Gemstones on Film: The Pearls of The Crown on Netflix

A Royal Wedding of The Crown: Queen Elizabeth Weds Philip wearing a diamond tiara and layered pearl necklace.
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Are you a fan of the Netflix series The Crown? Then, you know each episode is filled with marital strife, royal tours, and of course, jewelry and pearls of The Crown. Season two, episode one, Misadventure, is one of our favorites, with it’s magnificent jewels and historical tales.

A Royal Wedding of The Crown: Queen Elizabeth Weds Philip wearing a diamond tiara and layered pearl necklace.
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A Royal Wedding of The Crown: Queen Elizabeth Weds Philip wearing a diamond tiara and layered pearl necklace. Image Source: Daily Mail

The scene opens on February 16, 1957. Locked aboard the docked Britannia are Elizabeth and Phillip, whose marriage is obviously strained. Liz is sporting her “I am the Queen” diamonds and pearls brooch as she talks to her hubby about keeping their union intact.

Flashback: Elizabeth’s Diplomatic Reception

Then, there’s a flashback that takes us to Liz getting dolled up in jewels for the palace’s annual diplomatic reception five months earlier. Phil is also all dressed up for the royal affair, complete with royal jewels. He’s wearing emeralds of The Crown, which appear to be Cambridge versions.

In the scene, the replica jewels look quite authentic, including:

  • Gloucester Pendant Earrings
  • The Lover’s Knot Tiara
  • Queen Mary’s Chain Link Bracelet
  • Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Necklace

As you can see in the image above, HM Queen Elizabeth II is wearing a cluster pearl brooch in this scene of The Crown. This oversized pearl accessory screams royalty at its finest!

In the photo above, you see Queen Elizabeth wearing a fabulous crown made of authentic diamonds and pearls. Check out how the Queen’s responds to Phil’s compliments with an alluring smile. He tells Liz she looks great in her full battle dress.

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The Gemstones & Pearls of The Crown

The next morning, fans of The Crown are pleased to find that Liz and Phil have spent the night together on his side of their bedroom suite. This is especially true once we realize all she’s wearing is her engagement ring and wedding ring.

Elizabeth is wearing layered strands of pearls as she pens a letter for her love, Philip. She wants him to read it while he’s on the royal tour. Her casual daytime queen-wear includes a simple cardigan sweater.

The royal tour finally begins, and Phil is off. Back at the Queen’s palace, Elizabeth is show sitting at her desk. She’s chatting with her children, who are headed out to attend her birthday party. She’s wearing a layered pearl necklace and a gemstone brooch.

Princess Margaret receives a call at Clarence House from her big sister, Queen Elizabeth. Liz, whose schedule is free all of a sudden, invites her younger sister to lunch, while wearing even more layered strands of pearls.

Mountbatten has a guest by the name of Anthony Nutting. He’s the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on the Netflix series. Together, they bump into Edwina, Dickie’s wife. She’s wearing a floral brooch along with elegant pearls.

In another scene of The Crown, Elizabeth is about to go to the ballet to see Giselle. She’s wearing a royal tiara with custom-designed earrings and necklace.

Liz returns home from the ballet where her battle dress jewels are removed. She then finds herself all alone.

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In the scene of The Crown above, the Queen dons even more royal jewelry, including strands of pearls and a nice-sized pearl brooch. The brooch truly stands out on her simple grey suit.

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