Famous Pearl Necklaces

Considered one of the most elegant gems in the world, pearls have always been associated with wealth, elegance and glamor. It is no wonder that some of the most beautiful and well-known necklaces in the world are made of pearls. These three necklaces are known, not only for who owned them, but for their beauty and elegance as well.

Anne Boleyn’s Portrait Pearls

In most of the paintings of Queen of England, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, she is wearing a signature piece of jewelry. Her necklace is a single strand of pearls with a gold “B” pendant with three tear-drop pearls hanging from the gold letter. In addition, she often has pearls embroidered onto her gowns. It is believed that the necklace and those sewed into her dresses were saltwater pearls due to their near-spherical shape, which is rare in freshwater pearls. Many of Queen Anne Boleyn’s pearls passed to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, after her death.

Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Necklace

In the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Audrey Hepburn wears one of the most iconic pearl necklaces of all time. While portraying Holly Golightly, she wears a simple black dress adorned with a stunning necklace of four strands of pearls attached to a large diamond brooch. The necklace is made of between 100 and 120 pearls, but valuing the necklace is difficult. The price of a pearl depends on many factors, including whether it is freshwater, saltwater akoya or from the South Seas as well as whether they are round, near-round or semi-round. Some experts value the necklace from the movie at around $50,000.


Marilyn Monroe

While on their honeymoon in Japan, Joe DiMaggio bought Marilyn Monroe a string of pearls that she adored. Most of Marilyn’s jewelry was costume jewelry and pearls represented one of the few fine pieces she owned. The necklace, created by Mikimoto Kokichi, who said he wanted to adorn the necks of every woman in the world with pearls. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted a few months due to DiMaggio’s incessant demands that Monroe give up her career, but she wore the pearls to court the day she divorced him. The necklace passed to her stylist, Paula Strasberg, who, in turn, passed it to her daughter.

These are just three pearl necklaces that have gained notoriety and popularity throughout the world. They are not only things of beauty, but bring memories of bygone eras.

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