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Build-A-Pearl Necklace: Starting Traditions That Last Forever

Build-A-Pearl Necklace with The Pearl Source

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The Build-A-Pearl Necklace is well known for marking special occasions. If you are looking for a special gift to mark a Sweet 16 Birthday or the birth of a baby, then this personalized necklace is the ideal jewelry gift for you.

How to Gift Her an Build-A-Pearl Necklace

Build-A-Pearl Necklaces stand out because of the amazing and simple concept behind them. The original gift, a simple pearl necklace, should comprise of one or a few pearls. More pearls are added to the necklace over time marking birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. Eventually, the necklace will be full of pearls.

Build-A-Pearl Necklace with The Pearl Source
Build-A-Pearl Necklace with The Pearl Source

For instance, if you are buying a gift for your newly born princess, you can start off with a single pearl. Gift her two new pearls each birthday. And by the time she is 16, her necklace will have 33 lustrous gemstones.

You can also choose to continue adding to her necklace using some uniformly sized pearls or with graduated gem sizes. Go on to fill the entire necklace by creating a 16 or 18-inch strand of pearls. Give her 5-10 pearls each milestone for an even more authentic look all her own.

Build-A-Pearl Necklace Gift Ideas

An Build-A-Pearl Necklace is an affordable collection of beautiful pearls added to a strand to start a life-long tradition. This tradition is a great way to commemorate life events that will grow over time.

A basic Build-A-Pearl Necklace consists of a single pearl on a gold chain. More pearls are added on to the gold chain over time until a complete necklace is formed.

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There are different methods of building an Build-A-Pearl Necklace. You can build a necklace of single sized pearls of the same color. Or you can choose to make her necklace more eye-popping by using various pearl sizes and colors.

Personalized Name Bracelets for Girls is another amazing pearl gift idea.
Personalized Name Bracelets for Girls is another amazing pearl gift idea. Image Source: Little Girls Pearls

If several people are contributing to the necklace, then it usually advisable that the pearls be of the same size. Other jewelry such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets can be made to complement the necklace.

Build-A-Pearl Necklaces are ideal gifts for:

  • Newborn baby girls
  • Cherished graduation
  • Sweet 16 birthday
  • Newly wedded wife
  • To mark wedding anniversaries
Add-A-Pearl Necklaces
Add-A-Pearl Necklaces

3 Benefits of an Build-A-Pearl Necklace

There are so many benefits of an Build-A-Pearl Necklace. Three of these benefits include:

1. Pearls Are a Very Wise Investment

Buying a high-quality pearl necklace is usually very expensive. Very few people can afford this. However, spreading this cost over a period of years is an amazing and brilliant concept.

It is also beautiful way to mark her milestones, memories and events. Over the years, this necklace will become a valuable heirloom. It will hold its value and remain treasured for a lifetime.

2. Pearls are Timeless Gifts

Pearls are the type of jewels that will never be outdated over the years. These gems create high fashion pieces of jewelry to be treasured for a long time. They possess a timeless elegance that will never be outdated.

3. Cultured Pearls are Readily Available

Cultured pearls are readily available on the jewelry market. Jewelry stores all over the country stock this gem. Graded pearls can be purchased from a variety of pearl jewelry stores. Unlike natural pearls, cultured pearls are easy to find and much more affordable.

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Build-A-Pearl Necklace Now

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