How to Wear your Pearl Bracelet

Pearl bracelets can be beautiful, sophisticated and elegant looking, but sometimes we need a bit of help in figuring out the best way to wear our exquisite pearls. The beauty of a pearl bracelet is that it oozes luxury and opulence so you need to make sure that our outfit matches to get the most out of your pearl bracelet.

Delicately Detailed

A delicate bracelet like a Japanese Akoya white pearl tincup Tara bracelet is ideal for those with a smaller frame. The pearls dotted along a delicate chain are perfect as a subtle and simple adornment to a fine wrist. It also works especially well with a simple single pearl pendant for an overall understated and feminine look.


If you’re going to really go for it with your pearl bracelet try layering. Much in the same way that it is effective with a necklace, putting various layers of pearls gives a really glamorous and chic look. You can try layering different pearl types, sizes and colors, or you can try a double pearl bracelet to get you on your way.

Keep it Simple

If you’re looking for a simple look, for example to accessorize your office attire, a simple pearl bracelet will add that touch of femininity and sophistication without being too overpowering. You can try a white or black Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet, which works really well.

Mix it up

Just because you love pearls doesn’t mean that you can’t wear other jewelry, so try layering a double pearl bracelet up with other bracelets. Pendant bracelets work particularly well with pearls.

A pearl bracelet really is something special, so make sure that you do it justice and wear it in the right way for maximum impact. Whether you want to keep it understated or scream it from the rooftops, your pearls can achieve this effect for you.

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