Embrace Timeless Style with Pearl Necklaces

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The first image that probably comes to mind when one visualizes pearl necklaces is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with a four-strand beauty around her neck as her only accessory to the elegant black dress. Years have gone by, and women still imitate that look because black dresses can never go out of fashion and neither can a pearl necklace! The ornament symbolized the manifestation of Hepburn’s dreams in the movie, the attainment of class and royalty. It does the same in reality; bringing a touch of grace and elevation to the wearer’s perceived image.

The classic single strand of pearls, although beautiful, has become quite common over a period of time. Women are now on the lookout for unique designs and outstanding gemstones to complete their favorite dresses. The demand for atypical pearls has given a tremendous boost to the pearl trade sector and has enabled jewelers across the nation to search the globe for the finest pieces. Be it the waters of Asia or Australia, exquisite pearls from all parts of the world are finding their way into aspirers’ homes. The high demand and bulk imports have helped in keeping prices reasonable.

Pearl necklaces are typically available in five varieties, varying with the type of pearls used. These five types are the Japanese Akoya, Tahitian, White South Sea Necklace, Golden South Sea Necklace, and freshwater necklaces. Most of these come from the South Asian regions, and go through a strict quality check before being exported.

Sometimes a sensory check is all you need to determine a pearl’s authenticity. Just a brush of the finger along the surface of the pearl, the pearl would feel smooth, cool, solid, not to forget its lustre. Just to be a little surer, you can check if the necklace is checked and awarded a certificate of authenticity by GIA-approved personnel.

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If you are someone bitten by the ‘exotic’ bug, you would love the Hanadama Akoya pearl necklaces. The word Hanadama stands for “spherical flower” in Japanese. Hanadama akoya pearls are from the best of Akoya pearl fields, and each necklace is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the Japan Pearl Science Lab.
Not only can you choose the type of pearls in your necklace and what color it should be, but you can also determine how they are made! Most jewellers now provide customization services for those who know exactly what they want.

Another important factor to look for in pearl necklaces is the metal that they are set in. Should it be yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum? You are free to choose any of these, as long as it is compatible with the type of pearl you’ve chosen. So just go ahead, free your imagination and manifest it with pearls!

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