Looking for Chic Halloween Wedding Accessories? We Have Tips!

Halloween Wedding Jewelry Ideas: Spider Gold and Pearl Earrings

Today’s wedding accessories, much like all fashion, are as versatile as they come. You have the girly-girl brides her prefer subtle jewelry, like diamond studs or stud pearl earrings. There are the trendier brides, who tend to go with more dramatic earrings statement pieces. But, what about the Halloween wedding? How does this bride make a smash on her big day, and still look fabulous?

Being a Halloween bride doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a gory theme. But, if you like it. We love it.
Being a Halloween bride doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a gory theme. But, if you like it. We love it.

Well, for one, don’t let the idea behind this holiday scare you. Some may find it intimidating to throw their wedding on Halloween day. But, if you’re the bold and beautiful bride you must be to even think of it, I think you can pull it off with a smash.

Oftentimes, when brides center their weddings’ themes around specific holidays, things can really go awry. Let’s face it, without the right planning, things can actually get downright tacky. Too many Christmas decorations or turkey name card holders can be a bit overboard for a wedding. So, let’s go over some fashion pieces you should not choose for your Halloween nuptials.

3 Tips to Looking Good for Your Halloween Wedding

Here are three good tips to ensure that you not only look amazing, yet not too over the top for your wedding on Halloween day:

  1. Please, not your grandmother’s pearls. Unless old-fashioned is the theme of your wedding, don’t choose fashion that reminds you for your great-auntie Mabel. So, even though it’s Halloween, please don’t wear those candy corn jewelry pieces you found in your favorite little novelty store last month.
  2. Tone it down just a notch. Because you’ve chosen to be a Halloween bride, you may want to take advantage of some of the novelty of the holiday. But, don’t make your wedding jewelry pieces stand out more than the bride. Instead, how about drop pearl earrings with dangling spiders? Or, maybe you can find a chic looking gold and pearl serpent ring that floats your boat.
  3. Throw tradition to the wind. You’re already straying away from formal wedding tradition by throwing your big day on Halloween. So, why not make an even bigger statement on the dreamiest day of your life? Whether you choose a dainty gold necklace with vampires, or a strand of pearls featuring a goblin pendant, make your Halloween wedding jewelry shine!
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Gallery of Images: Halloween Wedding Jewelry Ideas

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