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The Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Right Bridal Earrings

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Carla Jonas

Your dress is already in the making and you’re already shopping for the perfect heels for the Big Day. And while your frock will certainly be the highlight, the bridal jewelry you pick can make – or (let’s hope not) break – the entire look. Bridal bling is an essential part of the entire wedding ensemble, and, fact is, nothing can add that perfect touch of twinkling dazzle like the perfect pair of bridal earrings.

But considering the plethora of designs, gemstones, finishes and types of earrings available on the market, picking just the right pair might be a tad challenging. What styles work with which wedding hairstyle? What designs work with each face shape? Which types of closures are the most secure? If you’re slightly overwhelmed, not to worry – as we’re breaking down everything you need to know on choosing the perfect pair of bridal earrings.

What are the different types of bridal earrings?

There is a wide range of earring types to consider when picking the perfect match for your wedding dress. The most popular styles include studs, chandelier earrings, drop and dangle designs, as well as more modern geometric designs, including hoops (including the popular bridal pearl hoop earrings). To make an informed choice, read our comprehensive guide on the different types of earrings by clicking here.

What kind of earrings should a bride wear?

Each bride should pick the earring types that match her wedding’s style / theme, the design of her wedding dress (and its neckline), as well as the bridal hairstyle. Moreover, brides also often consider picking bridal earrings based on their face shape, as certain types of earrings can be more flattering than others. 

Can I wear hoops with my wedding dress?

Hoop earrings are not a traditional choice as wedding earrings, but many modern brides do opt for hoops on their Big Day. If you are wearing a more casual wedding dress, hoops, especially pearl hoops or other statement circular earrings make appealing choices. A great alternative to large hoop earrings are smaller hoops / huggie styles, which have a more classic and boho chic appeal.

How do I pick the right wedding jewelry?

Firstly, make sure the bridal jewelry you pick is comfortable and secure, as you will be wearing it for the entire day. Make sure to match your jewelry of choice with the neckline and style of your dress. Do not opt for jewelry pieces that have the potential to tangle your wedding hairdo (such as large, heavy chandelier earrings with rigid curls). Pair up the neckline with the correct necklace lengths – see here. Consider the style of your wedding and the dress code when choosing your jewelry pieces and avoid mixing metals for a cohesive look. 


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statement earrings

Stud Earrings 

Dainty and discreet or larger and bold, studs can take many forms. They are the ultimate classics, always elegant, timeless by design and sophisticated. 

Teardrop Earrings

Featuring a pear-shaped design, teardrop earrings are another classic style. They pair exceptionally well with classic buns and other traditional hairstyles for that extra dose of elegance. 

Drop Earrings

Drop styles have an elongated design that is heavier on the bottom. Usually featuring a gemstone attached to a chain or metallic bar. 

Vine Earrings

Vine earrings are a boho bride’s favorite. These trendy wedding earrings depict branches or foliage, usually adorned with tiny gems. 

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are by definition glamorous, intricate and ornate. Highly decorative, chandeliers are statement earrings on the larger side. 

Dangle Earrings

Dangles feature a design that moves softly as you move – or dangles. They come under many styles and shapes, from traditional to modern, including dangle pearl earrings and gemstone dangle designs.

Hoop Earrings

Hoops are circular earrings on the larger side. Non-circular hoops are also available, though less popular. Bridal hoops are usually adorned with florals, pearls or other gems for a more ornate look. 

Huggie Earrings

Huggies are small circular earrings that embrace the ear rather than hang below. They pair well with a wide range of dresses and hairstyles, as they are highly versatile. 

Shoulder Duster Earrings

Shoulder dusters are extra-long earrings that brush the shoulders. Precaution is needed when selecting this style since they can damage delicate wedding dress fabrics or get easily tangled in the hair.


A stunning pair of earrings needs an equally mesmerizing match: aka a gorgeous Pearl Necklace. Opt for timeless elegance with our chic range of classic and modern types of necklaces, including pearls in crisp white, off-whites, pink or gold for a wedding look to remember. Discover our selection of Pearl Necklaces, including classic and modern designs at different necklace lengths, catering to all wedding types and tastes.

How to Match Your Wedding Hairstyle with the Right Bridal Earrings

statement earrings drop earrings

Creating your wedding look from head to toe is no easy task. Your dress calls for a certain hairstyle – and, in the same way, your hairstyle calls for a certain type of bling – or vice versa, as you can pick your own order of priorities. Whatever you choose in terms of hair, make sure it’s very ‘you’. If you’re a big proponent of buns and ponytails in your everyday life, then an updo it is – just pick an elevated version of your most flattering hairstyle. Similarly, if you love to have your hair down, there’s no reason to take the opposite route for your wedding. 

Next, we’re talking about the perfect wedding earrings for each hairdo, and the main 5 categories of hairstyles suitable for the Big Day.

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Classic Updos (Buns, Chignon and Ponytails)

Teardrop Wedding Earrings

Shop the Japanese Akoya Pearl Jess Earrings

Classic updos can include anything from the sleekest top bun to mid or lower updos and chignons, as well as polished ponytails (both high and low). These classic wedding hairdos pair well with, you guessed, the classics. Think diamonds. Think pearls. 

Basically, both sophisticated gemstones and earring designs are a favorite here. In terms of the best types of bridal earrings, choose timeless styles like the classic studs, teardrop earrings or dainty dangle earrings. Classic studs like pearl studs make a bun appear infinitely more elegant than more modern styles. 

Extra Tip: If your classic hairstyle is inspired by a certain era (hello, 60s style high ponytail!), then feel free to pair your retro do with a modern version of bridal earrings inspired by the same decade. 

Boho Updos (Messy Buns, Braided Updos, Ponytails)

Messy Bun Wedding Jewelry

Shop the White Freshwater Pearl Zoya Earrings

If you’re settled on taking the messier route with strong bohemian vibes, extra tendrils and the optional braids – then modern earring pieces are your best bet. A bohemian updo calls for a larger earring, be it a hoop, chandelier or a dangly vine. Unique gemstones other than diamonds work well with the boho vibe, giving your look a more effortless appeal. 

Extra Tip: Go long and statementy, but make sure your oversize earrings don’t interfere with and potentially damage your delicate wedding dress. This is especially important if you’re wearing illusion necklines, high neck or boat neck dresses with lace. 

Hair Down

Drop Aesthetic Earrings

Shop the White South Sea Pearl Lina Earrings

You decided to let your hair loose for the special occasion. Next: have your pick from sleek and straight, loose waves or structured curls. Great, now onto the bling!

For a timeless, elegant look, go for the classics. A larger statement stud, a classic drop and dangle or a huggie earring work here to attain that sleek, put-together, uncluttered look. The bonus: these styles are very comfortable and secure. However, if you opt for these daintier earring styles, make sure your earrings shimmer and shine from every angle. You don’t want your ear bling to get lost under your hair, so opt for maximum luster and sparkle. 

For a boho aesthetic, pick out more ornate pieces, with one condition: make sure the earrings you select won’t get tangled. The more rigid your curls are, the more chances there are to get your hair tangled in your ear bling, so always test out different pairs with your do before making a decision. 

Extra Tip: To avoid having your earrings lost in your locks, embrace shimmer, yes – but also color. Opt for a contrasting earring color to the one of your hair. For example, if your hair is icy blonde, you can forgo the classic white earrings and opt for a colored gemstone (your something blue, perhaps?). 

Half-Up Hairstyles

Half Up Bridal Jewelry

Shop the Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Lacy Earrings

Half-up hairdos give you the best of both worlds. You’ve got cascading locks unravelling on your shoulders, yet without the hassle of a ‘can-get-messy-fast’ down hairdo. You’ve got structure, but also freedom. If this is your hairdo of choice, you’re in luck, as lots of earring styles work well. The top choice: dangle earrings that shimmer just behind your tendrils (if any). 

Extra Tip: If your hairstyle features a little more volume and height on top, longer earrings (or larger overall) work best. If the hair volume is minimal, opt for daintier dangly designs instead.

Sideswept Hairstyles

Side Hairdo Bridal Jewelry

Shop the White Freshwater Pearl with Quartz & Mother of Pearl Quinn Earrings

A side hairstyle is all about that statement earring. Whether you opt for a sideswept braid, a side pony or a side bun, your earring will be in the spotlight. So make it big. Make it chic. And make it count. Basically, you are right to pick an earring style that gets all the attention. Go all out on ornate styles (since your hair won’t be in the way), flowers, gem clusters, geometric designs, flirty movement and even shoulder dusters (if your neckline allows it). 

Extra Tip: For an extra edgy look, opt for a statement ear cuff – or a pair of mismatched earrings, with the larger ones on the side without locks. 


The perfect pair of earrings calls for an equally exquisite necklace and a matching bracelet. Discover our Bridal Pearl Jewelry collection, featuring timelessly elegant jewelry designs that will add that touch of lustrous glow to your wedding attire. Browse Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets, Pearl Rings and Pearl Pendants and complete your bridal look with your dream pearls.

The Right Bridal Earrings for Each Face Shape

Statement Earrings for Each Face Shape

Your wedding day is the ultimate special occasion, which calls for extra attention to detail. Basically, from your dress to your bling, you want everything to look perfect. And if you’re having trouble deciding on the right bridal earrings for the much-anticipated occasion, you might want to take your face shape into consideration before making a final decision. While the below tips and recommendations are certainly not an exact science – but rather general guidelines – fact is, certain styles look more flattering than others on different face shapes. 

Quick disclaimer: if you’re fancying those oversize pearl hoops or dreaming of glimmering in mesmerizing shoulder dusters, go with whatever calls your name rather than sticking to the rules. After all, your instincts and your tastes come first. 

Round Face Shape

Characteristics: Widest around the cheekbones, with minimal tapering towards the chin.

What Earrings to Wear: Opt for long drop earrings that elongate your face. Dangle styles are also a great option, with the most flattering type being linear styles or geometric ones that feature edges (rather than disks). Shoulder dusters (extra-long earrings) and threaders also make great options. 

What to Avoid: Hoops and circular styles. If you’re going for studs (a style that’s flattering for all face shapes), avoid extra-large pearls and opt for daintier styles.

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Our Pick: The White Akoya Pearl Triple Drop Earrings

Aesthetic Earrings drop earrings

Oval Face Shape

Characteristics: Elongated, with narrow cheekbones. 

What Earrings to Wear: Luckily, most styles pair really well with oval face shapes. Opt for cluster earrings and if you are set on dangle styles, just make sure that they aren’t excessively long. Statement earrings that feature multiple gemstones are a winner, but you can have your pick from the full range of wedding earring types, starting from classic studs to chandelier and geometric designs.  

What to Avoid: Extra-long linear styles. 

Our Pick: The Akoya Pearl & Diamond Renee Earrings

Wedding Earrings

Square Face Shape

Characteristics: Forehead and jaw are of similar or identical width; angular jaw.

What Earrings to Wear: Go all out on curves and round or oval shaped earrings, as well as elongated drop and dangle styles. A square face shape with a defined jawline works best with earring styles that ditch the sharp edges and embrace curvature. Hoops (both round and oval), circular earrings, dangle styles with disks, round gems and a wide variety of linear drop earrings. 

What to Avoid: Geometric earrings (triangular, square, rectangular, diamond). 

Our Pick: The White South Sea Pearl Lucia Earrings

Bridal Jewelry

Heart Face Shape

Characteristics: A forehead that is wider than the cheekbones with a tapered chin.

What Earrings to Wear: Teardrop earrings of all sizes and classic chandelier styles work best with a heart shaped face. These types of earrings provide visual harmony when paired with a tapered chin, as they come in the reversed shape: thin and narrow on top, widening at the bottom. 

What to Avoid: Designs that are wider on the earlobe and thinner at the bottom. 

Our Pick: The Japanese Akoya Pearl Serena Earrings

Drop Earrings

Pairing earrings and face shapes is a game of juxtapositions. To achieve a flawlessly balanced look, the general rule of thumb is this: soften angles and definition with round and soft curved styles – and, vice versa, add styles with angles, length and edges to elongate and define softer features.


Crisp white pearls, ivory and champagne-hued gems of the seas are stunning classics. For a bridal look without an expiration date, count on sophisticated White Pearls. Glow from every angle while wearing Freshwater, Akoya and South Sea Pearls, providing endless luster and timeless appeal. Browse our collection of White Pearls, featuring premium quality necklaces, 30th anniversary gifts, June birthstone rings and birthstone earrings at the best prices online.

Wedding Earrings: Necklines, Necklaces and Styling Tips

Pearl Wedding Earrings

Creating a cohesive look without any clashing and without over-accessorizing (or under-accessorizing) means making sure that each piece (the dress, the necklace, the earrings) gets to shine in its own way. Of course, while also looking mesmerizing together. What should you opt for? Drop earrings that move as you move? Chunky statement earrings? Or something on the minimalistic side?

Opt for Statement Earrings if:

  • You’re going low-cut. In general, with a lower cut, you can opt for dangle or drop earrings with a longer drop. 
  • You’re going backless. For a dress with long sleeves and an open back, long earrings are a great choice. And don’t forget to take lots of over-the-shoulder pics. 
  • You’ve opted for a halter dress. Halter necklines call for just earrings, no necklace. You can go either way, but definitely do try out statement earrings like geometric dangles, drop styles and ornate designs. 
  • If your wedding is on the casual or boho side. Embrace any modern and unique earring types, as well as bold gemstones and finishes. 

Opt for Classic Earrings if:

  •  Your necklace is the main bling. If you’re going for a statement neckpiece, opt for smaller earrings. In the same way, if you’re going for large statement bridal earrings, forgo the necklace altogether. Alternatively, opt for a more discreet piece. Discreet can mean not only daintier, but also more minimalistic in design if paired with highly ornate earrings. 
  • You’re covered up. If you’re wearing long sleeves and no opening at the back or front, then the extra fabric calls for smaller, elegant earrings.
  • You’re going for an elegant, timeless look. Classic wedding dress necklines pair well with classic earring types. If your dress has a boat neckline or an off-the-shoulder design, go for classic studs, teardrop earrings or dainty dangles. Same goes for gemstones. Classic wedding dresses (princess, A-line) and elegant necklines pair best with sophisticated pearls and diamonds instead of trendier designs. 
  • If your dress is highly ornate. If you’re wearing a dress that features lots of details (lace, embellishments and appliques) around the neckline, then statement earrings might clash with the design of the dress. Opt for simpler, sleeker styles in order to avoid looking over-accessorized. 

Skip the Necklace if:

  • You’ve opted for a halter dress. If you are wearing this neckline, skip the necklace. Halter necklines and neckpieces do not pair well. Their perfect match: a sleek or messy updo and statement ear bling. 
  • You are wearing a high neck wedding dress. Forgo the necklace altogether and just opt for earrings. Optional: pair them up with a stunning hair jewelry piece. 

Check out our extensive guide on choosing the perfect neckpieces and necklace lengths for your wedding dress HERE!

Choose Whatever You Like if: 

  • You’re wearing a sweetheart or strapless neckline. These types of necklines allow for various combinations of necklaces and earrings. Try out different styles in order to find the perfect combo. 


Pearls are not just a bride’s best friend. From the dainty and discreet to the unapologetically pink gems, the gems of the sea make the perfect gifts for bridesmaid proposals and appreciation gifts. Delight your bridal squad with a memorable gift to show your appreciation for being there for your on your Big Day: a gorgeously lustrous pearl pendant.

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Bridal Earrings: Dos and Don’ts

Pearl Drop Earrings and Studs

Shop The Japanese Akoya Pearl Stardust Earrings / Shop The South Sea Pearl & Diamond Clara Earrings

There’s lots to consider when on the hunt for the perfect pair of wedding earrings. From the gemstones to the overall aesthetic and from the metals to the perfect shades, every detail matters. Below, we’re looking at what to do and what not to do when shopping for the perfect ear bling. 

The DOs

  • Do embrace colored wedding earrings – and that includes alternative colored metals like rose gold. The only rule: consider the season before picking the right shade. Opt for black and dark jewel tones for winter weddings. Pick gemstones in pastel shades for spring and early summer weddings and warm shades for late summer and fall. 
  • Do tick the ‘Something Borrowed’ box with your choice of bridal earrings. If you have the right heirloom piece in mind, that is. Same goes for your special ‘Something Blue’. 
  • Do choose your earrings based on your body type as well – and not just according to your face shape. The general rule goes like this: petite ladies (under 5’3’’) look positively ravishing with daintier styles (studs, smaller dangle styles and smaller chandeliers). Plus-size ladies look best with oversize styles, such as statement chandeliers and larger dangle styles – as well as larger pearl earrings and similar studs. 
  • Do take extra care when choosing your wedding jewelry pieces if wearing sensitive wedding dresses. Illusion necklines, delicate lace and other sensitive fabrics or appliques qualify here. 
  • Do opt for pearl jewelry in alternative shades. While the classic choice for brides is white, pearls come in a wide range of colors, ranging from soft pink and peach to golden, silver and peacock shades. For a glam look, opt for Golden Pearls. If you’re all for a magical winter wedding, go for dark and iridescent Tahitian Black Pearls. For a timelessly chic look with extra feminine notes, choose Pink Pearls or Peach Pearls

The DON’Ts

  • Avoid mixing metals (like rose gold with yellow gold) if your wedding is formal, but go for it if your wedding is more on the casual / boho side. Or, alternatively, if your necklace (or earrings) of choice already mixes metals in its design. 
  • Don’t forget comfort. No matter what you choose, you should feel comfortable and at ease on your wedding day. 
  • Don’t mind the trends too much. Instead, let your personality and your own style shine (literally so). After all, you want to love your look when looking back at the photos on your 30th anniversary
  • Don’t overshadow your veil. If your veil is a work of art – featuring handmade details, lace and embellishments – or, if your headpiece is a true shining star, let them be in the spotlight by opting for discreet earring styles. 
  • No need to match your bridal earrings with your engagement ring. Feel free to opt for different gemstones, while just keeping the metal finish the same. Basically, if your ring features rubies, there is no need to pick ruby-adorned earrings. 
  • Don’t lose an earring. But just in case you do, do carry an extra pair of earrings with you on the day. Showing off your crazy dance moves on the dance floor can definitely lead to this scenario. 
  • Don’t forget to pay close attention to the earring closures. Basically, you want only the safest types on your wedding day. The best options include screw backs, hoop wire closures, push-backs (only for light styles), latch back, hinged and lever back closures. What to avoid: wire hook closures, which do not have anything holding them in place at the back of the ear. Also avoid chain threaders (no closure system) unless they are extra-long and sturdy (more secure). Find everything you need to know about earring types and closures HERE!

Final Thoughts

Drop earrings, classic studs or statement earrings – bridal ear bling is an important part of the wedding day attire. The right jewelry truly completes your bridal look – all while giving you that extra touch of glow and sparkle. And the earrings in particular are crucial in the overall aesthetic, since they frame your face and they are meant to complement the design of your spectacular bridal gown. Even more, they are the only jewelry piece which will most likely appear in all your wedding photos – no pressure.

But not to worry – from the best designs and styles to the right pair for each neckline, you’ve got everything you need in order to successfully shop for the perfect pair of bridal earrings. Which type of earrings will you be opting for? Classic studs, ornate chandelier pieces or modern drop & dangle designs? Lustrous pearls? Silver, white or rose gold? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Pearls and brides are a perfect match. Lustrous, elegant, radiant and simply timeless, Pearl Jewelry is the top choice for a bridal look to remember. Our collections carry designs in a wide range of styles, colors and settings, designed to meet all tastes and occasions. Select your favorite design and shop for your dream pearls at 70% off retail prices!

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