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27 Bridesmaid Earrings for Every Wedding, Budget and Style

Bridesmaid Earrings

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Congrats, you’re a bridesmaid! Or perhaps, you’re the bride herself looking for a small token of appreciation for her bridal party. And what better bridesmaid gift to let them know just how much they mean to you than a pair of symbolic, sleek & shiny bridesmaid earrings? Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your besties, we’ve got the best options out there to help you make your final selection. 

Below, we’ve narrowed down our favorite bridesmaid earrings – the top picks in each category. From best budget ear bling to best drop, cascade, clay (yes, clay!) and fringe styles, here are the 27 Best Bridesmaid Earrings for a timelessly chic look. Read, pick, click and get shopping!

Bridesmaid Earrings – Frequently Asked Questions

Bridal Party Jewelry
What to Look for In a Pair of Bridesmaid Earrings?

There are 3 aspects you should consider when shopping for bridesmaid earrings: the wedding dress code (and wedding theme and colors), comfort and versatility. Take the style of the wedding into account when shopping for bridesmaid earrings, be it a rustic and casual backyard wedding or a high end, posh affair. Since bridesmaid earrings are pieces of jewelry that need to be worn for a long period of time, do not opt for ultra-heavy styles and make sure the earrings come with secure closures (see here). If you are investing in fine jewelry pieces, it is important to look for in pieces you can wear on a wide range of occasions and not just once.

Who Buys the Bridesmaid Earrings?

Most bridesmaids choose and purchase their own wedding jewelry, including bridesmaid earrings. As a bride, you can purchase the bridesmaid earrings yourself and offer them as a gift to your bridal party. This option works well when you want your bridal party to wear the same style or matching designs. If you are OK with the bridesmaids choosing their own earrings (while providing some general guidance), then you do not have to purchase the bridesmaid earrings yourself.

Do Bridesmaids Need to Wear Matching Earrings?

Bridesmaid dresses do not need to match perfectly, and neither do the accessories. And while bridesmaids do not need to match their jewelry pieces, many brides prefer a cohesive look. For example, picking the same gemstones / colors for all the bridesmaids, but in different earring designs.

Check out our MEGA GUIDE on how to pick the perfect pair of wedding earrings based on your wedding hairdo, face shape and neckline!

27 Pairs of Earrings for an Ultra-Chic Bridesmaid Look

Best Drop-Shaped Pearl Wedding Earrings

Pearl Wedding Earrings

A true classic that goes hand in hand with romantic weddings: teardrop earrings. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to this popular shape: from gold filigree to teardrop-cut gemstones and raw, cultured pearls. Our pick: timeless pearl earrings, featuring off-round teardrop shaped Freshwater gems.

Pair with: A bohemian style updo with flirty hair bling.

Shop the Drop-Shape Freshwater Pearl Earrings


The perfect match for a chic pair of bridesmaids earrings? An equally elegant pearl pendant. Dainty, discreet and timelessly elegant, pearl pendants elevate your bridesmaid look without any fuss. Opt for white, pink or golden pearls in round, teardrop and baroque shapes to add extra luster and charm to your wedding getup.

Best Tie the Knot Earrings

Wedding Studs

A classic remains a classic forever. Meet an elevated, sleeker version of the popular tie the knot earrings. A top pick for bridesmaids everywhere and a trending gift for bridesmaid proposals, tie the knot earrings are more than just pretty bling. They are a symbolic bridesmaid jewelry piece, designed to evoke the memories of a special wedding for many years to come.  

Pair with: Given their dainty size and delicate construction, tie the knot earrings pair well with simple gowns, and sleeker buns and updos.

Shop The Tie the Knot Earrings

Best Value Pearl Studs

Bridesmaid Earrings

If you’re on the lookout for a pair of wedding earrings you can wear time and time again, count on pieces without an expiration date. Diamond studs – check! Pearl studs – also check! The kind of earrings that go with everything and also fit in the fine jewelry category don’t have to break the bank. Our tip: go for Freshwater pearls, the budget-friendly alternative to cultured saltwater pearls. Dainty and discreet yet mesmerizingly lustrous, pearl studs are an elegant classic that simply works with everything. That includes your bridesmaid dress, your go-to denims and your office outfits

Pair with: Anything from ultra-formal wedding attire to casual backyard extravaganzas.

Shop the 7mm White Freshwater Pearl Studs

On the hunt for a complete bridesmaid look that’s totally budget-friendly? Fine jewelry shopping doesn’t mean spending all your savings!

Valentine's Day Necklace

Shop the White Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings / Shop the White Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Best Cascade Wedding Earrings 

Cascade Earrings

In dire need of a bit of color to elevate your bridesmaid dress? A sleek and simple gown sometimes needs a pair of statement dangly earrings as a quick pick-me-up. Our faves: these iridescent cascade earrings in multicolor florite and rhodium, set in sterling silver. Ditch the necklace and go bold with this ear bling that’s bound to turn a few heads at the big day festivities.

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Pair with: A garden spring wedding, flouncy frock and casual-meets-feminine vibe.

Shop the Cascade Earrings

Best Pressed Flower Earrings

Pressed Flower Earrings

Pressed flower bling is currently trending – and it certainly isn’t reserved solely to weekend getaway ensembles. In fact, you’re free to add a touch of delicate spring vibes to your bridesmaid attire. The perfect match for an April, May or June wedding: this pair of pressed flower earrings, featuring delicate blooms in a geometric construction for that play on modern-meets-nostalgic. 

Pair with: A floral or pastel-hued dress at a semi-formal spring wedding.

Shop the Pressed Flower Earrings

Best Drop Bridesmaid Earrings

Teardrop Earrings Rose Gold

Drop earrings are universally flattering – for any face shape and any hairdo, that is. Whether you’re taking the uber-sleek route with your updo, going all in on a messy bun or opting for loose waves, drop pearl earrings simply look like the right choice. Elegant yet modern, with that sought-after beachy undertone, these beauties make great bridesmaids earrings for a wide variety of wedding celebrations, as well as bridesmaid dresses. Opt for blush pink to add a feminine touch to your bridesmaid look and off-round, baroque pearls.

Pair with: Anything from beach weddings (how appropriate!) to formal affairs. 

Shop the Pink Freshwater Pearl Teardrop Earrings

Best Flower Wedding Earrings

Bridesmaid Earrings

On the lookout for floral pearl wedding earrings that won’t make too much of a statement? Forgo the bold hues and embrace the classics with this blooming pair featuring mother of pearl accents and pearls in ivory hues. The perfect merger between bridesmaid earrings with personality and elegant gems in classic tones. 

Pair with: A neutral-colored bridesmaid dress and a sleek pearl pendant necklace.

Shop the White Freshwater Pearl Flower Earrings

Best Lux Bridesmaid Earrings

Pearl Wedding Earrings

If budget is not a concern and you’re going all out on the glam and the luxe for an uber-elegant affair, then opt for the timeless combo of diamonds and pearls. These white dangle earrings feature the best of the best: lush South Sea pearls and twinkling diamonds – for unmistakable glamour from every angle. 

Pair with: A formal event that’s all about the glam. 

Shop the Diamond & Cultured South Sea Pearl Earrings

Best Clay Earrings

Clay Earrings

Fine jewelry may be the first choice for many bridesmaids for the big day, but it’s certainly not mandatory to drape yourself in diamonds for the much-anticipated nuptials. In fact, bridesmaids earrings come in different shapes, sizes and materials these days. Some more unconventional than others. Meet clay, aka the material that’s been taking the earrings scene by storm. Coated in blush pink, delicate patterns and glittering gold, these beauties are the epitome of elevated clay ear bling.

Pair with: A funky bridesmaid frock at a less-conventional reception. 

Shop the Pink Clay Earrings

Best Fringe Earrings

Fringe Earrings Gold Plated

They move as you move. They shimmer in any light. And they’re all about that seductive length. These wedding earrings certainly deserve a spot on our list! Fringe earrings are a sultry alternative to the classics, yet loaded with charm and shine. Our pick: these crystal-paved pieces featuring glam tassels that catch the light.

Pair with: A nighttime wedding and a flirty little bridesmaid dress. 

Shop the Pavé Crystal Fringe Earrings

Best Heart Earrings for Bridesmaids

Pearl Wedding Earrings

What better way to join the love at the upcoming big day than with an ear bling that makes a romantic statement? Set the mood with this pair of diamond-decked pearl wedding earrings in a lovely heart shaped design. Pair it with a classic pearl necklace featuring white lustrous gems for that elegant look that never goes out of style. 

Pair with: A monochromatic dress in a satiny finish.

Shop the Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Heart Amour Earrings

Weddings and diamond hearts go hand in hand. Embrace the romantic look fully with a matching set that screams LOVE!

Bridesmaid Gift

Shop the Akoya Pearl Heart Studs / Shop the Akoya Pearl Heart Pendant

Best Mother of Pearl Bridesmaid Earrings

Pearl Wedding Earrings

Bring on the iridescence! If dark and moody tones are what your bridesmaid jewelry is calling for, go all in on mother of pearl. Deep, intense tones of blue and green nacre pair up with baroque pearls in this lush pair of dangle pearl earrings for that perfect game of dark and light.

Pair with: A little black bridesmaid dress or a jewel tone frock that calls for a statement earring. 

Shop the White Freshwater Pearl & Black Mother of Pearl Earrings

Best Budget Diamond Studs

Bridesmaid Diamond Earrings

Shop the Natural Real Diamond Stud Earrings

A must-have in every jewelry box, diamond studs make an excellent choice as bridesmaid earrings for a timelessly classy look without an expiration date. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and universally flattering option, yet aren’t willing to spend more on your ear bling than on your dress for the occasion, these beauties tick all the right boxes. 

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Pair with: A structured and elegant bridesmaid dress for a formal event. 

Best Vine Earrings

Vine Earrings Gold Plated

Vine jewelry is everywhere – especially on brides, with bridesmaids being a close second. It’s romantic, it’s ethereal, it’s universally flattering and uncompromisingly feminine – just what a dreamy wedding calls for. Pair your ruffly frock with this pair of vine earrings, featuring dainty crystal leaves on an ultra-skinny branch.

Pair with: A feminine bridesmaid dress at a late summer or fall wedding. 

Shop Bridal Vine Crystal Earrings

Best Pink Stud Earrings

Bridesmaid Studs

Studs come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. From classic diamonds (a safe, albeit a tad predictable choice) to sleek pearl studs and gemstone ear bling. Another great option that brings a dash of color to your wedding-ready get-up: pink mother of pearl studs, decked to the max with twinkling zirconia gems. Bonus: these beauties make great bridesmaid gifts for your entire bridal party.

Pair with: A pink pearl necklace or bracelet and a blush bridesmaid gown. 

Shop the Pink Mother of Pearl & Zirconia Earrings


Affordable, elegant and iridescent under any light: mother of pearl jewelry is the perfect pick for a memorable bridesmaid outfit. Check out our selection featuring lustrous earrings, rings and mother of pearl pendants and complete your dreamy look!

Best Diamond Huggie Earrings

Bridesmaid Higgies

If you’re all for a pair of bridesmaid earrings that can later easily convert into your everyday ear bling, then we’ve got you. These classic huggies come decked with tiny diamonds, set in 14K solid gold. Timeless, a true classic and a style that’s as versatile as they come – these huggies were meant to go with everything in your closet – now, as well as in 10 years’ time. 

Pair with: Anything you desire, from sleek and chic ensembles to more casual wedding attire. 

Shop the Diamond Gold Huggie Earrings

Best Pearl Hoop Earrings

Pearl Hoops

Hoops as bridesmaid jewelry? Why not? For a casual affair that doesn’t have a strict dress code, you’re free to express your fun style with a pair of statement hoops. But don’t take the expected route and grab a pair that’s adorned with lush white pearls for that wow factor. Our pick: these medium sized Freshwater pearl hoops that give us major pearlcore vibes. 

Pair with: A minimalist pearl pendant and lush, bouncy waves. 

Shop the White Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings

Best Jacket Earrings

Pearl Wedding Earrings

Looking for a cool alternative to the classics, yet without dropping the sophistication element? For a bridesmaid ensemble that aims to look modern yet polished, grab a pair of jacket earrings. Our faves: these pearl jacket earrings in ivory shades, featuring pearls on a gold setting. Perfect for a neutral bridesmaid dress in a silky finish!

Pair with: A modern bridesmaid dress in minimalist lines for a chic wedding day. 

Shop the Freshwater Pearl Jacket Livia Earrings

Best Minimalist Bridesmaid Earrings

Minimalistic Earrings

Thinking of keeping it minimal with the bridesmaid jewelry for the festivities? Then make sure your bling game is cohesive with your sleek look by opting for a pair of minimalistic dangle earrings in a brushed matte finish. These beauties featuring the trending circle design add flirty length while dangling as you move. Perfect for an updo or for long sleek locks. 

Pair with: A low-cut dress while ditching the necklace. 

Shop the Minimalist Long Gold Circle Earrings

Best Mismatched Bridesmaid Studs

Bridesmaid Studs

On the lookout for unique gift ideas for your bridal party? If you’re hunting for bridesmaid gifts and earrings are on top of your list, go thematic with a pair of LOVE earrings. What could possibly be more appropriate for symbolizing the upcoming romantic occasion? But these beauties are not your average ear bling – they’re actually mismatched studs, featuring a dainty cultured pearl in a sterling silver setting.

Pair with: It’s your call if you deem these appropriate for the wedding festivities, but otherwise they work with everything from Valentine’s Day outfits to casual Fridays at work.

White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Love Earrings 

Valentine's Day Jewelry


When it comes to bridesmaid jewelry and wedding accessories, pearls are a girl’s best friends. They shine in every light, shimmer softly and enhance your natural glow, whether you’re rocking a fancy frock or a boho bridesmaid dress. A great option as bridesmaid gifts for your bridal party, pearl stud and drop earrings are timelessly elegant, perfect for everyday wear and charming for any occasion. Shop our collection of pearl wedding earrings featuring premium cultured pearls at the best prices online!

Best Golden Pearl Earrings

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Dangly, casual and chic, this pair of chain pearl earrings is a winner for the widest range of boho style weddings. Featuring dangly Golden South sea baroque pearls, they’re perfect for a warm-tone bridesmaid dress and a late summer / fall wedding that’s all about fun without the fuss. 

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Pair with: A boho dress that’s effortlessly chic.

Shop the Golden South Sea Baroque Pearl Earrings

Best Wreath Earrings

Glamour from every angle! A statement pair of earrings is not always the largest in size, but it certainly brings on the shine. And these bridesmaid earrings are definitely up for the challenge. Featuring a multitude of rhinestones on a golden wreath, they shine in every light and bring that lush, ornate appeal to the spotlight. 

Pair with: A glam, polished ensemble that’s designed to turn heads. 

Shop the Rhinestone Wreath Earrings

Best Pastel Pink Earrings

Wedding Jewelry

Pastel pink and bridesmaids go hand in hand. And when it comes to pink in soft shades, there’s no better bet than rosy Freshwater pearls. Lustrous, dainty yet impactful, these wedding day beauties are about to elevate your ear party. Set in white gold, they pair well with a variety of shades, from blush to silver and champagne. 

Pair with: An elegant bridesmaid getup that calls for a subtle dose of color. 

Shop the Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Best Geometric Bridesmaid Studs

Geometric Bridesmaid Studs

Sometimes, a dainty ear bling makes all the difference. Elevate your portrait photos with the bride at the upcoming nuptials with this chic pair of geometric jacket earrings. Discreet yet unexpected, the deconstructed square design makes these beauties a bestseller and the perfect match for an asymmetric bridesmaid gown. 

Pair with: A structural dress, statement shoulder or asymmetric frock.

Shop the Jacket Square Earrings

Best Long & Dangling Earrings

Pearl Bridesmaid Earrings

If the statement you’re eyeing is all about length, then go all in on a pair of dangling earrings featuring lush gems. Our pick: these triple Akoya pearl earrings, perfect for a sleek bridesmaid dress that’s all about poise and chic appeal. A perfect pick for heart-shaped and round face shapes, these beauties are a flattering pick for all necklines and hairstyles.

Pair with: An elegant bridesmaid dress that’s timeless and sophisticated. 

Shop the White Akoya Pearl Triple Drop Earrings

Best Birthstone Earrings

Birthstone Bridesmaid Earrings

For that added note of personal touch to your bridesmaid ensemble, go all in on birthstone earrings. Pick the characteristic gemstone of your birth month and add instant meaning to your wedding jewelry with a pair of dangling beauties. This pair comes with the possibility to customize your gemstone, and in a modern threader design that’s fuss-free and playfully bouncy. 

Pair with: An on-tone bridesmaid dress for a cohesive look. 

Shop the Raw Purple Amethyst Threader Earrings

Best Chandelier Earrings for Bridesmaids

Chandelier Earrings for Bridesmaids

If you’re taking the chandelier earrings route to pair with a lush and feminine bridesmaid dress, opt for soft, neutral tones. Large statement earrings can easily overshine the bride’s choice of bling – and we don’t want that. For a chic compromise, go all in on soft shades and natural gemstones. Our pick: these cascading chandelier earrings featuring white quartz gems. 

Pair with: A pastel colored dress in warm tones for the big day. 

Final Thoughts

Bridal Party Earrings

From the gems of the seas to colorful bling and from flirty fringe to the ultimate classics, bridesmaid earrings come in a wide range of styles. Before you make your final choice, take the dress code of the occasion into consideration, as well as the season, color and style of your bridesmaid dress for a cohesive and chic look that can’t go wrong. 

Gold stud earrings, pretty pearls, gold plated chandeliers, simple studs, rose gold dangles – when it comes to wedding jewelry, the choices are abundant! What’s your favorite pair of bridesmaid earrings? Pick your faves and let us know in the comment section below!


Get ready for countless photo-shoots and bridal party moments while wearing a stunning piece of jewelry: a lustrous pearl necklace, aka the perfect wedding accessory. The epitome of classic elegance, pearl necklaces add that refined touch to any bridesmaid look, whether you’re attending a formal or semi-casual event. Browse our range and pick your dream bridesmaid jewelry!

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