new age beauty trend acts as a powerful exfoliant when applied externally. It will effectively get rid of your dead skin cells, and replenish your skin with new ones.

How to Use Pearl Powder for Healthy Skin Care

How to Use Pearl Powder
How to Use Pearl Powder. Image Source: Wawaza

This is one of the new age beauty trends sure to be hot in 2018. Here are the ways to use pearl powder as an effective skin care treatment for healthy looking skin:

  1. Pearl Powder Masks – This new age skin care treatment helps reduce skin redness, and leaves your face feeling soft, silky and matte-like
  2. Pearl Powder Finishing Powders – Switching from compact or pressed powder to pearl powder gives you mineral makeup benefits, which gives your skin luminosity without the shine, while minimizing skin imperfections
  3. Pearl Powder Supplements – Because these powders are 100% pure, taking them internally allows it to act as an an antioxidant which provides the needed amount of minerals and amino acids to promote healthy skin
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