How to Care for your Pearls

  • Do not utilize glass cleaner on pearls! They’re an organic gem and require specific care which is going to protect them for a long time. Pearls may be harmed by contact using multiple chemicals found within household cleaners, cosmetics, hair care products, and perfumes.
  • Never use scouring pads, toothbrushes, or any kind of abrasive material to clean them. Never use a “magic eraser” or additional commercial cleansing pad, even the ones ‘safe for non-stick’ or any otherwise introduced as “gentle”.
  • Never expose them to laundry or dish detergents, baking soda, powdered cleansers, or bleaches.
  • Never use any kind of ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Don’t steam clean them.
  • Don’t use tarnish remover or any kind of jewelry cleaner that is advertised on television as a miracle cleanser.
  • Never store pearls in any kind of plastic bag, as it may emit a chemical which will cause the pearl’s surface to deteriorate.
  • Don’t leave pearls around a direct heat source like a stove, on top of a TV, or a fireplace mantle.
  • Don’t store Pearls in a dry room or inside a safe deposit box for a lengthy period of time. They require a bit of moisture like the skin in order for them not to dry out!
  • Do not wear your pearls with shetland wool, as it may damage them. You should always only use jewelry cleaners which are labeled safe for Pearls.
  • You should always store the Pearls wrapped inside a pouch or soft cloth and protected from abrasive objects.
  • You should always wipe them using a soft cloth that is moistened with water.
  • You should always remove them if you reapply hair spray, or spray perfume on, as both may damage Pearls.
  • You should always remove them prior to exercising or getting sweaty. (It isn’t the salt or the water, yet the pH of sweat isn’t good for them).

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