How to Create your own Cluster Jewelry

One of the most popular jewelry styles this year is the cluster look. This consists of a bunch of different sizes and colors joined together either by a pin, thread or special jeweler`s glue.

Cluster jewelry usually comes in the form of rings, earrings or pendant necklaces and has an ultra modern look.

Making your Cluster Jewelry

  1. Choose your pearls – The first step is to find your pearls. You may have some pearls already, or you can buy loose pearls matching what you are after. You can get a range of pearls which are all the same or of varying sizes. If you are wanting to make earrings, make sure that you get two of each kind.
  2. Find your fittings. You need to get the earring or necklace fittings and some strong thread.
  3. Thread just over half of the pearls onto the thread (do this twice for the earrings) and attach to the fitting.
  4. Thread the remaining pearls onto another thread and loop this through the first set and tighten to create that cluster look.
  5. Trim off the left over thread.

Why Make your Own?

There are two really good reasons to make your own jewelry. The first one is the financial reason. It is a lot less expensive to make your own jewelry than to buy it. The other reason is that it fun and gives you the opportunity to make a piece of jewelry which is truly individual.

So why not have a go, see what you can come up with and then show your friends what you have achieved.

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