Going To A Gala? You Need Pearl Jewelry That Looks As Great As You Do!

You can’t head out to a special event with just any piece of jewelry on, just like you can’t simply grab something out of your closet and throw it on before you walk out the door. Everything needs to be special, and you want to make sure that your jewelry enhances your look and helps to add the right amount of complexity to your look.

The trendiest thing that you can do for a gala or other special event is to try and convey a look of understated elegance. Gone are the days of frilly gowns and other complex dresses, which have been replaced by the little black dress and other simple outfits. This type of style means that you need to rely more and more on your jewelry to stand out and add contrast to your outfit, rounding it out with the right amount of elegance to really make an impact.

A Kylie pearl pendant is exactly what you need to pull off that understated, elegant look.

When you look at it, what you’ll immediately notice is that the style of the setting is much more complex than your average pearl pendant. This is a great look that will contrast well with a simpler dress, but will immediately draw the eye to your neckline. The setting is adorned with diamonds, which provide a beautiful, sparkling backdrop to the centerpiece: often a large Tahitian pearl.

The Tahitian pearl is a nice example of contrast as well. The dark color of the pearl is its own contrast against the diamond and white gold backdrop. You can even change the level of contrast by switching out a black Tahitian pearl for a silver or green Tahitian that will offer a slightly different color and more subdued contrast. At 14mm the pearl will serve as a great centerpiece to the rest of the pendant, and the high luster of the pearl immediately catches the eye.

The Kylie pendant is exactly the right interplay of complex metalwork and contrast to work well as an accessory to a simple or slightly less complex dress at your next gala. If you often wear green or blue, you can also swap out the Tahitian pearl in the center for a more green hue, which will nicely compliment both colors.

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