How should I Care for my Pearls?

You`ve probably spent a lot of time and money on getting the right pearl jewelry for you. There are many different pearl types, styles and colors, so it`s a big decision. For this reason it`s important that you know how to really look after your pearls. If properly cared for, pearls can last for years – and even become a family heir loom.

A pearl is a piece of nature, and like any nature, can be extremely sensitive. So make sure that you avoid exposing them to chemicals and scratchy surfaces.

Put them on last – To avoid unwanted wear and tear, it`s a good idea to put your pearls on as the last piece and to take them off first. They can be affected by the chemicals which are used in hairspray, perfume and make-up so to your hair, put on your make-up and spray on your perfume before putting on your pearls.

Leave at home when you`re working with your hands – Due to their sensitive nature, pearls can scratch easily, so if you`re planning on working with your hands, leave the pearl ring or bracelet at home and reserve them for the special occasions.

Take off the sweat – the salt in perspiration can have a damaging effect on your pearls, so although none of us can help sweating, you can help your pearls by giving them a wipe with a soft cloth when you take them off. This will keep the pearls and their luster looking great for a lot longer.

Avoid acid – The one thing that pears hate the most of all is acid. This could be fruit juice, perfume or vinegar, so make sure that if your pearls come into contact with acid by accident, you immediately give them a wipe with a tissue or a soft cloth.

It is important that you look after your pearls and by following these tips you will find that you exquisite pearls stay more beautiful, for longer.

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