GUEST POST: How to Organize the Chicest Pearl Themed Wedding Ever

Pearls are timeless. On your wedding, you can choose to have as many pearls as you want, on your dress and all around you. From a wedding dress with pearls to a pearl headpiece, from pearl venue decor to pearl infused goodies… a pearl themed wedding helps you create the big day dreams are truly made of for brides.

Image Caption: Arabic Lace & Pearl Wedding Gown from DHGate

Download Image Here: https://www.google.com/search?q=pearl+wedding+dress&newwindow=1&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwis2tHFtsnaAhVH7oMKHe9CD_4Q_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=626#imgrc=uHGyWkyhbqgpIM:

Gorgeous Pearl Colors for Your Wedding Day

Blue Wedding Pearls

Either, say yes to the dress before choosing pearl accessories for your wedding day. Silvery-toned pearls always have a cool hue. They lighten up a pure white gown, giving he bride an alluring look. They also look stunning against medium, tan and dark complexions.

Pink Wedding Pearls

Pearls with pink overtones can also be used to bring the stylish look. They are flattering for brides that have fair hair and skin. These pearls are cool because they go with any shade of white, cream or ivory. Pink pearls will look great with a yellow-gold setting.

Cream Wedding Pearls

Cream pearls, on the other hand, look beautiful on everyone. To bring out the best in pearls with cream tones, combine them with an off-white wedding dress. Being the most versatile option for pearls, cream-colored gems go well with both yellow and white gold metal settings.

A Pearl Themed Wedding to Dream About Forever

Any bride looks stylish and gorgeous when the wedding dress is simple, yet there are lots of pearls around her neck.  To keep it simple, add a pair of tiny stud pearl earrings. Also, wear your hair up to show off your gems and that gorgeous neckline.

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Or, you can go fancy and have your wedding gown embroidered with pearls for a wedding theme dreams are truly made of. Check out the pearl-embellished mermaid bridal dress below:

Image Caption: Mermaid Wedding Dress Embroidered with Pearls from Tidetell

Download Image Here: https://www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&biw=1366&bih=626&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=AyzaWp7BM4K7jwT0nIvwDA&q=pearl+wedding+dress&oq=pearl+wedding+dress&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l3j0i5i30k1l5j0i8i30k1l2.51828.56875.0.57136.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..11.8.2529…0i67k1.0.aBwIS0MpUt8#imgrc=PLPxuMGfZVhozM:

Many brides want an authentic antique-style vintage look. A heritage pearl necklace or earrings will help you achieve this look with class and sophistication. Have your bridal clutch bag, forehead band or bouquet ribbons embroidered with pearls. This will create a chic retro vibe that your guests will talk about for ages.

Pearl beading sewn onto your wedding dress is another way of adding pearls to your big day. This will enhance your beauty as they give the 1950’s glamour to satin and silk. A few pearls dotted here and there create demure luster for any bride. When you are covered entirely by pearls, the look will be striking and luxurious.

Pearls are the beautiful choice for an overall wedding theme. And, it’s not just about the wedding gown and bridal accessories either. There can be pearl decorations all over the venue. On your wedding cake, you can as well have pearl decor. The overall pearl theme will make your wedding both elegant and glamorous.

The ultimate traditional wedding accessory is the classic pearl necklace. This is a piece you can’t go wrong with on your big day. You can go with single, double or multiple strands of pearls.

Wear your wedding day gems with pride, like royalty. Never forget. This is a gemstone worn by queens and first ladies on their wedding days.

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Image Caption: A Royal Wedding of The Crown: Queen Elizabeth Weds Philip wearing a diamond tiara and layered pearl necklace. Image Source: Daily Mail

Infusing the Gemstones into Your Pearl Themed Wedding 

Image Caption: This wedding-ready pearl headpiece makes any bride look like a princess. Image Source: Pinterest

For glamour, elegance, and sophistication, pearls are the quintessential symbol. There are numerous ways to infuse pearls into your wedding theme for a memorable day you’ll dream about forever. Here are some ideas:

Pearl Themed Wedding Desserts

Decorate your wedding cake with pearls. Carefully drape the pearls over each tier of your cake or cover the entire thing with the shiny gemstones. Or, simply opt for one strand of pearls in each layer of your cake. To turn this into an elegant work of art, talk to your baker and have  your cake decorated with edible pearls.

Pearl Themed Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Creating a wedding centerpiece is always simple. This can be simply done by filling glass jars and vases of different heights and style with pearls. To make them more beautiful you can surround them with more beads, flowers, candles or glitter.

Pearl Themed Reception Table Numbers

Most people have their wedding reception tables numbers written in ink or paint. Well, this can be done away with if you want a fancier affair. Glue the gemstones onto pieces of whatever material coordinates with your wedding style and theme. Add it to a stand to create a table centerpiece you can stand up right next to a bouquet of blooms.

Pearl Themed Wedding Bouquets

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The stems of your flowers should never be bare, unless you’re really going for the simple look and feel. Pearls come in handy since they can be used to dress up your flowers. Tell your florist to place the pearls on top of the flowers. You will look stunning when you hold your pearl-embellished bridal bouquet of flowers. For a jazzier look, complement your pearl flower bouquet by wearing a string of pearls around your waist.

Pearl Embellished Bridal Hair Clips

The beautiful hairstyle you have chosen for your big day can be decorated with a few pearls into your locks. Let the bobby pins and clips used be adorned with pearls. Simply stick the pins or clips in the back of your hair bun. Or, go with a pearl headband or a bridal crown infused with pearls. Just don’t forget to accessorize with other bridal pearl jewelry.

Pearl Embellished Beaded Bridal Sashes

If you do not like the idea of your bridal gown being made of pearls, you can include the pearls on your wedding dress using a pearl embellished sash. This will give you beautiful, unique detailing and make you stand out, like a bride should on her wedding day. You can complete your outfit with a beaded pearl clutch to bring out the chic bride in you!



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