Creative 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples & Her

It’s hard to believe your love has been burning strong as a married couple for 30 years now. You’ve shared so many priceless memories over the past three decades. Now, it’s time to show her just how much she means to you with some 30th wedding anniversary gifts that symbolize your precious love.

Symbolic 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

So, why do we call it a pearl anniversary? Well, the PEARL is one of the symbols of the 30th wedding anniversary in the U.S. There are other symbols that represent it as well, which can be incorporated in your 30th anniversary gift giving, such as:

  • LILY: 30th Anniversary Flower
  • DIAMOND: Modern 30th Anniversary Gift
  • PEARL: Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift – Also, the 30th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

30th Anniversary Flower: Lilies

Lillies are the official flower of the 30th wedding anniversary.
Lillies are the official flower of the 30th wedding anniversary.

Historically, lilies have always been the official flower of the 30th wedding anniversary. Show her you love her with a large bouquet of lilies, along with a diamond anniversary ring or a lustrous string of pearls. Just wrap the pearl necklace around the bouquet, strategically place the ring box inside the bouquet, and you’ve just bought yourself another 30 years of wedded bliss.

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Modern 30th Anniversary Gift: Diamonds

If you’re interested in buying her a modern gift for your 30th wedding anniversary, diamonds are your best friend. This is one of the most desired, well-known gems in the world. Some diamond gift ideas include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, and pendants.

Diamonds and pearls are the most durable, strongest gems on the market. However, diamonds just need to be polished and cleaned every once in a while. So, they’ll retain their value, while remaining easy to care for and maintain.

Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift: Pearls

The pearl is the most common traditional gift presented for 30th wedding anniversaries. These precious gems are sensitive and require care. Some pearl necklaces and bracelets may even need to be restrung after a few years. However, they do retain their value well. Plus, they come from oysters, where they are created naturally, unlike diamonds, which require dangerous mining techniques.

Cultured pearls make awesome 30th anniversary gifts. Some pearl gift ideas include necklaces, earrings, rosaries, bracelets, pendants, brooches, rings, handbags, jackets and other clothing attire. You’ll also find some classy Freshwater, Hanadama and Freshwater pearl jewelry sets that bring out her style and air of sophistication. 30th wedding anniversary pearls are awesome gifts!

Other Ideas for 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It’s an honor to celebrate three decades of marriage. Whether you’re looking for 30th anniversary gift ideas for your wife, or to give to another couple, it should be meaningful. You want the gift you present, as well as the celebration you plan to be symbolic of the 30 years spent together as a married couple. So, here are some gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

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30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts From Husbands to Wives (Or Vice Versa)

On a Budget – Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still give her the night of her dreams for your 30th wedding anniversary. Take her out to a fancy dinner. For the appetizers, be sure to order oysters. Then, woo her with the idea that she is your treasured jewel. You can even make a little game out of opening the oysters… “Let’s see if you can find a pearl, Babe.”

Splurge on Her – For her 30th anniversary gift, anything that represents the pearl, or is adorned with pearl-like accents or mother of pearl would be awesome. Check around online. You’ll find all kinds of pearl clothing, pearl-embellished handbags, and shoes, pearl knives, guns with the mother of pearl details, pearl accessories and pearl jewelry perfect for 30th wedding anniversary gift giving.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Looking for gifts you can give your 30th anniversary couple that they can both share? Well, here are some pearl gift ideas that will get you kudos without breaking your bank:

  • Pearl Toasting Flutes – They’ll think of you every time they make a toast using these flutes embellished with faux pearls
  • Pearlized Photo Album – Makes the perfect anniversary album to showcase photos from a 30th celebration.
  • Mother of Pearl Drink Coasters – Perfect for parties, and can even be personalized with the couple’s initials or last name
  • Pearl Wall Clock – Features mother of pearl inlaying and can be created in various styles and colors
  • Pearl Picture Frame – Give the couple an elegant place to display their favorite 30th wedding anniversary celebration photo
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Pearl Destinations – Present your 30th anniversary couple with a fun trip to a club, hotel, resort, romantic getaway, state park or beach with the word “pearl” in the name. Take them to a restaurant that sells oysters. Or, cook them a dinner yourself and make pearls the theme of the night. Use decorations with pearls, and let them open oysters themselves. Maybe they’ll actually find pearls.

Pearl Wrapping Paper – Also, be sure to wrap your gift in wrapping paper covered in pearlized wrapping paper. Or, show your creative side and decorate the paper with pearl beads. So, even if your gift isn’t pearl related, at least it’s wrapping will be, making you the life of the celebration.

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