Some of the Hottest Home Design Trends in the US for 2018

Pearl Home Design Trends for 2018: Pearl Mosaic Tile
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Wouldn’t it be nice if your décor could create a timeless feel in your home? Well, the fact is, home design trends change all the time. And, the 2018 trends are as amazing as ever.

Trends tend to play major roles in the way many of us choose to decorate our homes. Many people go out of the ways to avoid trends. Yet, they sill find themselves infusing trendy accent pieces into their home décor. They want what they want, and that’s mixtures of accents that show off their personal tastes and styles. Sometimes, these pieces end up being on trend.

European Style Pearl Wallpaper
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European Style Pearl Wallpaper. Image Source: Ali Express

The 2-Fold Trick: Using Home Design Trends for Home Décor

According to home design experts, “the trick to decorating with trends is twofold.”

  1. Use Trends Sparingly – Try not to trend your whole home out while choosing those you can visualize staying in your life for a long time
  2. Use Trends That Will Stay Hot – Try to seek out home design trends that are on the rise instead of those that are dying down

Using this 2-fold process for using trends to decorate your home will keep your décor looking fresh and new for a long period of time.

9 Home Design Trends That Will Rock Your House Out in 2018

But, the true trick here is figuring out which trends are on the rise, and which ones are about to flop. We’ve done our research, and these were our nine favorite home design trends from the experts and their predictions for 2018:

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1. Bold Color Seating

Bold Color Seating
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Bold Color Seating. Image Source: Pinterest

For years, designers have been telling us to only buy upholsteries in neutral colors. There will be none of that in 2018. Expect to see bold colors everywhere, especially on geometric chairs, couches and sofas.

2. Curved Couches & Sofas

Curved Couches & Sofas
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Curved Couches & Sofas. Image Source: Derek Time

Want your sofa or couch to feel extremely current? Then, the 70s style curved versions are the way to go. Say goodbye to traditional, boring L-shaped sectionals and straight couch and loveseat duos. Curved sofas and couches have a unique way of dividing up a room. And, they look stylishly amazing from any and every angle. These furniture pieces are perfect for rectangular-shaped rooms, as well as for hugging your fireplace.

3. Geometric Abstract Art

Geometric Abstract Art
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Geometric Abstract Art. Image Source: Wide Walls

Expect to see this on the list home design trends in numerous bright colors. Abstract geometric art will bring as much excitement to your home’s décor as it has the interior design market. The bright, bold colors will transform any traditional area into a contemporary space with an edge.

4. Lampshades That Scream for Attention

Home Design Trends for 2018: Lampshades That Truly Standout
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Home Design Trends for 2018: Lampshades That Truly Standout. Image Source: My Domaine

Guess what? It’s time to toss those boring white lampshades and shed some color on your light. For 2018, expect to see lampshade trends that include patterned, wicker and pleated pieces. When shopping for lampshades, go for fun, sophistication or whatever your personality desires.

5. Monochrome Décor

Monochrome Décor for homes will be a rave in 2018.
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Monochrome Décor for homes will be a rave in 2018. Image Source: Bruce Lurie Gallery

In this day and age, minimalists are using that mind-frame to decorate their home with simplicity. Yen lovers believe this creates areas filled with peace. To create a more monochrome space in your home, try the tone-on-tone method. You’ll see a lot of home spaces decorated with one family of colors in 2018.

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6. Interior Fringes

Custom String Fringe Curtains
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Custom String Fringe Curtains. Image Source: hc-interiors

Look out for an explosion of styles. Blending different styles will be one of the hottest home design trends throughout 2018. You’ll see both minimal and maximal mixtures, along with fringes. Some say fringes create a frivolous feel, while keeping your décor contemporary and fresh.

7. Statement Floors

Statement Floors
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Statement Floors. Image Source: Pinterest

Statement floors have quickly become a serious home décor rave. And, they will still be hot trends next year. From chevron floors to herringbone floors, homeowners are now making bolder statements in floor design. You’ll see statement floors in quirky designs, as well as unique epoxy coating designs. These focal designs make your home space unique and extremely trendy.

8. Woods & Black Metals

Black Metal Canopy Bed
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Black Metal Canopy Bed. Image Source: DCI Cost

Some designers insist that rose gold and brass are headed right out the door. Whether that’s true or not, we do know that hardware made of bronzes, and dark and black metals are back. Woods will also trend in 2018, with washed oaks and bleached walnut taking the leads.

9. Pearls on Walls: Tiles & Mosaics

What has more luster than the almighty pearl? It’s shine is a great way to add texture to your home’s small spaces, especially when it comes to lighting. Pearl-infused mosaics and tiles reflect light without adding too much sparkle to the look.

Pearl Home Design Trends for 2018: Pearl Mosaic Tile
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Pearl Home Design Trends for 2018: Pearl Mosaic Tile. Image Source: Builder Elements

Pearl home decor adds touches of luxury and beauty to any room. Pearlescent tile mosaic is the perfect touch to add to any wall or floor to get that luxurious effect. Or, take it to the next level by adding a pearl-embellished backdrop or tiling an entire wall with pearl tile mosaics.

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Pearl tiled texture adds richness to your home’s interior. And, if your budget is right, you can even buy real loose pearls, and use them to create your own DIY pearl home decor.

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