How to Wear a Hat: 7 Tips to Rocking a Hat with Amazing Style and Flare

How to wear a hat – Want to make a long-lasting fashion statement? Well, hats are a way to do it! Plus, they help you look amazing while covering up your bad hair day. And, we’re here to share tips from a fashion expert on just how to pull off rocking a hat with flare and style.

Kenzie Kapp custom designs hats, headpieces, and fascinators. This milliner from Louisville, Kentucky is proud of her designs. She’s most famous for showing them off at the Kentucky Derby, one of the biggest hat events in the world.

How to Wear a Hat: Milliner Kenzie Kapp Shares 6 Tips to Rocking a Hat

TODAY Style shared these amazing tips from Kenzie Kapp to help and show you how to wear a hat like a true fashionista:

1. Consider Your Skin Tone & Face Shape

When it comes to rocking a hat properly, there is not “one size fits all” here. You must take your face shape, weight, height, skin tone and hair color into account. Here are some tips:

  • Lighter Features – If you have lighter colored eyes, hair, skin tone, etc… make your face pop by wearing a bold hat.
  • Narrower Face – Choose a smaller hat so it won’t be so overbearing
  • Rounded Face – Go with fedoras or other hats with slanted, longer brims
  • More Square Face – Try a hat with a floppy brim and rounded crown
  • Oval Face – Just about any hat style will suit your face shape
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2. Wear Floppy Hats the Right Way

You see models and celebrities wearing big, floppy hats all the time. They tend to look quite glamorous. But, can the average person pull off the same flare?

Well, not necessarily. Even though these types of hats are supposed to be for casual looks, there’s a right way to wear them. Your hat must flop properly, or it’s just a funny, floppy hat.

Make sure your floppy hat fits you snuggly. However, it shouldn’t be too tight on your head. There’s a simple trick to this. Place two fingers in between the middle of your forehead and the hat. If your fingers don’t fit, the hat is too tight.

And, make sure your flop is always at an angle. The best way of rocking a hat that’s floppy is to angle it so it covers one eye. Either side words, as long as it’s just one side.

3. Fascinators are Fascinating

What is a fascinator? It’s a headpiece decorated with beads, flowers, feathers, etc… and, attached to a hair clip or comb.

These fascinating headpieces became a fashion craze after Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore one in her wedding to Prince Williams. Kapp explains that fascinators have become interchangeable with hats over the last few years. Many fashionistas are turning to headpieces and fascinators instead hats.

Kapp says that this is because they make true fashion statements through amazing materials and detailing, such as colors and feathers. These details may be too overwhelming when rocking a hat. Plus, she adds, fascinators are easy to travel with than hats.

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4. Travel with a Hatbox

Rocking a hat you’ve traveled with can be a problem if it’s not packed properly. Never throw you hat in your suitcase. It will never be shaped the same again.

To keep your hat in the best condition possible, pack it in a hatbox instead. If adding another piece of luggage to your travels is a problem, then why not wear it on the plane?

5. First… Pick Out Your Outfit

Kapp considers picking out the right hat for your outfit a “head-to-toe experience.” In other words, never match your hat to your attire. Instead, you want to coordinate it with your look.

Consider the entire look you’re attempting. How long is your dress? Are you wearing long sleeves, patterns or special fabric?

When rocking a hat with your outfit, they need to flow well with each other. Don’t get caught wearing a stylish hat with a horrible outfit.

6. Avoid “Hat Head”

At some point, you may have to remove your hat. But, then you’re left with that awful look known as “hat head” for the rest of the event. Here are some tips to avoid hat head:

  • Avoid static and flyaway hairs by rubbing your head with a dryer sheet
  • Use a frizz-controlling hair spray that’s light so it keeps frizz down but doesn’t weigh your hair down
  • Condition your hair properly beforehand using a deep conditioner

7. Add Pearls to Your Hat

Our #7 tip on how to wear a hat comes from the fashionistas at The Pearl Source. Today, customized hats are a fashion craze among people who want unique looks. Customizing your hat means having a hat like no other. And, pearls are a great way to add style and flare to your hat collection.

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