Caring for Your Pearl Earrings

Jewelry in its various forms and designs has become an important feature in every woman’s wardrobe. Because jewelry is a precious and costly investment, it is important to take adequate measures to look after it well.

Standard jewelry care and maintenance varies greatly between types and materials. For instance, silver requires frequent polishing to prevent the metal from darkening or turning black. Gold, on the other hand, ages best when wrapped it in a tissue paper to prevent exposure to direct sun and light or moisture.

Pearls require additional caution and care to ensure the beads don’t break or lose their sheen. Below are a few key practices put together by the experts at The Pearl Source that will help preserve the beauty of your pearls over the years.

Wrap it in Paper
Although pearls are naturally beautiful, chemicals are often added to preserve their luster when they are sold as jewelry. As a result, it is important to take extra time and effort to protect the surface of your pearls to prevent dulling.

You can wrap your pearls in a dry paper or cloth if you know you will not be wearing them for an extended period of time. You might notice that professional jewelers often wrap jewelry in paper before selling them to a customer for the same reasons.

Store in a Dry Area
Pearls are sensitive to direct light or moisture. While they may not break easily, it is possible for the color to lighten or the pearl to chip if stored inappropriately. When storing your pearls, ensure that the drawer, cupboard, or storage container is clean and dry, and avoid placing heavy objects on top of the pearl set in order to avoid sudden breakage or cracks.

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Shine it with Acetone
If your pearls appear a little dull, a small quantity of diluted acetone can help return your pearls’ natural shine. Undiluted acetone is harsh and may lead to surface damage, so be cautious and avoid using excessive quantities.

To polish your pearls, dip a clean cloth in diluted acetone and gently rub your earring with the solution before wearing them. This will help add to the shine particularly if it has been awhile since you wore them last.

Handle them Gently
Good quality pearls do not break or crack easily, but pearls are delicate by nature and it is important to handle them gently. When you intend to wear your pearl set, be sure to remove it carefully from storage and keep it atop a platform.

If pearls are dropped or fall, they may break. While superior quality pearls won’t break as easily, they may chip or crack.

Pearl sets, earring, bracelets and chains all provide beautiful ornamentation. However, they need to be handled appropriately. These tips will help ensure the longevity of your set and prevent damage or dulling with time.

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