Holiday Gift Giving: A Buyer’s Guide to Pearl Jewelry Gifts for Her for Christmas

Golden Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Annabelle Ring from The Pearl Source

Christmas is always a season of family, love and having different kinds of positive affections towards every living creature. Even though it falls on a cold day it winter, it feels much warmer with the positive vibes. Holiday gift giving and receiving are some of the activities that make this season even brighter.’

7-8mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace & Matching Pink Pearl Stud Earrings from The Pearl Source.
7-8mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace & Matching Pink Pearl Stud Earrings from The Pearl Source. Click here to view.

Holiday Gift Giving: 10 Top Pearl Jewelry Gifts for Women

Some of us are lucky enough to have special women in our lives who give us unique sparks. The holidays are a memorable and perfect time to gift a woman a beautiful piece of jewel that will last beyond the season. Here is a list of the 10 top pearl jewelry pieces to treat your wife, girlfriend, daughter, niece, mother, sister, aunt or any other special lady in your life to for Christmas.

1. Rose Gold & Pearl Jewelry

Every woman on your Christmas list would look elegant wearing rose gold and pearls accessories. Gold is timeless and hence, there is no time when it will be considered out of style. Every skin tone equally blends well with gold.

Rose Gold Pearl Earrings
Rose Gold Pearl Earrings

Both the glamour girl and the kind who love the understated look would look stylish wearing sparkling rose gold and pearl earrings, smart rings and the classy necklaces.

2. Pearl Chokers

The 90’s fashion style is having a great come back with today’s trend. Chokers, bib necklaces and collars are quite fascinating when worn alone or layered with long chains. Fashionistas and designers predict they will continue to be a rave in 2018 fashion trends.

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Check out this gorgeous leather wrap and pearl choker.
Check out this gorgeous leather wrap and pearl choker.

Pearl chokers are also made of different materials, such as gold, silver, other metals, leather, rhinestones, diamonds and other gemstones. Take some time to find out the type of material your lady likes. If she is a fashion-forward girl, then a pearl choker necklace is a perfect jewelry piece to add to her collection.

3. Stackable Pearl Rings

This is the kind of fashion that is being embraced in these modern days. The good thing is that stackable pearl rings can be created by just affixing rings you already own together. Or, you can find some awesome designs on the market today.

Stackable Diamond and Pearl Ring
Stackable Diamond and Pearl Ring

The secret to finding something unique is to focus on the small crystals and designs for the rings. The more rings there are stuck together, the more cohesive the stackable ring will appear. Find an on-trend look that your lady would love.

4. Pearl Ear Cuffs

An ear cuff gives a lady an elegant look without having to pierce her ears. These are the new fashion trend for ladies who would want to give an illusion of ear piercing. Each of these metal cuffs hug the earlobes and make a woman look stylish.

Silver, Ruby & Pearl Ear Cuffs
Silver, Ruby & Pearl Ear Cuffs

If you really want to impress her with your holiday gift giving, be sure you get the most eye-catching pearl ear cuff you can find. You’ll find gold, white gold or silver. Style designs includes crystals, birthstones and just about anything you imagination can dream of for 2018.

5. Pearl Earring Jackets

If your lady loves to show off her chic side, then you have to get her a pair of pearl earring jackets for Christmas. They are one of the latest fashions trends expected to rock the scene in 2018.

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Swarovski & Pearl Ear Jacket
Swarovski & Pearl Ear Jacket

Some pearl earring jackets have frames that allow the stud to rest in, which look amazing. Others have ornamental backings that clip onto the posts from behind and hang just below the earlobes. These give the woman in your life an awesome look.

6. Pearl Midi Rings


Midi pearl rings are designed to be worn above the knuckle on the middle finger. If you want to buy her an entire pearl jewelry set for a more stylish look, it can be worn with stackable rings, to spruce up your holiday gift giving approach.

Pearl Midi Rings
Pearl Midi Rings

Pearl midi rings are a hot jewelry trend for your lady to look stylish after Christmas and for seasons after. You’ll find some unique styles to suit just about any woman’s tastes.

7. Layered Pearl Necklaces

Layered pearl necklaces are definitely not new jewelry trends. But, they’re still hot today, and will be in 2018.  Using multiple strands of pearls to create a layered necklace is a very trendy style on a woman.

Rihanna is one hot mama in these multilayered strands of pearls.

Rihanna is one hot mama in these multilayered strands of pearls.

Celebrities also find this new accessory elegant and they wear them frequently on the red carpet. You can find some great layered pearl necklace designs on the jewelry market. You can also buy her multiple strands of pearls so she can create her own multi-layered look, like Rihanna did above.

8. Pearl Cocktail Rings

This is the kind of jewel that does not matter whether it is trending or not. Pearl cocktail rings are an all-season kind of jewelry accessory. Buying the woman in your life one for Christmas would literally put a smile on her face even after the holidays are over.

Holiday Gift Giving: Diamond & Golden Tahitian South Sea Pearl Cocktail Ring from The Pearl Source.
Diamond & Golden Tahitian South Sea Pearl Cocktail Ring from The Pearl Source. Click here to view.

Your girl can rock it on a casual wear day, at formal affairs, even everyday events. Whether she’s into larger cocktail rings, or daintier ones, this oversize look is quite stunning. Compliment your woman’s fabulous style  with a pearl cocktail ring.

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9. Wearable Pearl Gadgets

Technology is really coming up with some diverse gadgets that make a girl look stylish. Wearable technology makes people’s lives easier. Your woman is not an exemption, especially if she is a sports woman. Use your holiday gift giving to help track her fitness. Get her a fitness watch, and have pearls added to it for a custom look.

Customized Pearl iPhone Case
Customized Pearl iPhone Case

You should be able to get her a decoration that’s stylish, trendy, daring, dainty, or whatever compliments her tastes. Match it with a pearl bracelet that will compliment her look even more.

10. Y Pearl Necklaces

Y pearl necklaces are simple but alluring jewelry pieces that can be worn with either a strapless or v-neck dress, or a classic button blouse. Your girl can pair it with other pearl necklaces that will have all eyes on her when she saunters into a room.

Black Onyx & Pearl Y Necklace
Black Onyx & Pearl Y Necklace

So long as she is a stylish woman, she will love a Y pearl necklace. A simple designed Y-necklace enhanced with pearls would compliment her look regardless of her fashion style.

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas: Personalized Pearl Jewelry for Her

If your lady loves sentimental gifts for the holidays, then this is the customizing jewelry for her is one of the best gifts money can buy. An engraved pearl pendant, custom designed pair of pearl earrings or a personalized birthstone and pearl ring are all Christmas gifts she’ll treasure forever.

Japanese Akoya Pearl Stardust Earrings
Japanese Akoya Pearl Stardust Earrings from The Pearl Source. Click here to view.

Pearls are both precious and timeless. They are diverse when accessorized with other gems and metals, such as gold, white gold, silver and platinum. Gift your woman with a piece of a pearl jewelry. It’s not just a timeless gift, but a great financial investment in her future.

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