Enjoy the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever with These 8 Quick & Easy Hacks

Thanksgiving Dinner

Do you consider yourself to be a fairly lazy host? Well, if you do, there are some hacks you can use to make Thanksgiving Day go off without a hitch, even without putting much effort into it. Check out the quick & easy hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner.

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8 Quick & Easy Hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner

Use these quick & easy hacks to stop you from having to work so hard to prepare dinner for your guests:

1. Paste your to-do lists and recipes up where you can see them.

Having a to-do list ahead of time will keep you on track throughout the day. Without one, you’ll find yourself running around in circles trying to keep up with tasks you need to perform to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table in a timely manner.

Thanksgiving Dinner

A to-do list and recipe pasted up where you can easily see it will help you to tick off those things already done. Then, you can see what needs to be done, at-a-glance. Keeping track of what to do and what has been done will give you a sense of progress and help to keep you more organized.

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2. Microwave the dinner potatoes rather than boiling them.

If you’re just too lazy to boil potatoes for the mashed potato dish, you might consider microwaving them. Mashed potatoes are always a great delight when you include them in your menu for guests.

Microwaving potatoes will save time and effort that could have been used completing other Thanksgiving Day tasks. Peeling off the skin will be very easy too. But, if you’re a stickler for boiling, then go ahead and do so.

Quick & Easy Hacks: Soak the boiled potatoes in ice water. This will make it easy to peel the potatoes by simply sliding the skin off.

3. Get appetizers from the grocery rather than cooking them yourself.

Cooking can cause great stress before and during Thanksgiving Day. You can save yourself a lot of stress by buying sliced cold cuts, cheese, olives, fresh bread and other goodies from grocery stores, instead of making them yourself.

Quick & easy hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner: Buy appetizers from the grocery store.
Quick & easy hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner: Buy appetizers from the grocery store.

You can use these to prepare nice appetizers that your guests will enjoy without slaving over it. Dressing these appetizers on a wooden board will make it look nice and homemade to your Thanksgiving guests.

4. Ask guests to bring desserts for Thanksgiving Dinner.

If you are loathe buying appetizers and pies at the local bakery, you can get resourceful, while still embracing your laziness for the holidays. It’s not rude to ask each one of your holiday guests to bring a dessert.

That way, you’re not left worrying about dinner and dessert on Thanksgiving. Have them let you know what they’re bringing ahead of time. That way, you can control the variety of desserts that come through your door.

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5. Slow-cook your turkey in the oven all night long.

This is one of the quick & easy hacks everyone should follow for Thanksgiving dinner. Slow-cooking your turkey in the oven overnight will free up your time on Thanksgiving Day. Plus, the slower you cook your turkey, the juicier it will be in the end.

Quick & Easy Hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner: Slow Cook Turkey Overnight
Quick & Easy Hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner: Slow Cook Turkey Overnight

You can do this by dressing and placing your turkey into your oven the night before Thanksgiving. Make sure it’s on extremely low heat. You’ll end up with a juicy bird, plus all the free time you need to socialize with guests the next day.

6. Prepare boxed stuffing and spruce it up to make it fancy.

Rolled stuffing can be a delight during Thanksgiving when stuffed with seasonings and special delights. Boxed stuffing will be appreciated by your guests if you prepare in a very fanciful manner.

Add some onions, bell peppers, garlic and some seasoning, and you’ve got yourself an almost-homemade pan of stuffing.

7. Serve pre-sliced biscuits instead of homemade.

You love home-baked biscuits, don’t you? Most of us do. But, for the lazy host, kneading dough and cutting out biscuit shapes is just not an option.

There are some great pre-sliced biscuits in your local grocery store that you can bake in a matter of minutes. But, if you want to be a bit more fancy with your bread, head over to your local bakery and order a batch of freshly baked biscuits ahead of time.


Biscuits that are pre-sliced and fashioned in various shapes will make a great delight to guests. Specially-made biscuits are good appetizers and they will bring a variety to your party celebration.

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8. Stock a drinks cart to act as a bar for people to mix their own cocktails.

People love cocktails during the holidays. And, they like to mix their drinks themselves. You can bring variety to Thanksgiving Day by setting up a drinks cart to enable guests to create their own branded drinks.

If it’s not possible for you to do this, you can ask your guests to bring their favorite alcohol or other drinks to your Thanksgiving Day party. Then, everyone can share!

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