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The Best 2022 Gifts for Parents Guide

Gifts for parents

Last Updated on March 11, 2024 by Carla Jonas

Shopping for your parents can be challenging – but we’re breaking it down for you to make the process hassle-free and fun. Whether you’re Christmas shopping, on the lookout for the best 30th anniversary presents, searching for birthday gifts, or even if you’re all about gifts for grandma and grandpa, we’ve got all the gift suggestions you’ll ever need. Read on to find over 70 amazing gift ideas, the best tips to consider when shopping, the dos and don’ts of gifts for parents and more.

Anniversary Gifts for Parents


Special milestones need to be celebrated. And when it comes to your parents, they deserve it all on their anniversaries. Whether you take the traditional or the modern route or simply stick to a lush bouquet of blooms, commemorating your parents’ relationship with meaningful gifts is the way to go. Next, a closer look at the major anniversaries, their symbols and the perfect gifts that rise to the occasion.

10th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Cheers to 10 years! It’s been a decade since tying the knot, so celebrate your parents on their 10th anniversary by sticking to the classics – in this case, aluminum or tin, which represent a marriage that’s able to stand the test of time. Alternatively, you can skip the metals and opt solely for a flower arrangement (loaded with daffodils, of course), accompanied by a heartfelt card. But if you’re taking the traditional route – yet on the hunt for presents with modern appeal – then take a look at our 10th anniversary gifts for parents below.

10th Anniversary Symbols

Traditional Gift: Aluminum / Tin

Modern Gift: Diamonds

Gemstone: Diamond

Color: Silver, blue

Flower: Daffodil


For the Wanderlust Parents: Compact Adventure Kit

Hiking just got a major makeover with this super useful kit that covers all their outdoorsy essentials.

For the Coffee Lovers: Personalized Tin Coffee Mugs

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a goof cup of coffee with the love of their life, so count on tin mugs to hit the spot.

For the Aromatherapy Couple: Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Tin

Gift them the gift of aromatherapy with this chic tin box set featuring a collection of irresistible fragrances.

For the Crafting Couple: DIY Candle Making Kit

A new unique hobby is on the agenda for the parents who are at the receiver end of this cool and creative treat.

20th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

They’ve made it to their 20th. By now, they probably have a few pearls of wisdom to share about the secrets to a good marriage – and that calls for some stylish festivities, starting with the right (and equally stylish) 20th anniversary gifts for parents. Delight your parents on this occasion with anything and everything china and porcelain-related, be it gorgeous stonewear dinner sets, vases or personalized handmade dishes to keep their wedding rings safe.

20th Anniversary Symbols

Traditional Gift: China

Modern Gift: Platinum

Gemstone: Emerald

Color: Green

Flower: Daylily


For the Sentimental Couple: Personalized Ring Dish

Make sure those wedding rings are always placed in a safe spot with this adorable ring dish.

For the On-the-Go Couple: Handmade Sunset To-Go Cup

Practicality meets modern design in these to-go cups that could easily double as chic vases.

For the Couple Who Loves to Host: Lina Blue Stripe 16-Piece Place Setting

Elevate their dinner table game with a new set that brings on nautical vibes with a modern twist.

For the Blooms Lovers: Kupia Handpainted Vase Set

Perfect for their living room side tables, these vases come in a fresh, modern design in desaturated shades.

30th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Shopping for parents who are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary? The classic, traditional route calls for the gems of the sea, aka the June birthstone, aka pearls. Opt for elegant pearl jewelry, unique baroque pearls, mother of pearl accessories for dads – or décor items that bring on the iridescence of mother of pearl. Next, our favorite 30th anniversary gifts for parents.

30th Anniversary Symbols

Traditional Gift: Pearls

Modern Gift: Diamonds

Gemstone: Pearl

Color: Coral

Flower: Lily


For the Elegant Mom: Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace

Nothing beats a classic. And when it comes to pearls, white and round make the perfect timeless pieces – case in point, this elegant Akoya Pearls Necklace by The Pearl Source. Take your gift to the next level by opting for matching types of earrings to go with the fab neck piece.

For the Elegant Dad: Stephen Webster Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

To match mom’s iridescent new bling, gift dad this set of mother of pearl cufflinks to accent his smart attire. Alternatively, opt for a sleek mens pearl necklace or bracelet to match mom’s bling.

For the Chic Décor Lover: Mother of Pearl Inlay Tray

If you’d rather go for a couple’s gift, opt for a chic décor piece that shines in pearly finishes.

For the Unique Jewelry Collector: Baroque Shaped Golden South Sea Pearl Bracelet

Golden pearls make exquisite choices that turn on the glam – and this pearl bracelet exudes glam from every angle.


For the elegant mom who favors dark gemstones, opt for striking pearl jewelry featuring Tahitian Pearls. Dark, enigmatic and full of charm, black pearls make unique alternatives to the classic whites. Shop Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets, Pendants, Rings, Pearl Earrings and more and delight your mom with the gift of a lifetime.

40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

From genuine rubies to ruby-colored everything, there’s lots you can gift your parents to make their anniversary super special. If you’re going with a bouquet, opt for gorgeous Nasturtium blooms. And regardless if you’re taking the traditional gem route or simply sticking to gifts for parents in shades of red, make it extra special by offering a heartfelt card to go with your 40th anniversary gifts for parents. 

40th Anniversary Symbols

Traditional Gift: Ruby

Modern Gift: Ruby

Gemstone: Ruby

Color: Red

Flower: Nasturtium


For the Sparkle Lover: SUZANNE KALAN 18-Karat Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Make the occasion extra special with a unique necklace featuring rubies and diamonds in a yellow gold setting.

For the Best Game Nights: Rememory Game

Plan out a fun game night in with the help of this activity designed to take a trip down memory lane.

For the Musical Couple: Brioni Textured Silk Tie

A great way to remember each and every year spent together, now with a musical twist.

For the Dapper Gentleman: 40 Years of Music / Personalized 40th Birthday Print

Dad will look super posh in his new ruby-hued tie that goes with just about everything.

50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

50 is a huge milestone and it deserves all the fanfare it can get. Sleek and glamorous gold is both the traditional and the modern gift to celebrate the occasion, but shades of gold (and not necessarily the metal itself) are welcomed as well. Below, our favorite picks for 50th anniversary gifts for parents.

50th Anniversary Symbols

Traditional Gift: Gold

Modern Gift: Gold

Gemstone: Gold

Color: Gold

Flower: Violets


For the Elegant Grandma: Adriana Orsini Naturally 18K Yellow Goldplated Monstera Pin

A brooch can make the look and grandma certainly knows this best. Upgrade her collection with this stunning piece by Adriana Orsini.

For the Elegant Grandpa: Peerless 125 23KT Gold Plated Rollerball Pen

Gold finish, sleek design and elegance to the max – all provided by this gold plated pen with black accents.

For the Nostalgic Couple: 50th Anniversary Poster Sign, 1971 Chalkboard

What happened exactly in the year they got married? This poster will remind them of all the major events for a fun way to relieve the year when they tied the knot.

For the Hosting Couple: 50th Anniversary Signature Guestbook Platter

Dinner parties with the fam just got personal – with this personalized platter in white, accented with gold.

Gifts for New Parents


Your friends just had a baby and you want to celebrate the important event in style. Step one: check out our list of gifts for new parents below, categorized by type. Step two: delight the new parents with a gift that will either help them cope with their new role, help them with chores, help them relax or that will simply bring a smile on their face. You can go two ways: opting for useful items that are designed to make the new mom and dad’s life a little easier / better. On the other hand, you can gift something sweet and simple that is simply meant to lighten up their day.

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Preserving Memories

Preserving those precious moments with the baby is every parent’s dream. The key here is to look for meaningful gifts that are evocative, personal and sweet. Luckily, all these next items are totally up for the task. From baby feet print kits to photo albums, check out our favorite gifts for parents that are designed to help the family celebrate all the important milestones.


Baby Milestone Cards – Wildflower Collection – Making photos Instagrammable is a breeze with this cute milestone cards set featuring gorgeous florals.

Baby Book | The Story of You – Gift the new parents an interactive photo journal filled with prompts to help document baby’s first year of life, available in a timelessly elegant design.

The Baby Hand And Foot Inkless Print Kit – Those adorable feet need to be remembered in detail, which is why this adorable kit is one of our faves.

Monthbooks Photo Book Subscription – Gift the couple a subscription to a photo printing service like no other. This one promises to help them create gorgeous photo albums to enjoy for years to come.

Postpartum Essentials

From self-care kits that upgrade their daily routine to apps that simply help, the list is long when it comes to postpartum essentials. Below, our favorite picks, ideal for parents that need extra care and comfort.


Shop Parents To Be Gift Pregnancy Candle – Personalized gifts make great choices as gifts for new parents – and this lush candle from Etsy is our fave. Pick from the widest range of scents and help mom and dad enjoy an aromatherapy session from the comfort of their own home.

Lighthouse Aroma Diffuser – Transform their home into a veritable spa with this sleek essential oil diffuser. Optional: add their favorite scents to the gift (especially those that can help the couple relax).

TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massager – Back pain be gone! New moms definitely need a good massage once in a while and this best gift candidate is ready to accomplish the task.

Calm App – Lessons, masterclasses, hundreds of hours of guided meditation, music and sleep stories. This app has it all, making it perfect for new moms and dads.

Items That Come to the Rescue

Apps, gadgets and robots make the best of gifts for new parents – particularly the ones that are designed to make life easier. Or to ease their chores. Or both. Below, the most helpful gifts for parents who just had a bundle of joy.


Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa – This gadget was designed with new parents in mind. It provides hands-free control of lights and is activated solely by voice via Alexa – and we all know that as a new parent, your hands are full most of the time.

The Clio Brewer – Nothing beats a cup of fresh coffee in the morning – or at 3 am when the baby decided to wake up. Keep your friends caffeinated with this sleek newcomer: the Clio Brewer.

Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light – Give the new parents their very own customized sunrise and sunset. Plus, they’ll also get a midnight lamp, phone charging dock, radio, speaker, auto dimming display and smart snooze.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum – Robotic vacuum cleaners are changing the game. They reduce the time spent on cleaning considerably, allowing the new mom and dad spend more time with their new bundle of joy. Help out the new parents by taking at least one annoying chore off their hands with this bestselling gadget.

Sleep Upgrade

Restful sleep is more than essential for new parents. And the right gift can certainly help the new mom and dad get the most of those 8 hours (who are we kidding – more like 4). From elevated loungewear to weighted blankets, these next items come to the rescue.


True Temp Weighted Blanket – Keep them cozy and warm with a weighted blanket that, according to the reviews, has miraculous powers when it comes to a good night’s rest.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – Trouble falling asleep even though exhausted to the max? They’re not the only ones. This natural spray featuring calming lavender will definitely help the new parents when in need.

Sleep Tight Gift Set – Pampering kits are a welcomed gift for parents, but what about ‘good sleep’ kits? Even better! This one from Crate and Barrel includes dream patches, a handcrafted candle, bath bomb and mindfulness cards.

SIORO Womens Pajamas Set – Nothing elevates sleep better than the right kind of pajamas. And the reviews seem to agree: this cute set is all it takes to feel your best when going to bed.

Fun & Sweet Gifts

For the parents who have everything, it’s best if you go with something sweet and fun. These next gifts for parents carry that playful factor, designed to put a smile on their faces.


Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set – Honor the bond between mother and daughter with this sentimental gift that includes a journal, letter exchange, letter book and scrapbook, all in one.

Word Teasers – Dad Jokes – Help the new papa build a ‘funny dad’ reputation with this set of Dad Jokes. From the cringey to the downright hilarious pearls of wisdom, this collection carries them all.

Fun New Parents Decision Flip Coin – This Etsy bestseller is the kind of gift for parents that carries the ‘memorable factor’, without a hefty price tag. Help the new mom and dad decide who’s next on diaper duty with this handcrafted wooden flip coin.

New Parents Jar of Joy – Sweet messages with a serious dose of humor in an adorable packaging – this delightful gift for parents makes a great token.

Food Delivery

If there’s something every new parent appreciates, it’s the gift of a warm meal. Use services such as Uber Eats Gift Card or Send a Meal Gift Certificates to send the new mom and dad a great dinner. Fancier alternatives such as organizing a dinner out, complete with babysitting services are also a great alternative. And so is bringing them a homemade meal you put together yourself.

For the mom or dad who loves cooking, but simply doesn’t have the time to go shopping for all the ingredients, here’s the best option: HelloFresh Gift Cards. Packages include all the ingredients needed for the meal, as well as step by step recipes, without the need to hit the grocery store.

Giving Help

New parents need all the help they can get. After all, it’s been settled: it takes a village. If you’re not tempted to offer them presents in a gift box, then offer them the gift of your time and skills. Think of the type of skill and service the new parents would appreciate – by it repairing things around the house, doing laundry, walking their dog, a deep clean of their home or babysitting. And if you don’t possess such skills, but love the idea of gifting services instead of products, opt for the type of gift any new mom would appreciate: maid cleaning services.

Birthday and Christmas Gifts for Parents


Whether you’ve got upcoming birthdays on the calendar or the holiday season is around the corner, your parents deserve the very best. And when it comes to gifts for parents, ‘the best’ translates to meaningful gifts, unique and carefully sought out – regardless if they’re simply a sentimental token or highly practical. Next, we’re taking a deep dive in the world of the best gifts for parents, catering to all types of couples out there. From engaging games to personalized presents (like trending personalized jewelry), you’re sure to find the best fit for the upcoming occasion.

Couple Gifts They Can Enjoy Together

For the Tea Afficionados:

Mystic Carpet Ride Tea For Two Sapphire


If your folks are seriously into tea, there’s nothing more appropriate then this adorbs tea set for two. Get your parents a gift designed for couples and elevate their 5’oclock into a true high tea experience, perfect for bonding time together.

For the Parents Who Like to Be Punctual:

His and Hers Lux Luther Stainless Steel Watch Gift Set


Perfect for parents who love to synchronize: if matching pajamas for Christmas seems a tad too tacky, take the more sophisticated route with these sleek his and hers watches by Fossil, available in silver and gold stainless steel finishes.

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For the Parents Who Didn’t Forget Where They Came From:

Hand Embroidered State Pillows


Help your folks connect with their origins with this next unique pick. Each state pillow is embroidered with its famous sites, cities and cultural icons, making them not only adorable décor items and perfect throws to lounge on, but also true conversation-starting pieces.

For the Ones Who Cherish Their Memories:

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer


If your parents are all about preserving their memories with the fam, what better way to help them out than with the perfect little gadget. This one right here is the perfect parents gift for all those photography afficionados out there.

For the Chic Couple Who Loves to Match:

Tahitian Round Pearl Rubber Bracelet & Tahitian South Sea Pearl Tincup Bracelet


You can’t go wrong with jewelry, whether you’re shopping for your family or friends. And when it comes to the best gifts for parents, the right bling gift is on top of the list. For the couple who loves to coordinate their looks, gift them gorgeous Tahitian pearls – in the form of pearl bracelets for him and her.


This holiday season, choose sophisticated Pearl Earrings for the mom who loves and exudes elegance. Browse our collection of stunning designs featuring Freshwater Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian gems and South Sea Pearls in a wide range of styles, from classic studs to cluster, tincup, birthstone earrings and dangle earrings. Opt for chic White Pearls, luscious black, serene pink or glamorous golden pearls and delight your mom with a memorable, one-of-a-kind gift.

Personalized Gifts for Parents

You simply can’t beat a personalized gift. Want to taste cookies that strikingly resemble your parents’ faces? You’ve got it! Or perhaps, your folks would love to paint their memories themselves – literally so. Fact is, when it comes to the best gifts for parents, custom presents often make the top lists – like our suggestions below.

For the Bakers:

Custom Portrait Cookie Cutter with Imprint


Their baking game is about to get a major upgrade with these fun custom cookie cutters. Not only will these create truly unique cookies that will have all the family talking, but they are the perfect little tool to have around when baking with the grandkids. Also a great as gifts for people who have everything.

For the Evocative Duo:

Painted Memory – Custom Painting by Numbers Kit


Here’s how it works: you pick your parents’ favorite photo, send the image and have it transformed into a paint by numbers piece, with a complete kit. Paint by Numbers makes it super easy – and the results are living-room-wall-worthy. Ideal for the parents who always wanted to explore painting as a hobby, but never had the chance.

For the Playful Parents:

Personalized Tic Tac Toe


Add a playful touch to their coffee table with this cute game that doubles as a décor piece. Plus, it’s personalized: instead of classic Xs and Os, your parents will get to play with their initials in a ferocious battle like no other.

For the Sentimental Couple:

Custom Star Map Night Sky by Date Print


Elevate the experience of gift giving with a personalized gift that speaks a thousand words. Our pick: celebrate their special wedding date or their birthday with this whimsical celestial print depicting a custom star map night sky.

For the Couple Who Needs a Laugh:

Funny Personalized Favorite Child Soy Candle


If you want to take personalization to the next level, this soy candle is ready to fulfill the task. You’re not bragging, you’re just stating the facts. This candle spells it out for them, for the whole world to see: you are and will remain their favorite offspring.

Gifts for Parents with Young Kids

Shopping for friends who have younger kids? If your pals are all about the family, it’s a great idea to offer them a parents gift that can be enjoyed by or represents all the members of the family. From personalized kitchen essentials to wall art, check out our gift suggestions below!

For the Family Who Spends a Lot of Time in the Kitchen:

Family Timeline Cutting Board


If the parents you’re on the hunt for are all about cooking together with the little ones, this cutting board / family tree is a treasure find. Personalized with their family’s timeline, it’s the perfect parents gift that’s both useful and meaningful at the same time.

For the Family Who Does Game Night:

Exploding Kittens – A Russian Roulette Card Game


Kittens and explosions seem to be the highlights of this bestselling board game. With almost 50,000 reviews on Amazon, you can count on this family activity to hit the spot. Ages 7 and up.

For the Outdoorsy Parents:

Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4


Upgrade their picnic experiences by gifting the parents this stylish backpack, filled with all the essentials they’ll ever need. Whether they’re hitting the park, the forest or hiking with their kids, this gift will meet all their necessities.

For the Beach-Loving Family:

Business & Pleasure Co. Beach Blanket


Speaking of outdoorsy families, this next entry on the list is a must-have for families who enjoy spending time at the beach. Summer adventures just got better with this super chic blanket in cotton and leather, available in different colors and patterns.

For the Art Loving Family:

Family Watercolor Flower Stem Print


The perfect token for a family with kids, displayed right on their living room wall. This adorable watercolor flower stem print is customized to include all the members of the family, including furry members like the family dog or cat, if you so desire.

Parents Gift Ideas: Fun & Games

If you’re shopping for the couple who loves to spend time with family and friends over a good chat or over a fun game, we’ve got you covered. These next gifts all tick the box in terms of entertainment.  

For the Parents Who Need to Stay in Touch:

Facebook Portal Mini – Smart Video Calling


Forget phones and laptops, this next little gadget is the elevated way to see what their grandkids are up to. With its touch screen video display and kid-fun features, it’s the closest thing you’ll get when aiming to make long distance calls seem like quality face-to-face time.

For the Witty Couple:

Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book


There’s a lot of humor in marriage – and this book, just like your own parents, knows this pretty well. Add a new hobby to their list with this adult coloring book that explores the ups and downs of marriage in a funny, snarky way.

For the Parents Who Do Game Night:

Torrento Marble Dominoes Set


Vividly colored boardgames clash with your parents’ carefully curated décor, yet you’d like to gift them something playful this year. Our parents gift pick: this ultra-chic dominoes set that comes in luxe finishes: wood and marble.

For the Chatty Couple:

Table Topics Prompt Cards with Questions


There’s no awkward silence when these prompt cards are around. Gift them a cube filled with 135 questions that are designed to get the conversation going… and going. Perfect for family nights in, dinner parties and quality time for just the two of them.

For the Couple in Need of Ideas:

100 Things to Do Bucket List Scratch Poster


Being married for decades can get a little boring at times, but this cool activity comes to the rescue. Freshen up your parents’ agenda with this innovative bucket list scratch poster that is ready to give them new ideas on what to do together.

Gifts for the Adventurous Parents

They’re active, outdoorsy, on the go, ready to explore new places and have new adventures. Does this sound like your parents? If so, we’ve narrowed down some of the coolest gifts for parents below, from the most romantic camping loveseat to unexpected gift cards.

For the Ones Who Love to Explore:

Airbnb Online Experiences Gift Card


The world is vast and there’s lots to explore. If your parents are all about making the most out of their retirement and traveling is the way they choose to do it, then opt for one of the best gifts for parents who have the wanderlust bug: Airbnb gift cards.

For the Wanderlust Couple:

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small


This book will keep your folks busy for, well, many, many years. Featuring no less than 1000 adventures around the world, The Bucket List is the perfect parents gift for explorers of any age.

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For the Romantic Campers:

Loveseat Folding Camping Chair


Boost the romantic factor for your parents with this adorable loveseat, designed for the best cuddles by the fire. If your mom and dad are the traveling type and they tend to forgo fancy hotels for wild nature, picnics and camping, this foldable chair makes the perfect birthday or Christmas present.

For Parents Who Love to Try New Products:

FabFitFun Seasonal Subscription Boxes


There’s a little bit of everything in the Fab Fit Fun subscription boxes. Perfect for adventurous types who love to explore new products, these seasonal boxes come with a lot of great finds, from wellness to fitness items that are sure to become favorites.

For the Wild Hearts:

Radiate Campfire Original


Dad can set the fire and mom can roast the marshmallows – and you can be the one who eats them, of course. Whether they plan on using this gift in their own backyard next to their dinner table filled with family and friends or take it on their next trip, this portable campfire is a true treat.

Gifts for Parents: Wellness & Cooking

Your parents are totally into wellness, health and food. Some might think that this presents a shopping challenge, but with these next picks, you’ll find the process a breeze. From gardening kits suitable even for city apartments to cooking aids, here are 5 great gift ideas for parents.

For the Ones Who Need a Little Self-Care:

Just Breathe Eucalyptus Spa Gift Set


Gift them the gift of blended experiences – is it a spa, is it gardening, is it house décor? It’s all in one! This adorable eucalyptus spa gift set has plenty of health benefits, the plant adds irresistible aroma to the air, while the bath salts provide a veritable spa-like experience.

For the Healthy Food Fanatics:

The Farmer’s Organic Indoor Herb Garden


If your parents always wanted to pick up gardening, yet never had the chance, get them started with this indoor starter pack: herb seeds garden kit. It includes non-GMO heirloom seeds: sweet basil, Italian parsley, sage, cilantro, and thyme, perfect for all their upcoming adventures in the kitchen. Bonus points: fresh herbs, fresh flavor – upgraded meals.

For the Ones Who Need Some Inspo in the Kitchen:

One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook


Whether your parents are cooking pros or need a little help in the kitchen, few cookbooks are as practical as this one when it comes to cooking for two. Not only that, but this book promises to reduce mess (and number of dirty pots), all while providing delish recipes for couples. The perfect gift for a home chef and an must-have for delish and mess-free family dinner.

For the Parents Who Need Someone Else to Do the Cooking:

Stainless Steel Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


The kids are out of the house, so there’s no need to go the extra mile when cooking dinner every night. Basically, this bestseller of a pressure cooker made out of sturdy stainless steel will do the work for them. Super practical and highly acclaimed, this gadget is the perfect gift for parents who like efficiency when it comes to cooking. Two other great alternatives: an equally efficient rice cooker or a slow cooker for healthy meals.

For the Parents Who Like to Get Adventurous in the Kitchen:

Culinarie Kit: The Quarterly Box for Home Chefs


Cook often, cook creatively – this seems to be the slogan of this subscription box, designed for home chefs and foodies alike. Regardless of their skill level, this mix of products aims to bring adventure into daily cooking. Make sure you’re invited for dinner!

Gifts for Parents: Dos and Don’ts

There’s a certain unwritten etiquette when it comes to gift giving – and that includes the gifts you offer to your own parents. Below, we’re taking a look at what to do – and, more importantly, what not to do – when shopping for gifts for parents.

The Dos

  • Do Plan Ahead. FACT: most gifts end up at the back of a drawer – or worse, returned. Avoid this by simply starting early, planning ahead and by shopping only for meaningful gifts.
  • Do Give Them the Gift of Your Time. In other words, spend time together. Any type of gift that involves an organized activity including you (their favorite child, of course) and them is a big DO. Plan that special day ahead and enjoy the quality time.
  • Do Gift Them Gift Cards – To Their Favorite Places. Don’t spend your money on gift cards your parents will forget to use. Or, worse, not even intend to use. If they have a favorite shop and you are out of time or out of ideas, gift cards do make great gifts for parents, as long as you make sure your folks will use the certificates.
  • Do say YES to Wedding Gifts for Parents. Do give your parents and your in-laws gifts as a token of your wedding. Wedding gifts for parents do not need to be expensive, and they can range from small and sweet to personalized items and jewelry.
  • Do Listen Throughout the Year. To what they need – or want – or both.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Give Them Something They Specifically Said they Don’t Want. Yes, they might have simply been polite, but it’s a big risk to gift something they voted against.
  • Don’t Just Give Them ‘Something to Open’. Basically, don’t give them the equivalent of stocking fillers for adults. 90% chance that something will end up collecting dust.
  • Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have. Fact is, your parents would pretty much hate that. Make spart purchases after careful consideration – and always stick to your budget.
  • Don’t Give Them More Responsibilities. A goldfish or a cat or even a high maintenance house plant might seem like great gift ideas to you, but the last thing your parents probably want, now that they’re done raising children, is the addition of more responsibilities and chores. However, feel free to gift them a pet if they’ve clearly expressed they wanted one. Make sure to bring them along to select their new family member themselves and help them set up everything they need (pet food, accessories, vet visits). 

Final Thoughts

From personalized items to gifts that make their life more comfortable, there’s a wide range of products that make excellent gifts for parents. Whether you’re doing some Christmas shopping or shopping for 30th anniversary gifts for parents, remember: whatever the occasion may be, make sure to make it special. Whether that means adding a a heartfelt message and card or a gifting something they never knew they needed, plan ahead and seek out meaningful options. Some parents may be more difficult to shop for than others. In fact, you might be even looking for gifts for people who have everything. But however challenging, the right product or service is certainly out there. Whether you’ve decided to opt for a vintage record player, wine glasses, a cozy weighted blanket, a smart mug for their morning coffee or a tea for two set, make sure you also gift them the best gift of all: your time.

What gifts for parents are you choosing for the next milestone? Let us know in the comment section below!


Whatever the occasion, count on pearls to leave a long-lasting impression. Classic white pearls, beautiful Tahitian pearls or sophisticated golden gems of the sea are all timelessly elegant options when shopping for mom. Surprise her with the gift of a lifetime: an elegant Pearl Necklace, featuring lustrous premium quality gems.

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