Could India be the new player on the world’s pearl scene?

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Image Credit: auborddulac © 123RF.com

Over 99% of the pearls sold on today’s market are cultured pearls, and the world’s top cultured pearl producers–Japan, Australia, and China–have become established due to their ability to create and sustain successful pearl farms and corresponding industries. But reports show that a new country may be seeking to become a major market in the world’s pearl-producing arena: India.

India currently spends billions each year importing pearls from industry giants such as China and Japan. This exportation of funds from the country has inspired the government to look into internal production options, especially in the country’s inland lakes, where regulation is more easily implemented

The pearl industry would not be new to India. Pearls have been produced in some of India’s Gulf regions, as well as on a few of the interior lakes, most recently in the early 1990s. However, production has been limited and had previously enjoyed little support from the Indian government or the international pearl industry. However, with new financial and governmental support, and given the size of the country’s water sources and the availability of a sizeable workforce, India could soon be among the world’s major pearl producers.

What does this mean for pearl lovers? While any startup pearl industry will take some time to cultivate and grow before it will have a significant impact on the global market, purchasers could one day find themselves with a new type of pearl to choose from. Pearl importers and vendors are surely wishing India the best of luck and hoping to see new Indian pearls in the near future.

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