GUEST POST: Instagram Wedding Cake Trends: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of..

Everyone knows the best part of a wedding reception is the cake. It is the time the bride and groom get to share something sweet with their guests.

This year will see a lot of new cake styles. From dramatic black cakes to geode cakes. Here is a list of 10 wedding cake trends of 2018:

Super-realistic flower cakes

The flowers are made from butter-cream frosting. They are a true work of art. The cake artists create the flowers to look like real flowers. In most cases, it is impossible to tell if it is a real flower or frosting.

Marble cakes

Marble cakes are a subtle but elegant choice. They are making their way to the top of the wedding cake list. We are not talking about marble sponge but elegant marble icing.

The couple is free to choose their own color scheme. From geometric shapes to dreamy destination cakes. This wedding cake trend is not only exclusive to the super girly girl. Even the groom can have a say.

Geode cakes

This trend is taking over from the traditional white wedding cake. The geode cake is covered in stunning edible crystals. This cake is an amazing creation by the one and only cake-master Rachel, of intricate icing.

Rachel says the cake took her 16 hands-on hours to create. Her inspiration came from different pieces from which she drew ideas. This include:

  • Actual geodes
  • A beautiful illustration
  • A variety of table décor items e.g. plates, chargers and geometric floral arrangements.
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Wedding dress cakes

Cakes decorated with the couple or with bridal dresses ending in 3-D frosting are taking over from wedding toppers. This is a cake the bride will surely fall in love with. With a wonderful finish of sugar pearls, it will look like it came straight off the runway.

Succulent cakes

This is a beautiful cake adorned with succulents to give a green-thumb touch to any wedding. More and more bakers are replacing the common floral icing with tiny succulents and cacti o their cakes.

This trend is rapidly being accepted by brides and grooms for their wedding. The results are stunning making the cake almost too pretty to eat.


Geometric cakes

This is a unique cake where math meets baking. It calls for a lot of attentiveness to the details to make it happen. The trend has quickly caught the eye of many couples who are having it for their weddings.

Hand-painted cakes

This trend shoes off a great attention to detail. The artist must have pretty stable hands to be able to pull this off. This cake has surely been an eye catcher at the weddings it has made appearances in.

Black Cakes

The dramatic black cake does know how to make a statement at your wedding. No one would have dreamed of having black cakes at a wedding a few years ago. But over the last year, the gorgeously black cakes have been making their appearances at many weddings. Black is a bold color, creates a wonderful contrast with white, soft pastels, neon and more.

Gold cakes

Gold is a wonderful color to introduce to a wedding. It creates a lavish and glamorous feel at an opulent wedding. It is more understated and elegant at a contemporary venue.

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Watercolor cakes

This trend is perfect for spring and summer weddings. The cake is a wonderful work of art for true color artists. With delicate strokes and airly colors, the cake is transformed into a mouthwatering masterpiece.

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