How to Care for your Pearl Necklace

Pearls appear their loveliest as they are displayed against your skin; they will warm up with your body heat and their lustrous glow tends to intensify. But, your skin also can damage your pearls; therefore, it is a great idea that you know how you should care for these precious pieces of jewelry.

Firstly, I never apply any perfume after I’ve put my beloved pearl necklace on. Spraying perfume on a strand of pearls includes the fastest method of destroying them and I know the alcohol inside the perfume eventually will eat into, as well as dull down the bead’s luster, thus, if I’m wearing perfume, I’ll put it on first then wait until the alcohol evaporates off of my skin prior to putting on my necklace. Most cosmetics, unfortunately, contain chemicals which aren’t pearl-friendly, therefore it is best to exercise care while applying cosmetics to the chest and neck region if you’re going to wear the pearls against your bare skin. After taking off the pearls, you should run them through a soft cloth.

It is a great idea to store your pearls inside the packaging you bought them in – a velvet box or silk presentation bag are recommended. The nacre upon pearls is scratched easily by being stored with brooches, chains, and metal jewelry; therefore, you should separately store them. If you’re dressed in a pearl ring never wear the ring when washing your hands and never allow it anywhere close to harsh detergents or dish washing liquids.

We can attempt our hardest to look after our valued possessions, yet with the best will within the world, occasionally things get dirty and must be cleaned. As your last resort, pearls may be washed in soapy, warm water, yet the soap has to be pure soap such as Lux Soapflakes. They may be carefully and gently brushed in this pure soapy water with something such as a baby’s hair brush: they never must be scrubbed using a hard bristle brush. Rinse pearls in warm, clean water then pat dry in a towel and allow them to dry in the open air. Pearls should never be dried using direct heat so don’t try to speed the drying process up by using your hair dryer or placing them on a radiator. Heat will be the biggest destroyer of pearls following damp conditions and acid!

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