Everyone knows that the pearl is a beautiful gemstone used in jewelry and a variety of other products. But did you know that pearls are also environmentally friendly?  In today’s sensitive ecosystem, we all need to be accountable for our actions and aware of how those actions impact our planet now and in the future. You can be confident knowing that your decision to purchase pearls is more than simply a matter of aesthetics.

Pearls are not just a product of their environment; they’re also a reflection of it. If the natural state of an oyster’s environment is not carefully maintained, pearl quality will suffer. Therefore it is in the best interest of pearl farmers around the world to carefully monitor the waste byproducts attempting to contaminate their pearls’ habitat, whether that waste be from humans, animals or seagoing vessels.  The result is that pearl farmers are more than simply compliant with environmental regulations – in many regions throughout the world, pearl farmers are the leaders of their local environmental movements. Their vigilance against pollution has a direct impact on the quality of their products, thereby making the protection of the local ecosystem in the farmers’ best interests.

Another environmental bonus is that pearl farmers typically farm more than just pearls: they farm the shell and the meat as well, making efficient use of all mother nature has to offer. Once the pearls are harvested, the shells can be sold to make jewelry and crafts, and the oyster meat can feed both animals and people. Best of all, with all you hear about the declining popularity of so-called “blood diamonds,” pearl harvesting has no such negative societal impact. No “pearl mining shafts” exist, nor are heavy metals used in pearl refinement.

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So, in addition to being beautiful, classic and timeless, now you know that pearls are also environmentally-friendly. It’s just one more reason to love Mother Nature’s most perfect gem.

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