7 Fashion & Style Tricks for the Super-Busy Professional Boss Woman

Comfortable Business Attire for the Boss Woman

When you are a high powered boss woman, it’s not always easy putting together a boss outfit. Your attention is oftentimes on your work, family, friends and so much more. There isn’t a lot of energy and willpower left over to deal with your daily attire.

7 Classy Tips for the Busy Boss Woman

For any busy professional women, looking like a boss can feel like a full time job on its own. This is why we have figured out a seven tips and tricks to elevate your look that require minimal effort:

1. Accessorize Like a Boss Woman

Basic boss lady outfit with deep red accessories.
Basic boss lady outfit with deep red accessories. Image Source: Pinterest

There is nothing like a good accessory to add some flare to your wardrobe. Now don’t think this means you have to pair a giant statement necklace with each of your daily outfits. Think about minimal jewelry that will accentuate your current outfit, such as adding a pair of dangly pearl earrings when you put your hair up or adding a belt to a dress.

Section off a spot in your dresser and keep all your accessories there. Every time you are about to walk out the door just glance in the drawer and grab an accessory or two. The effort you put in creating the door will eliminate any daily effort.

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2. Invest in Good, Boss Outerwear

Blazers are still a professional choice of outerwear for professional Boss Ladies.
Blazers are still a professional choice of outerwear for professional Boss Ladies. Image Source: The Best Fashion Blog

Outerwear can mean anything from a good wool coat to a tailored blazer for work. This may cost you now but it will be worth it in the long run. Buy one good piece to add to your wardrobe every once in a while instead of stuffing your closet with cheaper but unfashionable pieces.

Plus, when you have a killer blazer you do not even have to think about what you wear it because it will carry your entire outfit.

3. Ignore the Latest Trends

A true boss woman doesn't let trends rule her fashion style.
A true boss woman doesn’t let trends rule her fashion style. Image Source: Entity Mag

You do not always need to be the most fashion forward at work. Yes, it is fun to experiment with clothing and makeup but at work this can be quite stressful. Invest in clothing that is high in quality, timeless and fashion forward.

Think about what your style is and stick to it. And remember, there is a big difference between style and fashion.

4. Keep It Comfy

Comfortable Business Attire for the Boss Woman
Comfortable Business Attire for the Boss Woman. Image Source: Pinterest

There is nothing that makes a woman feel more confident than wearing comfortable, stylish clothing. Gone are the days where you had to wear spanx to squeeze into a dress that prohibited you from eating lunch.

Wear what you want and make sure you will feel great in it until you get to go home. Plus you will be able to wear clothing like this on the days when you are not working too.

5. Be Color-Bold Like a Boss Lady

Turquoise, Orange & Teal Work Clothes For Ladies
Turquoise, Orange & Teal Work Clothes For Ladies. Image Source: Fashion Gum

Do not be afraid of colors and prints. Too often we see women who feel like they have to wear single color, muted attire. Lucky for us, we are not men and we have so many more options. Fill your closet with a good mixture of colored, printed and muted attire for any occasion.

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For example, if you buy a plaid mermaid midi skirt you could pair it with a plain blouse for a fashion forward, put together look. And do not be afraid to mix and match colors and prints.

6. Layer Like a Boss

How to Layer a Little Black Dress Like a Boss.
How to Layer a Little Black Dress Like a Boss. Image Source: The Muse

Layering adds dimensions. It is so much more fun when our outfits have multiple layers, fabrics, prints and colors. Wear a chunky sweater with a business button-down.

Pair a lace skirt with an oversized blazer. Adding or removing a piece of clothing can really change the entire effect a look has.

7. Shoes are Art for Boss Ladies

Ultimate Boss Lady Shoes: YSL's 'Cardinal' Heels
Ultimate Boss Lady Shoes: YSL’s ‘Cardinal’ Heels. Image Source: Ngozi Gold

Shoes are art for any professional woman. We all know that a beautiful pair of shoes can uplift even the most boring outfit. Think about laundry day. You only have one clean outfit, a plain black dress and black blazer.

A brightly colored chunky heel could turn this whole outfit around. Keep your accessories minimal and we guarantee everyone’s eyes will go straight to your shoes. Just make sure you’ve had a pedicure, and you’ll look like a boss who’s large and in charge.

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