How to Pick the Best Pearl Comb

To select the ideal pearl comb for you, consider the occasion for which you will be using it. Pearl combs made for a wedding usually are much too elaborate for day-to-day wear, whereas a simplistic row of pearls upon a hair comb may be perfect for a daytime wardrobe. Budget includes an additional consideration to make; faux pearls upon plastic combs typically are very inexpensive, whereas the genuine freshwater kind on a high quality metal comb will be more expensive. Think about the various style choices available which involve colored and white pearls as well as rhinestones, silver, or crystals added to them.

Stunning crystal or rhinestone accented pearl combs may be perfect for a wedding or additional special occasion. Buying an eye-appealing comb accented with sparkling stones and freshwater pearls may be good to save as a keepsake from a special occasion or to potentially to wear again. A fancy pearl comb with a spray mat have a real bridal look to it, whereas the ones that have a more clustered arrangement of pearls and additional stones might be more appropriate to wear to a cocktail party. If you’re searching for a bridal spray kind of comb, one that has sterling silver ‘branches’ connected to pearl ‘flower’ shapes may be particularly beautiful.

Also, there are larger shapes of pearl combs obtainable, like a starfish, star, flower or crescent moon. Such a pearl comb really can stand out in any kind of hair color or hairstyle. If you discover a shape you really love, it might be a versatile addition to your attire as it might be possible to wear it with dressy and casual clothes alike. For instance, a comb that has a massive pearl shape on it might be placed at the tip of a braided ponytail for a casual look or the side of an up-do for dressier events.

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