Classic Beauty of Tin Cup Jewelry

A tin cup necklace is a round necklace which alternates a single pearl using a fine section of chain. Oftentimes, the chain is made from sterling silver, yet occasionally gold is utilized as well. Every pearl will be evenly spaced around the necklace’s chain in such a way which makes them look as if they are floating around a bride’s neck. It’s a lovely design, timeless, but updated and fresh.

Tin cup necklaces include an excellent option for nearly any time of day or style of wedding. They’re especially popular for afternoon or outdoor events, because they possess a lightness to them which is unrivalled by a regular pearl strand. Floating pearl necklaces are airy and light not only visually, yet additionally in terms of how they’ll feel to wear. It may make it the perfect selection for brides wanting a really beautiful necklace; however, aren’t used to wearing lots of jewelry.

Also, you’ll discover that floating pearl necklaces appear beautiful with strapless wedding gowns. Gowns that have this type of open neckline call for necklaces which have some presence; at times, a simplistic pendant is not enough to do the trick. With tin cup designs, you’ll have a more complete effect of a real necklace, but it’s a delicate enough style to dress in for a garden wedding.

You should absolutely consider tin cup necklaces for a beach wedding. They have the ideal open feeling for a hot climate, and pearls will always look fabulous by the ocean. If you’re searching for a method of customizing your beach wedding jewelry, consider having the bridal accessories handmade within a soft color instead of a white color. Peach is gorgeous in the sun, as is a chic platinum color Swarovski pearl.

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In addition, consider tin cup necklaces for an evening wedding. Go for drama and elegance with night blue or rich burgundy pearls. Or select Swarovski pearls in an amazing Tahitian color for the most sophisticated look. While done in a larger sized pearl, the necklaces really will make a fantastic statement.

Lastly, do not forget tin cup necklaces for bridesmaids. The classical style of this design will make for bridesmaid gifts which your attendants will love, no matter what their jewelry taste.

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