How to Care For Your Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

The mention of Tahitian pearls is enough to bring envy to any individual. This pearl, with its dark and opulent color, is cultivated only in the waters of French Polynesia, near the islands of the South Pacific Ocean. Once you become the proud owner of such a luxurious piece, it’s important to take certain measures to ensure it lasts you a long time.

Keep it away from chemicals and cosmetics: Pearls are very sensitive to chemicals and anything of an acidic or alkaline nature. Put your make-up on before you wear your jewelry so that you can keep any exposure to a minimum. Care should especially be taken to keep your pearl rings away from food and juice spills.

Excess contact with sweat might discolor them: Remember to take your Tahitian Pearl jewelry off after an evening out to avoid excess dust and sweat getting on them. Some amount of perspiration will most likely get on your jewelry with normal wear, but this may be carefully wiped off with a soft cloth and dried before storing. It is also better to avoid wearing them to places like the beach, as saltwater can be abrasive.

Clean gently: When cleaning your pearls, use a very mild soap solution, and wipe carefully with a clean cloth. Avoid any strong chemicals, such as detergents, as these will remove the sheen of your Tahitian pearl jewelry. Ensure that they are completely dry before putting them in storage.

Store with care: Pearls are softer than most gemstones, and storing them together could lead to scratches or other wear and tear. It’s best to have a separate soft or padded pouch for your pearl jewelry; or even better, store them in a hard jewelry case.

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Wear them: All of the above instructions shouldn’t make you lock your pearls away. In fact, a long period of storage may cause them to lose their lustre. This means that your Tahitian Pearl jewelry looks best when worn, so be sure to enjoy them often.

Proper care is worth little if your jewelry is not of the quality you expect. You should only purchase jewelry from a reputable seller with a host of good testimonials to their credit. It is also important to ensure that all of the required authentication is taken care of before you purchase your pearls.

Now that you have purchased your quality pearl jewelry, you will find that with just a little bit of additional care, your pearls will remain beautiful and and lustrous for many years.

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