Jewelry Cleaner: Can it harm my Jewelry?

Certain stones must be handled extremely carefully. Emeralds, pearls, and opals all are highly fragile, for instance, and they may easily splinter or break. Harsh cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning isn’t advised for these materials. Harder stones are able to withstand harsher cleaners: for example, diamonds are able to endure anything you toss at them, except an additional diamond. Usually, a packaged jewelry cleaner will indicate which stones it may be safely utilized with.

Also, metals are of issue. Silver easily films and tarnishes; therefore, using an acidic cleaner or soap may be a poor idea, as the cleaner might encourage tarnish or leave a residue. Gold is extremely soft; therefore, abrasive cleaners must be avoided with gold. Platinum is usually hardier, withstanding a broader array of cleaners. It is better to locate a jewelry cleaner that’s labeled as safe for use upon the metal utilized in your jewelry, in order to make sure the metal won’t be damaged.

Carefully handling jewelry within the process of cleaning also is important. Some stones might crack if they’re jarred in their settings, particularly if they’ve been heated, and other ones break down if they frequently are exposed to sunlight, and become highly fragile with repeated wear. Other ones, like opals, don’t appreciate getting wet, and might dull or cloud as exposed to water.

If you are not certain about the materials utilized in the jewelry, you might want to avoid the use of a jewelry cleaner. Utilize a gentle cloth to softly buff the stones and jewelry, and if it’s badly soiled, think about taking it to an expert who’s able to assess the circumstances and decide the best cleaner and course of action to take. You also can ask a jeweler for cleaning advice to make sure your jewelry lasts for years.


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