Golden South Sea Pearls: Drops of Sunshine

Golden Pearls; a mixture of every woman’s favorite color and every woman’s favorite gem. But don’t be fooled, these are not pearls made of solid gold, rather they are pearls with a such a radiant golden color and sheen, they literally look like drops of golden sunshine. They are nature’s miracle. The iridescence of the Golden South Sea pearl is so captivatingly beautiful and exquisite, it’s a shame that not every woman has a Golden South Sea piece of pearl jewelry in their jewelry repertoires. That has to change quickly, so here is a little bit you need to know about Golden South Sea Pearls and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe for all occasions.

Golden South Sea Pearls are the rarest and most valuable pearls to be found these days. Their golden color is completely natural and not dyed like other pearls, making them extremely sought after and the highest pinnacle of luxury in the pearl industry.

Golden South Sea Pearls are most commonly found in The Philippines, Australia and Indonesia and are harvested from the gold lipped oyster from the Pinctada maxima oyster species. These oysters grown extremely large; up to 12 inches; making significantly larger pearls as there is more room for the nucleus to build up nacre. The color ranges from a light champagne gold to a deep dark golden, and they are equally gorgeous in both round and baroque shapes

Due to their value, rarity and lavish coloring, people consider golden south sea pearls to be particularly formal and worn on special occasions. While this may be true of full strands, they can be worn more often if set in a pendant, earrings or ring. Even bracelets make golden south sea pearl suitable for more frequent wear. These styles also allow for more affordable prices than full strands. There are limitless options on how to wear these luscious pearls so take a leaf out of these pearl lovers’ books and drizzle yourself in your own perfect drops of sunshine. Click on the pictures to find out more about these ethereal Golden South Sea Pearl products.

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