The Energy Properties of Pearls: Can They Bring You Good Feng Shui?

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Some people seem to believe that wearing pearl jewelry can be bad for your Feng Shui. But, this is simply not true. These gems tend to work better for some than others. But, the pearls can actually bring you good Feng Shui.

If this is your goal, then it’s important to note that the general statement of specific pearl jewelry brings neither good or bad Feng Shui to the wearer. Instead, it’s all about matching the energy of your pearls to your own personal energy.

Period 8's Pearl Blossoming Citrine Tree for Wealth Harvesting.
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Period 8’s Pearl Blossoming Citrine Tree for Wealth Harvesting. Image Source: Feng Shui Best Buy

Benefiting from the Energy of Pearls & Good Feng Shui

Many people will wear pearls and never benefit from the gemstones’ energy. Some may even find that their energy gets weaker when wearing pearl jewelry.

This only applies to real pearls, either natural gems straight from the sea or cultured pearls. Plastic and other types of faux pearls have none of the energy properties found in real gems.

So, how do you know if the pearl jewelry you choose will benefit your personal energy. Other than their awesome beauty, there pearl jewelry carries some specific properties that bring good Feng Shui.

Good Feng Shui Stone & Pearl Bracelets
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Good Feng Shui Stone & Pearl Bracelets. Image Source: Pinterest

2 Factors That Contribute to the Energy of Pearls

When shopping for pearl jewelry specifically for the purpose of improving your Feng Shui, there are two factors that contribute to the energy of pearls:

1. The Essence of the Pearl Jewelry

Some of the energy attributes of the lustrous gems include:

  • Fluid motion
  • Purity
  • Rare beauty
  • Water
  • Flow
  • Flexibility
  • Subtle nourishment
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Although saltwater and freshwater pearls differ, they have very similar essences. According to Zen experts, wild pearls carry energy properties that are much more unique and potent than cultured pearls.

Gold Emerald and Black Tahitian Pearl Frog Ring
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Gold Emerald and Black Tahitian Pearl Frog Ring. Image Source: Pinterest

However, natural pearls are extremely rare and hard to find. They are the ideal gemstones, and come with much steeper prices. The highest priced are the perfectly round gems. Yet, any natural pearl from the sea is a rare find indeed. You’ll find the beauties in various pearl colors, from natural white to the mysterious black Tahitian pearls.

The gems are created inside the shelled mollusk’s soft tissue. And, because they’re mostly made up of calcium carbonate, many Zen healers and consultants recommend wearing pearl jewelry to supplement the body’s calcium intake.

2. What Pearls Can Do for Your Personal Energy

Do pearls make for good Feng Shui jewelry? If you want your jewelry to be Feng-Shui-wise, you need to take your personal energy into consideration before making a choice. Just like when creating good Zen within your home, every décor piece must have a purpose, or it shouldn’t be there.

The same rule applies when choosing jewelry to bring you good Feng Shui.

Always keep in mind that the true origins related to jewelry are more medicinal than fashionable. During ancient times, specific metals, crystals, stones and gems were chosen for specific energy properties.

Good Feng Shui Handmade Crystal and Pearl Bracelet
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Good Feng Shui Handmade Crystal and Pearl Bracelet. Image Source: Pinterest

Therefore, in order to choose the right jewelry for your Feng Shui, you need to know yourself very well. Where are you, energy-wise, right this second? What type of personal energy do you need to bring nourishment to your spirit?

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Once you determine these things, you have a better chance of choosing the right Zen-positive jewelry that best matches your energy needs. Try to find out your Feng Shui birth element. This will help you understand the best pearl shapes, colors, etc… for the best personal energy possible.

You can also trust your own instincts. If you go this route, make sure you choose based on a very strong connection or attraction your feel to a specific stone, crystal or gem.

The Types of Energy You Can Expect from Pearls

If you’re looking for more water element energy, pearls make an excellent choice. They are also a great way to bring more balance to the lives of those with fiery temperaments that need to be cooled down.

Leather necklace with pearls and tassel for good feng shui.
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Leather necklace with pearls and tassel for good feng shui. Image Source: Pinterest

For young women, pearls bring energy that helps align that energy with femininity and softness. This gives you energy of yin quality, that many say is extremely powerful.

Is a lack of vitality and energy your problem these days? If so, hematite and carnelian make better choices than pearls if you’re going through a period of low energy in your life.

There are also some stones and crystals that work with pearls to create good Feng Shui. Known as the pearl’s sister, moonstone compliments the gemstone, revealing an essence of pure, powerful feminine energy. This is the energy of endless mysteries gone unspoken, moon and water.

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