How to Determine Pearl Quality

Six factors will determine the beauty, value, and quality of pearls: size, color, shape, surface, luster, and nacre.


Nacre thickness includes a quality characteristic solely applied to bead-nucleated, saltwater pearls. It isn’t applied to freshwater or keshi pearls as both are made up of solid nacre.


Luster includes the measure of quantity and quantity of light reflected from the surface, or right beneath the pearl’s surface. The luster of high quality pearls is bright and sharp. You ought to have the ability to clearly see your reflection on the pearl’s surface. Any pearl which looks too dull, chalky, or white will be of low quality.


The cleaner a pearl’s surface, the more valuable it will be. Search for the absence of disfiguring spots, cracks or bumps on the pearl’s surface, additionally called “cleanliness.” Take note that the best quality pearls possess a mirror-like, sharp reflection.


Perfectly round pearls are extremely rare. The rounder a pearl, the more valuable it’ll be. Baroque pearls aren’t symmetrical in shape, and may be appealing and lustrous, yet typically will be priced less than a round pearl.


Pearls are available in various colors, from black to white and all shades in between. It’s vital to distinguish between overtone and color. For instance, a few naturally-occurring colors include black, golden, green, aqua, champagne, and white. Inside every color category, there will include numerous common overtones, or some subtle variations within the iridescence of the surface.


As all additional value attributes are identical, a pearl’s value will be determined by its size. The pearl is more valuable the larger it is.

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Pearls will be measured by diameter in millimeters. Small seed pearls may be smaller than 1mm, whereas South Sea pearls as big as 20 millimeters have been discovered. If all additional quality issues are equal, a pearl’s is going to determine its value. Just a 1mm increase within pearl size includes a significant increase in both value and appearance. The average pearl that’s sold today is from 6.5 mm to 7.0 mm.

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