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The 2022 Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal

Bridesmaid Proposal

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Carla Jonas

There’s nothing more special than getting engaged to the love of your life – but proposing to your bridesmaids is a close second. What does the perfect bridesmaid proposal entail, what are the best gifts, and how should you celebrate the occasion? Rule number one: make it special! Rule number two: get creative! After all, any occasion related to your wedding needs to be special: from the proposal and setting the wedding date to the bridal shower party and beyond. From the perfect cards to classy gifts and from planning special activities to budget-friendly presents, read on to find everything you need to know for the perfect invitation to join the bridal party. Plus, over 50 bridesmaid proposal ideas all your friends will simply adore.

Bridesmaid Proposals – Everything You Need to Know

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
How far in advance should you ask your bridesmaids?

You can ask your friends to be your bridesmaids as soon as you get engaged and have a wedding date set. As a general rule, asking at least 8 months prior to tying the knot is the best way to go. Or, alternatively, not more than 2 months after you get engaged. This will give them enough time to save money, purchase their dresses and plan out the bachelorette party.

Who should pay for the bridesmaid dresses?

In general, the bridesmaids are the ones that pay for their dresses and for their bridesmaid jewelry, as well as for their styling appointments (makeup and hair). The bride may choose to cover some of these costs if she considers it appropriate.

Can a married woman be a bridesmaid?

There are no rules against married women taking on the role of bridesmaids. A bridesmaid who is already married is officially called a ‘brides matron’. The lead bridesmaid is called ‘maid-of-honor’ if she is unmarried and ‘matron-of-honor’ if she is married. You can choose to have bridesmaids of all ages as well – from your peers to your cool aunt who just celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary.

Is there a minimum age for bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids are usually over the age of 21, but there are no strict rules regarding age. The reason why 21 is an appropriate age for the role is that it allows everyone to enjoy the bachelorette party. You can also opt for junior bridesmaids in case you have a younger sister or cousin you would like included in your bridal party. As for flower girls, the role is perfect for little ladies under the age of 8.

What Is a Bridesmaid Proposal?

A bridesmaid proposal and a maid of honor proposal is a special way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. Whether you choose to do that with a special activity, a simple card, or a gift, there are lots of unique bridesmaid proposal ideas out there. But more than that, a bridesmaid proposal is a sweet way to let your favorite girls know how much they mean to you. Plus, it’s an official invitation to join the wedding party once you have your engagement ring and the date is set.

Bridesmaid proposals can be done face-to-face – or, in case your friends are scattered all over the country (or world!) via mail, e-mail, or even via social media. The most important thing to keep in mind when opting for a bridesmaid proposal is to make it special – both for you and your friends.
As for the friends and family to include as your bridesmaids, there aren’t any strict rules. You are free to choose your besties. Your squad. Your team. But in most cases, the bride chooses to go with her sister(s), sister(s) in law, cousins, and best friends. High-school besties and college roommates often make the cut as well.

Bride / Bridesmaid Style: Shop the Look!

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How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have?


Whether you want 10 or 2 bridesmaids, you are ultimately your own wedding planner, so it’s up to you. Fact is, the size of the wedding party is a matter of personal preference. Some might choose no bridesmaids at all; some might choose bridesmen – the choice is yours. On average, most brides opt for 4 or 5 bridesmaids. If you are going with an intimate ceremony, fewer bridesmaids are recommended. If you are all about a big beach wedding with hundreds of people and your venue allows it, you can choose a dozen bridesmaids – or more.

Many couples decide for a symmetrical wedding party – so if your groom is going for 4 groomsmen, you might want to consider opting for 4 bridesmaids. In case you end up with an asymmetrical wedding party, make sure to figure out how to pair them up for the processional.

How Much Should You Spend on the Bridesmaid Proposal Gift?

Giving Gifts to Bridemaid

There are no rules when it comes to shopping for a bridesmaid proposal gift besides the fact that your intentions should match the occasion. Whether you manage to achieve that with $5 or $150, the choice is yours. More bridesmaids mean bigger costs, so make sure to factor that into the equation. In addition to bridesmaid proposals, it is expected for the couple to also offer ‘thank you’ gifts to the wedding party members, so make sure you adjust your budget accordingly. As with all gifts, whether we’re talking about Christmas shopping, gifts for your sister, or gifts for grandma, it’s the thought that counts. The expectations are not as high when it comes to the bridesmaid proposal gift as they are when talking about ‘thank you’ gifts, so make sure to count that in when picking your presents.

Small gifts are perfectly acceptable and welcomed – as small as a bride’s squad sash or a temporary tattoo in gold foil. Non-gifts such as popping a balloon only to find a special message inside are also great budget-friendly alternatives. Basically, you can opt for any small present or gesture that manages to capture the magic of the moment. When picking bigger gifts, make sure to consider your bridesmaid’s tastes, as well as the functionality of the gift.

What makes a lovely keepsake? Perhaps a mini bath bomb, a simple scratch off card, a lush scented candle or her favorite candy box. You can always take the expected route with a satin robe (in your wedding colors, of course), complete with a proposal box filled with her favorite things, including lip balm, spa session faves, coffee mugs and a small tag with the big question: ‘I can’t say I do without you!’.

What to Look for in a Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Maid of Honor

Uniqueness. Customization. Functionality. Three words that sum up your perfect bridesmaid proposal gift. Here are a few things you can do to make the proposal more special, regardless of budget:

  • Personalize the gift. Whether you opt for personalized jewelry, a compact mirror or a robe, adding a monogram or your friend’s name on the gift will make it more special.
  • Add a card. Bridesmaid proposal cards are inexpensive ways to show just how much you care. From witty to nostalgic to downright naughty, there’s a wide range out there to pick from.
  • Gift them something they can wear / use at your wedding. Practical gifts are a great choice, especially if that means that you are helping your friend with the costs. The best gifts from this category: a special necklace, a monogramed handkerchief or an adorable sparkly hairpin.

Classy & Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

Getting engaged was a blast – but the fun continues. There’s a lot to be celebrated (hello, upcoming bachelorette party!), starting with… your bridesmaids. Popping the question to your besties is definitely an opportunity to commemorate your bond, your friendship, or your sisterhood. And you can do just that with, you guessed, the right gifts. From the ‘can’t say I do without you’ proposal card to the proposal box filled with your choice of satin robe, scented candles, bridesmaid earrings and confetti poppers, there are lots of options when on the hunt for the perfect way to pop the question. But we’re talking classy, unique gifts – the kind that you just know she’ll appreciate. Below, 20 beautiful gifts for a memorable bridesmaid proposal.

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For Elegant Bridesmaids: Pearls


Pearls, bridesmaids, and maids of honor go hand in hand – especially the pink kind. Invite your bestie to be your bridesmaid with a coquette pearl pendant in an irresistible peach-pink shade, like this one from The Pearl Source. The best part of it all: your bridesmaids don’t need to invest in a statement jewelry piece for the wedding, as they’ll be charmingly sporting their pearly bridesmaid proposal gift. You can choose a different shade that matches their dresses or your décor, be it gold pearls, classic white, or, why not, black pearls, perfect for jewel-colored bridesmaid dresses. Alternatively, you can ditch the pendant and go for dangle pearl earrings or single pearl necklaces instead, featuring statement baroque pearls.

Shop the Freshwater Pearl Devon Pendant


Love pink? So do we! And when it comes to bridesmaid style and wedding jewelry, nothing works better than gorgeous pink bling. Shop our collection of Big Day-ready Pink Pearls including pendants, rings, many types of bracelets, hoop earrings and necklaces at the best prices online!

For the Ones Who Need to Rest: Silky Touches

Sleep Mask

Snoozing becomes an elevated experience when sporting this 100% silk sleep mask. And the best part of it all: it’s embroidered with your bestie’s upcoming role: ‘Bridesmaid’. And if she takes her role seriously, she’ll know to ditch the champagne in favor of extra upgraded sleep prior to your nuptials.

Shop The Slip Bridesmaid Embroidered Sleep Mask

For an Adorably Cute Bridesmaid Proposal

If you’re all for an Instagrammable proposal and sentimental gift, nothing beats a carefully curated bridesmaid proposal box. Made to order, this special treat from Gigi and Olive includes everything your friends will need before the big day. the highlights: lavender pillow mist, face roller and embroidered handkerchief.

Shop The Night Before Gift Box

Sugar Cookies

If you’re looking for a sweet way to ask your friends to join the bridal party, then it’s sugar cookies for the win! These adorable ones pop the question for you while adorned with pink blooms. They come in a set of 6, and they are handmade, using fair trade vanilla—the verdict: a delightfully sweet bridesmaid proposal in the making.

Shop the Will You Be My Bridesmaid Biscuit Set

For a Spa-Like Treat: Bridesmaid Candle

Candles make great gifts, regardless of the occasion. And when bridesmaid proposal candles are personalized with your chosen name and question of choice, even better. These handcrafted natural soy wax candles are available in a selection of essential oil fragrances, from sandalwood to pink grapefruit, your pick. Bonus: perfect for a relaxing evening before the wedding festivities!

Shop the Bridesmaid Candle

For the Friend with the Sweet Tooth: Bridesmaid Candy


A sweet treat is all it takes to make the bridesmaid proposal extra special. And the fact is, being a bridesmaid just got sweeter with these candy-filled boxes that burst with champagne flavors. Plus, you get lots of free gift messaging and packaging options, which takes personalization to the next level.

Shop the Be My Bridesmaid Candy Bento Box

For the One That Needs to Be Organized

Makeup Bag

Practical gifts are a excellent bridesmaid tokens when you’re planning a bridesmaid proposal – especially the personalized kind. This makeup leather bag ticks all the right boxes, both in terms of functionality and style. Available in tons of lush color options, you can opt to match the bag with the colors of your wedding or the bridesmaid dresses.

Shop the Custom Initial Makeup Bag

For the Coffee Lover: A Lovely Cup


A classy and unique bridesmaid proposal gift doesn’t need to be pricey – and this next one is the perfect example. Cute, chic, and shimmery, the Lovely Bridesmaid cup is adorned with gold foil accents and a pretty flower design. Our verdict on these coffee mugs: morning coffee routine upgraded!

Shop the Lovely Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

For a Cohesive Bridesmaid Look: Blush Pink Clutch


When in doubt, opt for a bridesmaid proposal gift your friends can wear at your wedding (in your wedding colors, of course). Whether that’s a pair of stud earrings, a hairpin, or a chic clutch, the choice is yours. One of our faves: these lovely pastel pink bridesmaid clutches, perfect for an equally chic bridesmaid dress. Personalize them to your liking and pick from a great selection of colors for an elegant and modern bridesmaid look.

Shop the Personalized Bridesmaid Clutch

Azazie’s Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

For a Note of Shimmer: Mother of Pearl Earrings

Mother of Pearl Earring

Speaking of bridesmaid gifts your bridal party can wear at the reception; these types of earrings are a great pick. They add just the right amount of shine and iridescence to a festive look, thanks to their mother of pearl finishes and zirconia jewels. Similar to pearl earrings, they’re so versatile, your bridesmaids can wear them with just about any type of dress out there, from modern shift dresses to office outfits to ultra-formal frocks. Plus, pearls are the birthstone for June – and if you’re getting hitched during this month, they make the perfect birthstone earrings token.

Shop the Pink Mother of Pearl & Cubic Zirconia Eloise Earrings



Weddings and pearls go hand in hand. For a timelessly classic look for both brides and bridesmaids on the big day, opt for chic pearl jewelry – the kind of gift they will cherish forever and wear for many years to come. A pair of Pearl Earrings adds that note of sophistication to your dress, as well as a note of unmistakable glow. Browse our selection of Pearl Earrings and Bridal Earrings, including white pearls, black, pink, and golden gems of the sea.

For a Pre-Wedding Pampering Session: Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid Box

Bridesmaid gift boxes are a top pick when it comes to asking friends to join the bridal party. And this bridesmaid gift box here is the perfect pick for a self-care evening before the nuptials. It includes a candle, rose gold matchbox, compact mirror, lip balm and sticker. Plus, the box comes with a mini bridesmaid proposal card for your message.

Shop the Cactus Themed Gift Box Set

For Lazy Mornings: A Comfy Robe

Comfy Robe

If what you’re after is a set of matching bridesmaid robes, but not into the shiny pink variety and more into versatility, then opt for a neutral with a monogrammed touch. These cozy designs from the Wedding Wire Shop come in the best colors, with our favorite being this steel gray, complete with an embroidered monogram for a personal touch.

Shop the Women’s Personalized Embroidered Waffle Spa Robe

For the Flower Lover: Bridesmaid Proposal Blooms

: Bridesmaid Proposal Blooms

When it comes to classy gifts or maid of honor gifts, nothing beats a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Pair up your bridesmaid card with a lush arrangement of blooms for an unforgettable bridesmaid proposal. This one right here is an eclectic mix of pink roses and lush real succulent plants – the perfect vibe to go with a modern, romance-filled wedding.

For the Wanderlust Bridesmaid: Botanical Passport Holder

Passport Holder

If you’re planning a destination wedding – or, why not, a destination bachelorette party over the seas – nothing works better with traveling vibes than a gift that embodies wanderlust. Plan a bridesmaid proposal for your bridal party that’s in tune with the upcoming travels with this cute passport holder, adorned with gorgeous botanics.

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Shop the Monogrammed Botanical Passport Holder

For the Chocolate Lover: Minimalistic Bars

Chocolate Bars

For a budget-friendly alternative with a DIY flair, opt for custom chocolate packaging. Wrap your bestie’s favorite chocolate bar in these custom minimalistic wrappers from Etsy. Sleek, modern, and delicious – an all-around great bridesmaid proposal alternative that won’t break the bank. Also a great pick for: bridal showers or as part of a custom bridesmaid proposal box.

Shop Modern Bridesmaid Proposal Candy Bar Wrapper

For a Cozy Bridesmaid Look: The Wrap and Write Gift Box

Cotton Shawl

Those off-shoulder or strapless bridesmaid dresses you’re eyeing might need an extra layer. The solution: a natural cotton shawl, offered in a gorgeous wooden bridesmaid gift box, next to a monogrammed journal that can double as a wedding planner. Pick from a variety of gorgeous shades and complete the bridesmaid and the maid of honor look in the chicest way. Plus, she can enjoy her custom gift box to store her bridesmaid bling.

Shop the Wrap and Write Gift Box

For a Festive Treat: Champagne Celebration Macarons

Chocolate or a gourmet candy box make excellent delicious bridesmaid proposal options, but if you’re feeling fancy, go for macaroons. These lovely ones from Little Cake Garden are a very tempting pick – and we’re willing to bet that your best friend will feel the same. Available in tempting flavors, and printed with a special message, they’re the kind of gift all your friends will love.

Shop Bridesmaid Proposal Macaron Gift Box

For Her Bridesmaid Bling: Personalized Ring Dish

Dainty bridesmaid jewelry requires an equally chic storage option. And when said option comes personalized with your friend’s initial in gold, the bridesmaid gift is complete. For your bestie’s favorite colored gemstones, chic pendants, or elegant rings, opt for one of our favorite gifts: this handmade ring dish from Etsy.

Shop the Personalized Ring Dish

For the Perfect Beach Wedding: Personalized Sun Hat

Sun Hat

Getting married on the beach? Dreaming of bridal squad photo-shoots, all dolled up in matching outfits? Then look no further, as this statement sun hat has your name written all over it – or, well, your bestie’s name. Pair it up with matching kaftans for a bridal party look in tune with the beachy festivities.

Shop the Personalized Sun Hat

For a Perfectly Planned Wedding: The Busy B Bridesmaid Planner

Bridesmaid Planner

Being a bridesmaid isn’t easy, but this next gift can certainly help. Meet the Busy B Bridesmaid Planner, full of useful hints, checklists, and sections including Planning, Hen Night, The Big Day & Notes. Basically, all she’ll need to stay on top of the bridesmaid game. Bonus: it comes in super chic gold faux leather.

Shop the Busy B Wedding Bridesmaid Planner


When in doubt, stick with the classics. Our collection of Pearl Jewelry features the widest range of gorgeous styles at 70% off retail prices, perfect as maid of honor gifts. Opt for affordable Freshwater Pearls, mysterious black gemstones like Tahitian Pearls, or iridescent Akoya Pearls for a memorable gift that stands the test of time.

Budget-Friendly Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts Under $10

The wedding you’re planning is already getting really expensive, As a result, there’s no room in the budget left for elaborate bridesmaid boxes, for pricey bridesmaid proposal gifts, or for luxurious maid of honor gifts. If that’s your case, no worries. Below, a list of adorable small gifts and bridesmaid presents under $10:

1. Personalized Lollipops, $70 / set of 10

Delight your besties with a sugary treat that won’t break the bank (as macaroons and champagne truffles often do): personalized lollipops! With tons of flavors to choose from, and customized to your wishes, these make great picks for your candy-loving besties.

2. Bridesmaid Bath Balm, $7

Bath balms and bombs make great pre-wedding spa-like pampering sessions for the bride squad. Our pick: this bridesmaid bath balm in the pinkest packaging, complete with a gift tag that pops the question on your behalf.

3. Bridesmaid Hair Scrunchie, $4.99

Velvety, in lush colors and practical to the max, scrunchies make great options as a bridesmaid proposal gift. Plus, we’re loving their slogan: ‘To love and to hold… your hair back!’

4. Bride’s Squad Luggage Tag, $4.99

If a destination wedding is what you’re planning, no bridesmaid gift makes more sense than one she can take on an exotic vacation. Insert: bride’s squad luggage tags in the prettiest shade of pink.

5. Team Bride Temporary Tattoos, $4.14+

Mark your squad in gold with these super cool temporary tattoos that claim, for everyone to see: Team Bride!

6. Bridesmaid Compact Mirror, $4.99

A compact mirror is a bridesmaid’s staple – and when it comes personalized with their own moniker, even better. If you’re all about practical gifts your bridesmaids can use at your wedding, these cute compact mirrors are a catch.

7. Gold I Do Crew Sash, $23 / set of 6

Sometimes, all it’s needed for a memorable invitation to join the bridal party is a very festive sash. Our pick: this gold on white ‘I Do Crew’ one that comes at a very affordable price.

8. Bridesmaid Leather Keychain, $5.99

Functional gifts are great, but take it one step further and personalize something practical for an elevated twist. Case in point: these chic leather keychains can be customized with your bridesmaids’ names.

9. To Do’s Before They Do Wedding Planning Notepad, $6

It’s a fact: the bridesmaid role comes with tons of responsibilities. To help your friends keep organized and on top of their game, offer them this ‘To Do’s Before They Do’ wedding planning notepad.

10. Initial Leaf Bracelet, $2.98

An adorable jewelry piece, that’s personalized, dainty and perfect for their bridesmaid dresses? We are all on board!

Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

Thinking of avoiding gifts altogether and already hunting for the best bridesmaid proposal cards out there? After all, you can never go wrong with a heartfelt message – or a hilarious one, your pick. Schedule a picnic in the park with your besties, skip the gifts, and pop the question to your bridesmaids and maid of honor with a cute card. From sentimental to hilarious and witty, you can find a wide range of bridesmaid proposal cards on the market. And, you’re in luck: we’ve already rounded up the best out there below.

Proposal Card – Shoe Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Proposal Card

This card promises the future bridesmaid that her worst nightmares won’t come true, aka, doing the chicken dance or wearing an atrocious frock. In return, the bridesmaid will have to agree on making sure the bride won’t become a bridezilla – fair trade.

Par Avion Bridesmaid Card

Par Avion Bridesmaid Card

If a destination wedding is on the agenda, you can’t go wrong with this on-theme card in pretty pink.

Bridesmaid Photo Card

Photo Card

Going for that sentimental factor? Personalize your bridesmaid card with your favorite picture of you two. Next, proceed with popping the highly anticipated question.

Bread & Butter: Bridesmaid Card

Bread & Butter Card

The perfect recipe for a bridesmaid includes a gorgeous dress, equally stunning shoes, and tons of hairpins. Or, at least that’s what it takes according to this super creative recipe card.

Scratch-off “Be My Bridesmaid?” Card

Scratch-off Card

For a note of whimsy, add an element of surprise to your bridesmaid proposal. These scratch-off balloon bridesmaid proposal cards are a cute way to ask and perfect for the festive occasion!

Terracotta Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

Terracotta Card

Keep it warm in terracotta and minimal all-around with a sleek card that screams modern design.

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My Day Will You Be My Bridesmaid

Funny Card

Bridezilla on the front, thoughtful and sweet bride on the inside – that’s exactly what these funny bridesmaid proposal cards are all about. Check the inside for a surprise!

Donut Bridesmaid Card

Donut Proposal Card

If you ‘donut’ imagine yourself saying ‘I do’ without your bestie by your side, convey the feeling with this adorable donut card in pastel shades.

The Pearl Source FREE Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Bridesmaid Proposal Card Template

Classy lines, minimalistic yet utterly romantic design, and a blush pink shade to match. Download The Pearl Source proposal card for FREE by clicking the DOWNLOAD button at the end of this article!

Beyond Gifts: Unique Ways to Pop the Question

A bridesmaid proposal gift is a great choice, but it isn’t mandatory. Fact is, you can pop the question in various different ways – whether you plan a special day together, send out balloons or hide the message in a fortune cookie. If you’re more about the question and the memories and less about the gifts, here are 10 cute and creative bridesmaid proposal ideas.

Send Her a Letter in A Bottle

Message in a Bottle

What better way to surprise your friends to the max than with an unexpected message in a bottle. And if you’re going for a nautical or beach wedding theme, you simply must opt for this unique and on-theme bridesmaid proposal idea as a way to ask your friends to join the bridal squad.

Plan a Special Spa Day

Spa Day

If you and your besties bond best while getting massages or sipping mocktails by the pool, then you know what to do. A spa day it is! You can add cards or gifts in the mix or hide messages in their bathrobes if you so wish, but asking them directly is certainly not out of style.

Have Her Pop a Balloon

A festive occasion calls for confetti. And balloons. Both, if possible. Well, this next one fits the bill on all accounts. Send her a bridesmaid proposal box featuring instructions, a balloon, confetti, and your special message for a unique and memorable way to pop the question.

Have a Celebrity Pop the Question

Celebrity Proposal

Why not have your friend’s TV crush, favorite singer, or athlete pop the question on your behalf? Whether you’re going for Mandy Moore, Dr. Oz, or Blac Chyna, you can’t miss the mark with this one. Cameo offers you the possibility to pick your favorite celebrity and have them deliver your personalized message – a true treat!

Ask Her with a Golden Message Egg

Golden Egg

An equally adorable option: when a simple card won’t do, opt for a crackable one instead – no joke. This unique and quirky bridesmaid proposal treat involves a real chicken egg dipped in gold, a fancy little box, and your very own personal message, revealed once the egg is cracked.

Have Her Pop a Confetti Popper Surprise

Confetti Popper

We already established that confetti are a welcomed addition to a bridesmaid proposal moment. Which explains the next entry on our list: the Pop Me confetti surprise, with your very own question inside.

Plan a Movie Night and Watch ‘Bridesmaids’

Braidsmaids Movie

If movie nights are your squad’s fave, then you know exactly what to do. Say nothing, and invite them all to your regular Friday chillout activity. The movie of the night: Bridesmaids, of course. Bets are on: will they or will they not get the hint?

Gift Her Personalized M&Ms

Personalized m&m

This next one also qualifies as a gift if you think about it, but it’s the message and the delivery that make the greatest impact. When in doubt, ask it in chocolate. Literally so. M&Ms give you the opportunity to customize your bridesmaid proposal pack – color-wise and message-wise. Sweet surprise all around!

Open Custom Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookie

No fancy gift box required – an unexpected message will do! Your casual Chinese takeout night with friends just got an upgrade. Simply replace the fortune cookies with these personalized ones from Etsy and you can count on it: your friends are in for a major surprise.

Plan a Fancy Tea Party

Fancy Tea Party

Mini sandwiches and scones pair up really well with your vibe and your favorite sundress. If so, go all-in on an afternoon fancy tea party. Share your excitement over the upcoming nuptials and invite them to take on the role of bridesmaids. Alternatively, you can also opt for a more casual brunch at your favorite spot.

Make Her a DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box Filled with Goodies


If all the gifts on the market seem far too impersonal for your tastes, then here’s a great alternative. Make your own DIY gift box. To start off, you’ll need a cute packaging option – and this Will You Be My Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box is a great pick. Next, fill it up with everything that symbolizes your friendship, a small card, plus your bestie’s favorite things, from photos to treats.

Plan a Special Photo-Shoot

Special Photoshoot

What better way to preserve the memories of you asking your friends to join the bridal party than with a great photoshoot. Book a photographer and pick an awe-inducing venue, then invite your squad to participate for memories and photos they will cherish forever. Bonus points if you’re gifting them matching robes, aka the perfect props for a Pinterest-worthy photoshoot.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: your go-to guide for a perfect bridesmaid proposal, complete with the best bridesmaid and maid of honor gifts. Now, all you need to do is make a list of your squad, pick your favorite gifts, gift box or activities, get proposal-ready and enjoy the rest! Are you more of a fun idea proposal gal and plan on popping the question with confetti poppers? Or would you rather plan out a special day? Or, perhaps, you plan on asking the big question on a scratch off card and save the gift just for your special maid of honor and flower girl. Whatever you choose, make it yours.

From chic and timeless gifts they’ll love wearing on repeat to quirky budget-friendly treats, deliciously sweet presents, and funky bridesmaid proposal cards, the list of bridesmaid proposal ideas is long and full of possibilities. How are you planning to propose to your bridesmaids? Let us know in the comments section below!

For a flawless bridesmaid proposal, start with an elegant card and matching gift tags and labels. Download our FREE Bridesmaid Invitation Card, Bridesmaid Gift Tags, and ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ Labels below!

Free Printables - Braidsmaid Proposal


Say ‘Thank You’ with pearls. For a truly special bridesmaid gift, whether as a thank you or next to your bridesmaid proposal card, count on the stunning gems of the sea. Choose delicate Freshwater Pearls in gorgeous white, peach, and pink color options as gifts for the ladies who have always been by your side. Browse our collection including pearl necklaces, pendants, rings, pearl bracelets, and pearl earrings, and delight your friends with the gift of a lifetime.

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