How to care for your Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are thought to be durable and shock-resistant, which they are. Pearls are provided a rating from 3.0 and 4.5 upon the MOHS hardness scale. Thus, they require essential care when cleaning. There will include some easy, yet effective steps which must be taken to sustain the shining glow which pearls are well-known for. As it’ll come to pearl cleaning, take the below measures and the pearls are going to be as beautiful as they were as you first purchased them.

  • Always utilize a lint free, soft cloth or a silicon cloth to wipe the surface of the pearl after each use. Never utilize a cloth that has abrasive or harsh material, it’ll harm the surface of the pearl.
  • When cleaning your pearls, you may moisten the cloth using plain water if you want to. Also, you may use solutions that contain mild soaps and are advised for the cleaning of pearls. However, be certain that the pearls are naturally fully dried prior to storing them.
  • Never utilize a solution that has ammonia, harsh detergents, chlorine, alcohol, citric acid, vinegar, perfumes, or hairspray, etc. They affect the pearl’s nacre and will make them dull.
  • Always wear pearl jewelry after you’re done applying your perfume and make up. It’s because the perfumes and creams may contain harmful chemicals which may harm them. Even perspiration affects the pearl’s luster. Therefore, it is vital that you clean them each time you take the pearls off.
  • If wearing a pearl ring, be certain you take it off prior to applying your daily hand moisturizer or cream, or prior to washing your hands.
  • If you go for a swim, be certain to remove your pearls before diving into the pool, as chlorine is extremely harmful to the nacre. In addition, dipping pearls inside water will weaken the string where they’re beaded together.
  • Do not utilize ultrasonic cleaners to clean the jewelry.
  • If the jewelry has lost its luster and shine, wipe them softly with a tiny quantity of olive oil using a soft cloth. It helps in reviving the luster and shine of your pearls.
  • Also, one may seek the assistance of a jeweler in order to clean jewelry.
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